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Your favourite ajah?


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Gray, but second is Brown. I actually did make the choice for Weaves of the Wheel, and currently have the post of Head Clerk for the Gray. If anyone wants to join the rp on instagram, feel free to message me. We're set in the 4th age, and you can play a lot of different roles, (I won't say much more because of spoilers).

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See I’d literally choose any of them over brown, because they’re so much cooler, but the fact is I would be brown. Completely and truly. I’d just hide in the back of the library through the whole last battle and ever even notice it happening.

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I think the fact that we’re all nerdy enough to sign up for a forum like this means we’re legally obligated to put Brown at least in our top 3.


I’d like to think that I’m brave and tough enough to pick Green, but realistically it’s either Brown with some White tendencies or the other way around. Or maybe some sort of hybrid Orange or Tan ajah.

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