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  1. I think Pattern is talking about inconsistencies. Humans are very protective and tend to avoid human corpses, but the dead parts of everything else seem to be fair game. To Pattern, everything is alive, it's just a lot of things are stupid. Pattern is a human scholar, that is, a scholar who studies humans. And he's very intrigued here by the lie that people avoid corpses, but surround ourselves with them.
  2. It's entirely possible, although I'm not sure how probable. I do think that a dual Shard of some sort may be coming, perhaps depending on how Sanderson wants to take the story of the Cosmere. Harmony is currently the most powerful entity in the Cosmere, but that has inherent issues. But Hoid is much more present here, and he might manipulate the situation into something less problematic. My thoughts go back to TWoK, where Hoid tries name dropping Adonalsium to Dalinar and covers by mentioning what would happen if you took a man apart, and then put him back together. Perhaps something like that is Hoid's endgame.
  3. I think Sanderson told one not in the books: how do you get a one armed Herdazian out of a tree? Wave
  4. YKYASW one of the highlights of the week is receiving a Doomslug plush in the mail as a fully grown adult.
  5. The only problem is that, due to Reasons (TM), Hoid is unable to injure or kill someone. I'm not sure exactly what reasons, though.
  6. So, I have a theory that the Radiant bonds are formed through trauma, and the oaths are standardized ways of healing from their individual trauma. For Kaladin, I think he needs to accept that others want to help him, and that sometimes he needs to let himself be protected. How this will be accomplished, I don't know.
  7. Sorry to burst your bubble, but no. There are dogs other places in the Cosmere, and Sanderson has said that Scadrial (Mistborn planet) is basically an Earth analogue. Anything on Earth is on Scadrial. And we know Wit has been to Scadrial. Also, no version of Earth exists in the Cosmere. It's actually a pretty good test if a book is in the Cosmere.
  8. I'm inclined to agree in the face of what you've brought up. Do you have any ideas about the nature of the Dawnshard?
  9. The bond can form before any Words are said. It's just solidified by them. And Szeth is an odd one in general. I make no further attempts to figure out what is going on with him.
  10. I think this is a case of not remembering that the First Ideal is Life before Death, etc. The Third of the Windrunners deals with protecting, even when they don't want to. As far as Szeth, his may come from the fact that the words didn't mean something to him at that time, as far as I know there's no solid answer on that. And Nale might not use the Plate as a matter of preference.
  11. I see it as Kaladin and Shallan in WoR after their time in the chasms. They very much came from a pit, holding a large gemheart, and lots of gloryspren came to mark the occasion.
  12. I've fantasized about being a Knight Radiant (as you do), and realized that Cryptics have names that are so confusing for us that they are willing to go along with whatever other people come up with. For my imaginary Cryptic, I decided on the name of Fractal.
  13. Hear me out, this is a literal tinfoil hat theory. What if the box was made of aluminum? We've seen aluminum do lots of wierd things, doing this doesn't seem that far-fetched to me.
  14. Thank you for the answers, it seems that I was slightly mistaken on what exactly a Shardblade is doing.
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