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  1. If Adolin gained breath I would hope he could some how help his shard blade come back to life. I loved how she helped him in Shadshamer in OB.
  2. The rocks Shallan and Adloin are standing on look like frozen waves. As if Shallan turned waves into stone so they would stop drowning.
  3. Good point with the rainbow. Was there another sword created before nightblood or after nightblood I have not read Warbreaker in a long while now.
  4. Hmmmm whish Pattern was in this cover and Adolin dead shard blade. But 4 characters is probably to much for this scean to. I apologize. If this makes no sense but could that tower looking thing be the sibling or so.e type of prison for the sibling. Or is it just a spren city. That Shallan and Aldoin are trying to get to. Also I wonder if Radiant and Veil could be visual present to Adolin the whole time hear. Oh man I have so many questions. What is Shallan holding in her hand it looks like a small marble or. Sphere is it a gemstone probly. Or is it a bad from the ocean of beads
  5. I can't wait till tomorrow at 9 once I drop my 2 year old off at camp I'm reading chapter 7. This has been so much fun so far reading a chapter or two and then being able to come hear and talk and read about it with all you fine people.
  6. Yes I agree with you. He probably thinks it's just some small thing. When it's really much much bigger then that
  7. Yes that was from the online books right. Yea I think it would be really cool to see her doing something like that with Radiant and Veil mabye fight some fused on the ground with Kal and Bridge 4 fighting the heavenly one in the sky.
  8. That is a great point I had not even thought of that.
  9. Toxic relationships make for good reading. I am a sucker for a good love story lol. A toxic love story that messed up in every aspect sound extremely interesting to read. Expresly if they are trying to hide it from people because it sounds wrong or it looks wrong to other people.
  10. Some times you can't help who you have feelings for. I think its definitely a thing. Every time I read thier interactions I get a creepy I like you but I'm going to hurt you and you hurt me so I can feel the pain vibe.
  11. I dont know who the artist is but now I want to see Shallan do something like this in chapter 7 when she goes for the kill.
  12. . I like where your head at is a couple who faces murder charges together stay together. Mabye that's why they go into Shadsmare together like that european cover shows. God I just need the book now hahah
  13. I am really likeing Kaladin and Leshwi fights. Whish got more Syl talking but that ok for now. These first 6 chapters have been just so great. Moash I think he is going to go insain mabye not this book but I do think he will completley brake a d Kaladin and Leshwi may have to kill him together. Shallan is so good I really like how Brandon is writti g her different now with the three personalitys as thier own person very interesting. I cant wait to read about Adolin. I am really hoping Renarin has a much bigger role in this book. I think mabye he could help her some of the fused on our side with his unique bond
  14. There obviously has been romances before because horneaters are a hybrid between humans and singers. I really like the idea of Kal and Leshwi
  15. I am just excited for everything. There truly are no other books like the Storm lights book in my opinion
  16. I think he is going to go insain. And they will have to kill him bc he becomes to much of an issue for them
  17. Oh I see I have not listen to ch 7 and 8. What about the cover when you think that will come out
  18. I still think they will do the ch 7 next week even though he read them. Expressional if he skipped over Shallans part.
  19. Why do you say that. Are we not getting ch 7 next week. If not then pleas give us the cover
  20. It should be ch 7 next week. I also was really hoping that we were going to get the cover today. But I guess not cant wait to see it.
  21. I think Leshwi and Kaladin are going to team up at some point. Probably to Kill Moash. I so think that Leshwi will join forces with Kalsdin bc she does not like the way the other fused are acting. I am probably wrong but that seems interesting to me
  22. I agree with you %100 I think he liked fing with bridge 4. He got a thrill when messing with them
  23. Yea I get it Gaz was vindictive to all of bridge 4. But he went above and beyond.
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