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  1. Thanks for letting me know about miss spelt word sorry about that. I cant spell to save my life. Gaz was a pos to all.of Bridge 4 and he in my opinion he doesn't deserve a happy ending
  2. No thank you unless he die in the porosses. Haha that's bad to say.
  3. I really hope we get more drawing like this of other shard plate. Hopefully Shallan draws Kaladin in his living plate next Adolin in his dead plate. To see the difference
  4. Hahah. There's no turning back for that guy.
  5. I just love reading The Stormlight Archives book and the longer they are the better.
  6. Is it stupid to think that ROW and the other Stormlight Archives books are approaching such a high numbers of pages that they will in the future have to make two whole books for posabaley books 5,6 or any of the. Back 5. I remender Brandon Sanderson saying that Oathbringer was so large the had to come up with a new way to do the book ROW is even bigger then Othbringer right. Sorry if this is a stupid question/idea
  7. Good point I hated him in Way of Kings and never liked that fact that he started working for Shallan. I have a coworker who I picture Gaz as when I first read his character short, fat big bug eyed and bald. Cant stand the guy.
  8. Shoot the more comments I read the more I feel like iam forgetting all kinds of stuff.
  9. Hmmm I dont remember I have been doing my reread of Othbringer for awhile now just have no time with my wife and 4 daughters home all the time hahah.
  10. Ok I have been rereading Othbringer in parts and peices. But I have not had lot of time. I do not remember that part. But I dont remember her telling him that she is starting to have split personalitys
  11. I agree with you she probably has not told him. I think there will be a scean were Adolin walks in on Shallan having a blow out with Veil and Radiant. Or something like this
  12. Does Adloin know about Shallans disorder. He told her his secret. Do we think she will tell him. Or will he find out in ROW I think this will be very interesting story line. In my line of work I have witness people who talk to people that are not there and it is disturbing sometimes. I wou der how he would handle it.
  13. That's interesting my wife is a red head and 2 out of our 4 daughters are redheads. Could we get a cover with Shallan ,Vail and Radiant. Now that would be cool.
  14. Dude I was thinking this when they were fighting. Like Kaladin and Leshwi had a thing for each other totally %100 toxic relationships trying to kill each other. But still likeing each other. It reminded me of the angel and demon from Preacher season 4.
  15. Is Tor going to release chapters 6,7 and 8 I need them really bad now haha.
  16. Oh like a 3d model done in z brush
  17. I dont know I would really like to see it in the books. Once Ll 10 books are written I would be to see a book with all the art.
  18. Do people think that most of our main characters will speak thier respected oaths to all have thier shardplate by the end of this book. With only one more book left in the first set of five book I feel like there us a night posabilaty that they all get there plate. Sorry.if this doesn't read well I just thought of it well I'm waiting in linee for ice cream with my wife haha
  19. You k now I would love to see a painting of Kaladin and Urithiru from Oathbringer.
  20. I will.take Shallan I LOVE redheads her hair could really "pop" off of the cover with her using Stormlight.
  21. Hmm I like the idea of a barge. One of the many great things about this book is of the art in the book itself I cannot wait to see all the new art.
  22. Who will be on the cover could it be a group shot. I want to see Dalinar using his powers on the fourth bridge with Kaladin and Bridge Four fighting in the sky.
  23. Who will be on the cover could it be a group shot. I want to see Dalinar using his powers on the fourth bridge with Kaladin and Bridge Four fighting in the sky.
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