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  1. That one's actually pretty easy: Destroy the wrong city or kill the wrong people, and everything falls apart. Take your computer, consider all the various parts that are necessary for it to function, then go backwards. Take one of those parts, and consider the parts/steps necessary for those to be created/function. Consider the specialized knowledge and equipment that's needed to do all of this. If you lose the ability to do one of those steps, the entire process grinds to a halt. Obviously things were less advanced than computers back then, but there's still a lot of complex operations involved in running each of the Silver Kingdoms. Kill people who know how to make the infrastructure, kill people who know how to use the infrastructure, destroy the infrastructure, destroy tools needed to make the infrastructure, destroy texts that contain info on the hows/whys, kill people who decide what infrastructure is important, destroy something that actually is more important, any combination of these could prevent or delay rebuilding long enough that the specific knowledge could be lost, especially when you consider that Desolations started happening more often in the later centuries, compounding those losses with each successive Return. Based on the Stormfather quote above, they could've experienced upwards of 5 Desolations in the final century alone. The early Returns may very well have been relatively easy to bounce back from, but the modern characters simply don't have any record of that because so much of it was lost in the devastation at the end. The modern Vorin Church lacks the critical information, and simply assumes that the Desolations detailed in the records they do have are indicative of the ones that they don't.
  2. I’ll devil’s advocate the color difference. The blade is silver in both passages, and the glowing lines are just that, a glow. Dalinar notes something quite similar with Shardplate in his visions, no? It’s why we figured the woman in the Thunderclast vision was a Dustbringer, from the red glows. the reason it’s not mentioned in the first scene is because Tyn’s body is blocking it, whereas Kaladin has an unimpeded view later. By making it Pattern both times, there’d be no screams. That’d work, right?
  3. The spirit animal of Devil's Advocacy is specific wording. (I feel like I spent more time trying to make this sound clever than I spent on the actual post... Also yea, I'll be around now and then.) He says there has been more than one Herald in his proximity at one time or another, but only one is presently influencing him. If we assume that Pailiah and Battar were both in the city, then there's no contradiction if Pailiah left during WoR/ED(there is a herald in proximity) and/or she was in the city for research purposes rather than influencing Taravangian and co(only one influencing rn).
  4. No actually, this one's from back in 2013: We wanted to know if Brandon had the audacity to pull something like this, so we got curious:
  5. You may be a little disappointed. As for the topic itself, I'd say Elantrian Awakener. Given enough available power, what you can do is only limited by your own imagination.
  6. 1. Rysn 2. Szeth 3. Dalinar 4 is Taravangian right now, but Venli could potentially break into the list once RoW comes out. Dalinar and Szeth are pretty easy to explain, they're awesome and powerful with a lot of potential. Taravangian and Venli are a little less powerful right now, but they've still got a lot of potential going forward(though I confess I'm more interested in the Fused/Singer worldbuilding than Venli herself right now). Rysn is more of a personal quirk. In addition to my penchant for villains, I have a habit of latching onto less.. central characters. Luna and Bellatrix in HP, Angie and Toko in the Dangan games, Darcy in the Thor movies, Rysn, etc.. a lot of franchises seem to have a character or two with some sort of endearing charm that I end up gravitating towards, and it's difficult to pin down what exactly hooks me in because the characters are often vastly different, but there's a consistent pattern of enjoying their time on-screen and always wanting more.
  7. I think you misunderstood me. I was asking about the concept of Steelsight. If it's tied to Hemalurgically granted A-Steel/A-Iron, then it's highly likely that his eye-spike grants one of those powers, and it'd be very clear what metal it is. But if Steelsight is simply what happens when viewing the world through eyes of metal, then his eye-spike could be made of any metal and/or grant any power that works with the eye bind point. As an aside, I believe you meant to say H-Steel? Yea it's definitely more likely that it's a metal we already know works with eye bind-points, but Hemalurgy is a famously uncharted craft. It wouldn't surprise me if Brandon made this something new as set-up for further fleshing out the magic system when we learn how Kelsier did it.
  8. As Aspiring Writer put it, pain itself isn't a sense. That said, now that you've clarified, you're essentially talking about nociception(the thing behind feeling pain). I'd say it's always been distinctive enough, but it'll only be storable once people's perceptions are altered enough for them to think that it's a distinct sense(individuals could've done it prior to Era 1, but the common man might have to wait for a "medical breakthrough" before they get clued in).
  9. Just gonna drop in and play devil's advocate for a moment. We know the Pits and the Well are no more, but we don't know if that was an instantaneous process do we? Spook could have used one of those to "spike a ghost" if need be, and then Kelsier exits the Ettmetal pool at a later date. Though you guys do make a good point about Hoid and Khriss being in the North. Do we know for certain that Steelsight is tied to an A-Steel/A-Iron spike, or if it's simply a consequence of having a spiked eye? You're definitely correct if it's the former, but his eye-spike could be any make and model if it's the latter. More likely to be Steel/Iron based on prior knowledge, but maybe not impossible to be something else.
