Shardcast: DragonCon Words of Brandon

This week, we're bringing you DragonCon's Words of Brandon, and it's pretty spicy! You'll learn about the future of White Sand, VaxFax, Threnody's perpendicularity (!), and, of course, the... Dawnshords. Yup. Oh, also Argent's very interesting pronunciation of skaze and hoed.

We have Eric (Chaos), Evgeni (Argent), David (Windrunner), and Grace (thegatorgirl). 

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Guest Parallax

Posted (edited)

Thanks guys for bringing us another episode of Shardcast!

Just wanted to reopen the can of worms Argent opened and then very quickly closed. I am quite convinced that Judgement is one of the six unknown shards, we know Brandon used divine attributes across various religions to come up with the shards and divine judgement is a concept that appears in many religions. Now with that in mind I present you the following WoB from Oct. 2015:


Q. In Shadows for Silence one of the characters refers to “Justice has died here.”  Is that the actual Shard of Justice?

A. That’s a great theory! (Big grin, raised eyebrows.)


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On 9/30/2019 at 6:11 AM, GoWibble said:

can of worms has a new meaning after reading Beyonders by Brandon Mull...

What a great series. Nothing to compare to Sanderson's more illustrious works, of course, but still brilliant worldbuilding and character development.


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