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Top3 Stormlight Characters


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I was searching for a few "top10" threads but so far I haven't found a single one! How unexpected considering that on Youtube you get overwhelmed by them and for example the scifi forum I frequent has them as well, in which you can score how much you liked a season and whatnot.

Point is, we need something here, I was really looking forward to seeing which characters are most often named as favorites. That's also why I make it a "top3" list and not top5 or even top10, because then you don't really have to think so much about it. 

The rules are simple: You don't have to take into account how fleshed out a character is, how well written, how deep or how often he or she appears "on screen". You decide which criterion is most important for you. Just tell us your top3 characters. Feel free to explain why they are though. 



Okay, lets start:


1. Shallan

I always love it when Shallan appears on the paper. Why? Mainly because she goes places you don't normally see and hear about and it's so exciting what she does. I guess spying is exciting stuff..  Remember the scene in which she first met the Ghoostbloods? My heart beat as fast as hers :D And how she managed it, so impressive. But she grew on my right from the start, the first chapter(s) in WoK where she chased Jasnah and even though she was thoroughly intimated by the woman (rightfully so) she persisted. I loved it when her sailor-escort (I forgot his name, he cheated in a game against merchants or constables or something) asked her "you just accept it?" and that was when she took heart again and decided to buy those books to remedy her gaps in her knowledge. Sigh. Pretty impressive. 

The only downside she has is that it is very hard for me to understand why it is so hard to say these truths. She just has to admit what happened to herself (and her spren, granted) - how hard can that be? That requirement always makes me wonder if only "damaged" people can become lightweavers in the first place. Because for most people .. are there truth we are not telling ourselves that would be so painful to admit? Anyway.. 

=> I do enjoy Shallan's chapters most because they are exciting, you often learn some well kept secrets and she is funny. 


2. Syl

My second most favorite character in the Stormlight Archives is Syl. She is such a positive influence on her surrounding that Kaladin can be very very glad that Syl picked him. I bet not all honorspren are so upbeat, smart, fashionable (after Adolin advised her), sophisticated, graceful, and cheery as Syl! 


3. Rock

Rock is a rock. He knows who he is and is therefore exuding a self-assurance that has a calming and positive effect on his whole crew. He is respectful towards spren (at least those who can think) and generally a very humble person with a big heart. I can't nail it down why exactly I like him better than all the other characters, and there are so many available, it just feels like Rock is someone you can depend on 100% and whenever he is mentioned in the book or is saying or doing something, I like to read it. 



Feel free to agree, disagree and make your own list. Looking forward to it!

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1. Kaladin.

Kaladin is just great. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been rooting for him. Shallan chapters in WoK were going for me my first time reading it. I just wanted more Kaladin.

2. Rysn.

No idea why, I just really like Rysn.

3. Wit

Out of all Hoid's personas, this is my favorite so far (although I did like his in SoS). He's a smart aleck, sarcastic, entertaining, and sometimes helpful. He's just a great character within a character. I believe this is the persona Hoid has to act the least for, but there are snipits of truth in all of them.

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1. Venli, during Oathbringer I found Venli to have by far the most interesting chapters and was more excited to find a chapter for her than anyone else, plus I love the way the singers are written.

2. Shallan, not to many good reasons, I just found her chapters fun to read.

3. Odium, the few scenes odium is in are all favorites of mine, I guess he gets the benefit of only being in impprtant scenes, but part of it is also his personality and style. 

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26 minutes ago, I Used To Be A Fish said:

To cause mass frustration you should've done:

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  1. Moash
  2. Moash
  3. Moash
  1. Pattern
  2. Lift
  3. Hoid

It probably isn't obvious from my character choices, but I appreciate comic relief.

my next tree

4. Cephandrias

5. Topaz

6. The Emperors fool

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1. Kaladin- his desire to succeed and his honor juxtaposed against bouts of depression speaks to me.  I am hoping he winds up holding Honor's power.

2. Rysn- she is a view onto a very different part of the world.  Most of what we see so far is Alethicentric, while she has shown us several other cultures.

3. Dalinar- his redemption from a force of chaos and destruction to the leader of the Knights Radiant has been fascinating.  The scenes with him and the Stormfather are phenomenal.

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These change with every re-read for me, but here's my current snapshot:

1. Adolin: he's refreshing and funny and so GOOD. I also identify with him more than many other characters--always trying to lift others up, always trying to lighten the mood and generate joy, even when surrounded by darkness. Unsure of himself at times, but thinks it through and decides not to dwell on it. He's the living embodiment the idea that-- even if people like to pretend that you're naive-- positivity and optimism and kindness are daily choices. And no, they aren't easy.  

2. Shallan: Her chapters are always the ones I find myself reading and re-reading. When I do my re-reads, hers are the only chapters I never ever skip or skim--because I feel like there are always more mysteries to unravel. I also feel for her as a young woman growing up in a restrictive world that projects upon her what they want her to be, all while she chafes against the expectations. Former-young-woman-Bliev totally identifies, Shallan!

3. Wit: What can I say. His scenes in these books have been limited, but always jam-packed with humor, action, mystery, and even unexpected depth and kindness. 

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1. Wit

Hoid and all of his personas will always be one of my favorites in the cosmere and in this one especially we see a lot more from him

2. Kaladin

Kaladin is strong, it may not seem like it usually but he has had multipule moments where he was on the verge of suicide and pulled himself up from that, even when stuff happens that is a spoiler for RoW he sill pushes on, even just barely and he knows in those times to stay away from stuff that negatively effects him like alcohol. Having depression sucks and brandon did a great job at portraying it in kaladin.

3. The Lopen

What can I say, the first thing he did when his arm grew was flip off the honorspren watching and he's the only one on bridge four that seemingly volunteered to join (even if he didnt know what he was getting in to.

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