  10. I'm not entirely certain that this line of logic holds up, as the symbol in question is Nalan's, making it Skybreaker imagery. And though it's a bit of a pain to find, the Wiki has the symbols documented. Book 1 had Glyphs for Jezrien, Nalan, and Chana. Book 2 had Glyphs for Shalash, Battar, and Kelek. Book 3 had Glyphs for Ishar, Jezrien, and Nalan. Oh... It's numeric. Jeseh, Nan, Chach is 1, 2, 3. Shash, Betab, Kek is 6, 7, 8. Ishi, Jeseh, Nan is 10, 1, 2(which loops back around). If the pattern keeps up, it would actually take both remaining front five books to fill in the gaps(4 and 5 can be done in one, but 9 is too far away).
  11. Oathbringer ended on day 100 of the year 1174. The Lecture is dated Jesevan 1175, roughly 8 and a half months later. I'll grant that it may still be dated as before the start of RoW, but I think it's worth mentioning, if only because that time gap is also part of the reason why the "Repellor ≠ Steel" arguments have had so much steam, see below: At the end of WoR, Navani called Attractor Fabrials a "new invention," and was worried about safety (though Mraize had one half a book earlier that seemed to work perfectly). Navani's people would've had a year and 4 weeks(~520 days) between then and the Lecture to have tried making Repellors. If the tidbit about polarity means what some of you think it means (inverting the fabrial effect), Navani had a Painrial that could both reduce and cause pain at the end of Oathbringer, which means at least 8.5 months(~425 days) worth of knowing about the steel/iron connection with regards to making Repellors. They've had enough spare time to dream up and actually build the bloody airship as well, so it isn't like they've not had the time to test out Repellor designs. Jofwu and Innovation make good points about there being more factors at play in Fabrial creation, but Navani's exact words were "we don’t yet know the metal to use," and years spent WoB-Hunting & RAFO-Dodging have taught us the value of specific wording, so barring another revelation in the epigraphs, I shall remain on Team Not Steel. I meant to make this post on the 23rd, but apparently never hit submit. As an aside, I finally found the passage people on Reddit were going on about, WoK Chap 37: Some people were saying we already knew about splitting Spren from Hesina in book one, and as expected, it's not as definitive as they thought it was. Could still be some nice foreshadowing though.
  12. I am fairly certain that they know the planet is round. The Ardentia/Stormwardens have been arguing if the Origin of Storms is a creator or recharger of Highstorms, but they don't argue about the capacity to circle the planet(something necessary to the recharging theory). And Hoid's "revelation" to Dalinar makes it seem like where Rosharan understanding fails is they don't run a heliocentric model. I have issues with that too. I truly feel that, no matter where we are on the PR of the planet, if you and me are 5-10 meters apart and enter the CR, that we should still be within 10 meters(non-thinking geometry willing). But as you say, these "edges" create the possibility of us being nowhere near each other, and I don't like that. Pretty much any projection/structure(like my toroid) we can draw out/elaborate on is gonna have "edges" where we don't loop around, but most any common sense rationale(like yours) will argue that we should be able to circle the "globe" in any direction. We've been going at this issue for... what 2? 3? years now, and we still haven't rectified this issue. I'm half tempted to say the CR is what would happen if reality went up a dimension or 2 without actually going up a dimension.
  13. While your point is valid(and I'll have to reread several scenes to refresh myself on things), it's worth noting that he technically hadn't left Scadrial. In the post I linked yesterday, I got corrected on my usage of toroidal, and looking back at that exchange has got me thinking again. Imagine if you will, that it only directly wraps one way. Cardinal points probably don't work in the CR, but we'll call it east-west for now. A toroid is functionally a donut, so the hole would always be east or west of you. If I cut out a small piece of the donut and called it Scadrial, there's still a direction one can travel that would wrap around without leaving the planet, ie: towards/away from the hole. Now imagine that each "slice" of donut is a planet's CR, and that Roshar's slice is right next to Scadrial. No matter where you are on Scadrial, going "north"(relative to the donut hole) will take you towards Roshar, and going south will take you towards a different planet. That sounds like it is functionally flat, no? In the long run, I guess this is less magical Intent and more physical intent. It'd be the direction you choose to travel in that determines where you go(much like the PR, come to think of it)
  14. I still think it has to do with perception and intent, even if I haven't put that vision into words. (Edit: There was an explanation, but the search function on this site has apparently gone kaput during my hiatus) Quoted from to these two posts.
  15. Granted. With his extra speed, he has now written so many books that you can't find SA4 either. I wish I was better at remembering useful things, as opposed to random facts.
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