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  1. With Dalinar as a bondsmith the stormfather stated that he would be shardless. My question is as a bonndsmith that can "bond" spren to people that are deserving to become KR and "smith" like blackssmithg to create shardplate and shardblades. Im probably totally wrong.
  2. I have been trying to put a photo of actor William Hurt from the Ridley Scott Robbin Hood movie. The photo shows Hurt with a determed sturn look on his face. That is Dalinar to me. I look at Dalinar as trying to be the best leader he can be without trying to take full control from his nephew. Dalinar also reminds me of a police officer as trying to do all the right things but also trying to do them within the of the law that he follows from the WOK. Mabe no one els looks at him this way but as a Cop I see a lot of parallels of the frustration of trying to do the right thing by staying within the rules are given to you
  3. I too wouldn like to see a book focused on all of the Kohlin family members. I dont think that this will happen with Dalinar book I think we will a lot of the black thorn witch i am extremely looking forward to I also think that we will see a lot of Dalinar relationship with his brother I also think we will be surprised at some things that Dalinar has done in his past.
  4. I loved the WOK bc of all of the battle scenes with Dalinar fighting the Parshendi. He was so badass. I was upset when I heard that Dalinar was not in WOR as much as he was in WOK. But I would say he was still in the book a good amount of time. WOR also made me like Adolin a lot more with his dueling and his few battle scenes from the shattered plains. But for me Dalinar is probably one of my favorite fantasy characters I have ever read. I mean I like all the other guys with Kal and Shall coming in a 2nd place tie and Adolin 3rd. But when I see the next chapter is a Dalinar's I have to read to the to get to his chapter. I just want to say Dalinar is so badass and I am looking forward to his flashback book I hope it has a lot of him being the black thorn. I just hope that he some how gets back out on the battle field to do some more badass fighting
  5. If this would happen would it hint that Relain would become a pov character. In the 2nd set if 5books
  6. I guess what I want is big epic painting of Dalinar,Adolin and fight 100s of the Parshendi and with Kaladan flying around with Syl next to him.
  7. Vasteel I know what your talking about I loved A song of Ice and Fire but none the actors casted are anything like I imagined them when reading the books. With the Stormlight books they so much better then any other book I have read even my beloved Wheel of Time. I want to see all the books with as much art in them as they can put in them and if Dalinar was on the cover of WOK I hope we can get him on the 2nd cover or some realy good in book art.
  8. I just jope we able to have the amazing art work for all 10 covers and have the 2nd inside cover for the rest of them.
  9. I did not know that. I still would like to have another cover with him and his two sons on it like I've said in another post.
  10. In one of the many topics some stated that Dalinar is on the cover of WOK. I don't believe that is home due the shardblade looks nothing like his former blade. The one one cover is long and waive. If memory is right is sharedblade has a hook at the some what like a fish hook. I my self like the butcher style blade he get in WOR. Plus book 5 is supposed to be Dalinars book and i would have to believe that he would be on the cover of his own book he he is my favorite character of them all. I hope he lives through all of the books but I could see him die in book 5. On another note when ever I reading about Dalinar I picture mix of William Hurts characters from Robbin Hood and the general he plays in the 2nd Hulk movie. I would love to see what people think.
  11. My question is what happend to the Parshendi that refused to take stormform. They escape their death in by fleeing with what several 100 warform. What happen to them where they go. In then end of WOR it is said that the Everstorm turn all Parshmen into stormform. Does that mean no matter what the Parshendi refugees do or go they will transform into stormform. I think not it is my belief that the Parshmen will be transformed into stormform: do the fact that they have no free will with the Parshendi refugees will be able to choose not to or resist turning into stormform when the everstorm reach them there for they have a choice to stay in their respective forms. And fight along side with the new KR seeing that Relain one of their former spys is welcomed and is a member of the Bridge 4. I don't know its just a guess but I would like to see that happen but I would like to be completely surprised with what happens in Book 3
  12. I can't help but seeing Adolin in his shardplate stormlight leaking out it with him fighting row after row of Parshendi in stormform redlighting falling all around him with Dalinar in the background using his new powers. And then for inside "2nd"cover Szeth with his black smoking sword getting ready his revenge. Book 3 can't come out fast anuff
  13. EXTerior I love that idea of Adolin in sword stance with Dalinar in that background. I also think we really need to see some Parshendi. This cover should be action packed
  14. I love WOK & WOR cover to me WOK cover is amazing I love seeing the solder with his back to us standing holding his shardblade and in his shardplate. To me I really would love to see Adolin on the cover of book 3 seeing him in his shardplate on pg 513 was badasss. I know book 3 is going to be Szeth's book but I cant see the cover having a villain on the cover. Im thinking with the the 2 cover that they did for WOR they may have Szeth on the 2nd cover. To me the shardplate is the coolest armor in any epic fantasy book that I have read so I really would love to Adolin in all his glory in his shardplate plus his Shardblade is wicked badass.
  15. The artist thst did the world is Neville Page but Im unable to add a link to his art work using my cellphone.
  16. I have Google image searched for fanart of the Parshendi but was unable to locate anything the only thing I can remotely fine is some digital sculpture concept art of Klingons from the new Star Trek film. I know that sounds ridiculous but some of the art is really cool looking with long beards and jewelry braided inside the beard. Just add some type of skull helm and they would look sweet
  17. One of things I love about The Stormlight books so fare are all of the art. But I we still have not had a drawing of any of the ParSheri forms. I thought for sure we would of gotten one in WOR. The description of warform just sounds really amazing. Im hopping in book 3 we can finally get some art work of the Parshendi.
  18. Thanks GrayPilrim. I was also thinking that if Adolin does wake his spren up from the sword it would be different from all other spren bc it had died and has come back to life and it would have a grudge towards all the other spren and the KR I don't want this to happen bc I want Adolin to become a KR, but I cant see Sanderson having all the good guys have northing but good stuff happen to them.
  19. Sorry if this has been talked about befor. Im new, I feel with Adolin talking to his sword before every duel he is going to awak his spren inside the blade somthing that has not happend befor. With reading Sanderson's book I don't think he ever puts things like this in his books that dont have foreshadowing factor. I don't know if this will make him a KR I think like most of you he will not become one and that will put a strain on his relationship with all the other KR
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