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  1. @karger I did not know that still sounds creepy to me. I have delt with people that talk to them self's at work most times they are intoxicated by alchohol or drugs and it's a extremely hostal situation. But I am in no way an expert. Interacting with people that have conditions like this. I just love Shallan she is so fun to read. Also what if Shallan had a 4th personality that was working with thghostbloonds now I love that idea.
  2. How about Adolin whispering who was in control to Shallan when he talked to her. That makes me think Shallan is %100 got bat sh** crazy. She has to have a vote between the 3 to do anything. I am really enjoying this haha. I love her
  3. Did Ialai mix the wines together to create poison to kill her self. Like once they all mixed in her stomach it created a poison.
  4. I hope his blade is more alive I really want his blade to come back.
  5. It could be far off in the distance and the lights are not as bright. I feel the lights would be a low dark blue. Could it be a gard tower/beacon
  6. That's what I was thinking also. You worded it better than I could have. I think she is soulcast the beads of the ocean into rock bc the rocks they are standing on look live waves.
  7. Could this be a fortress for the honorspren, or a prison. That's why there have not been enough of them.
  8. Yea I feel bad for my wife. She married a huge nerd and has to listen to me talk about Stormlight archives, Lord of the rings ,Star Wars star trek and my own story and my drawing that I have been writing/drawing for the past 3 years that will probably never be finished haha but still fun to write and draw.
  9. Oh good question about Honorblades. Would the person with a honorblade have the some abilities when in Shadesmar.
  10. I like the idea of Azure being with them instead of her give up her sword. Why would she give up a weapon that she had in my opinion probably spent alot of time creating.
  11. I hope it's a spren of some sort. Mabye a new spren I would love a new race of spren to be found or something to that affect.
  12. Could the sword be something. Something similar to the heavenly ones spears. I know that's completely opposite what you were just saying but I was just looking at this sword some more and I just thought of this
  13. Those Orange diamonds just pop out so much to me. What are they
  14. Yea there was some cool chain thing I remember. I loved the chapter I. Shadesmar
  15. What els could it be other then a sword. I think it's a sword but way to thin of a blade. Really would have loved to see Adolins shard blade on the cover
  16. That's hilarious I tried to explain these books to my wife and she like yeah OK honey. Hahaha
  17. Oh I think she is going to be jumping on the Crazy train big time in this book with Veil driving it having a blast.
  18. Ok cool. I am also looking forward to the porosses/ idea painting Mr. Whelan does for the covers they are always interesting as well
  19. Haha I dont know anyone IRL that read Brandon Sanderson so this were I get to talk to anyone one who reads his books.
  20. If only people from Nalthis have breath so Adolin would have to have some one on his mother side from Nalthis. Could that explain why his brother's bond with his spren is different. Man soooo ma y questions
  21. I was never a big fan of have one get's the breaths. Could he take the breath from the fused and would that even work.
  22. Yea it would cool. The hair definitely looks silver or Gray. Could Adloin not be Dalinar's son and his father be a world hopper and now Adloin finds out he has the ability to use breath hahah that's a crazy idea
  23. Good point but would she give it to Adolin. I dont think so. So you dont think its Adolin. Could it be another world hopper
  24. Oh I want Maya to be revived really bad. I just like how Adolin has talked to her all the time before his duels there is a love and respect for the blade and the spren. In my opinion
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