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What happened with Teft was necessary

Kvothe the Bloodless

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First off, I want to say that when Teft died and Kaladin saw his body, I cried for a little bit. But I soon realized that his death was needed. First, it pushed Kaladin to the breaking point, allowing him to realize he can't save everyone. It almost went the other way with Kaladin killing himself, but luckily, he said the Fourth Ideal instead. Also, in every book you need someone to die. It's honestly just a fact. It makes the story more tragic and poignant. Mistbor spoiler:


Just look at Kelsier, Vin and Elend dying

I think Teft was the perfect person to kill off. He was important enough to not go unnoticed, but he isn't like Kaladin or Dalinar dying. Also, Teft meant a lot to Kaladin, and with Kaladin crying over Teft's body, it made it so much sadder. And the way Teft felt peace at the end because he was loved was such a bittersweet moment, and it made his death all the more poignant.

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Yes, no matter how much it induces constricting feeling imagining that scene with Kaladin on his knees- his depression pressing down on him and watching lifeless eyes of a man who has believed, protected and healed him since beginning was a bittersweet but important aspect of Rhythm of War. These battles...they can't go on without terrible tragedies and sometimes, they tragedies break us and then join us again to keep fighting for those whom we lost. 

Yes, Kaladin felt himself breaking....but Teft was forgiven. He was close and Teft was forgiven...if anyone would head-on accept his impending death then that would be Teft because he knew, whatever his life had compelled him to do...he had won over it. In the end, Teft was the one who won- never Moash/Vyre. Teft accepted and Teft was loved. Like it was said...Teft was worth saving because he has saved the person who loved him like an older brother. And right there, Teft would be passing through Beyond and smiling to himself when Kaladin spoke his 4th Ideal. 

Beside Phendorana, he'd whisper, "I did good with that one, isn't it?"

"I told you so." she'd grin and they would walk together, content and at peace. 

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I believe Teft dying was a really good and meaningful move from Sanderson's part, also a brave one. It hurts like hell, but hurting is what it has to do . We all want happiness and love for Kaladin, but he was at a point where he had to keep moving, an inflection point was needed for him to reach a higher self (4th ideal). I hate it, but I love it.

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No.  It was not.  I will miss Teft SO much.


"Ten spears go to battle,” he whispered, “and nine shatter. Did that war forge the one that remained? No, Amaram. All the war did was identify the spear that would not break.”


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Tefts death is like Yondus in Guardians of the Galaxy. I am sad that it happened, but I would have been disappointed if it hadn't happened. Someone needed to die for the stakes to feel high, and for Kaladins arc to work. So had Brandon just dodged that bullet (or, rather, had Brandon allowed Teft to doge the bullet) the story would have suffered, and had less of an impact. I was rooting for both Teft and Yondu to die for that reason: because I want the story to impact me. But I am sad that those characters won't be around for more adventures. 

Teft got a great send-off though. I hope we get to see Kaladin and Bridge 4 visit him in the hall of dead KRs.

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I just wanna add that Teft dying was crucial for Venli's arc, too.  Or more accurately, Kaladin's extreme sorrow at Teft's death.  It forced her to realize how she hadn't felt even a fraction as much grief when Eshonai had died.  It forced her to realize that for a Shard that wished to be called Passion, Odium was very limiting on what emotions his followers were allowed to feel and experience.  These realizations are what allowed her to be pushed by Timbre into showing Leshwi that she was Radiant, and the defection of some of the Heavenly Ones to stand with the humans to protect the sleeping Radiants.

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