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Non Sequiturs


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Statements should never logically follow the statements around them. Music is a metaphor for society, or maybe it's the other way around. If you think about it, humanity is actually addicted to adenosine triphosphate. Numbers are a mere illusion, wrought from dreams and starstuff. Julie d'Aubigny is buried in an unmarked grave. The eyes you feel boring into your spine are real. The wall plants are indeed slightly crystalline. The phone stopped ringing 3 minutes, 27 seconds ago. The wireframes work well enough if you live in a lower dimension, you measly mortal plebe.

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So what if it's the state penitentiary? I've got too many eggs, and you know it. Rufus, why must the fish be blessed? If the manticore is to be believed, Her Grace has a tumor. Don't be a pain in the thungas. Never hire a polymorph when a polyglot will do the trick; Pascal was a prophet. Play for the home team. A mango ate my rat-snake. Register now for a free bear!

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32 minutes ago, I Used To Be A Fish said:

I'll have you know it's cause we're holy.

32 minutes ago, Experience said:

Because you were cut into a fillet?

27 minutes ago, I Used To Be A Fish said:

Well yes, and because fish are just blessed in general.

27 minutes ago, Experience said:

You mean before they are eaten?

Non sequiturs only, my darling. Baring your teeth at the dinner table is not at all appropriate for a species of your nature. Logic is lost amidst the non-sensicality of the frail.

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4 hours ago, Frustration said:

Funny you should mention that I had a misunderstanding with RShara, where she thought I was asking how to put on pants, and I wanted to know how she knew everything.

what? you must tell this story! green apples should be washed. the TV is off. I am a stick.

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