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  1. He engages too much with the community and answers too many questions. At first this was what I really like about him. After several years I came to hate it. I prefer when people have to use their imagination instead of consulting the author.
  2. Weird rule. By default you are telling every religious person that they are plain wrong and their entire life is a lie when you say that there is no god/s. It is always disrespectful. The only way to avoid this is to not speak about it at all. God does exist. God is a human made concept. Therefore it exists. I consider the laws of nature as god as they dictate what life and reality is. Even though we only understand a fraction of nature and can only perceive a fraction of reality. Bottom line, we are unable to fully comprehend "god", but it exists.
  3. The problem is that it is possible at all. Limitations or not.
  4. Things capable of destroying god and planets. A Vessel is still just a human and Nightblood needs to be weilded. It does not act on its own like the Father Machine does. Nor does Nightblood have the ability to suck in souls from afar. The point is that it was not done by Shards. It was done by humans. Ruin could directly influence humans. Harmony does as well. It is very strange that entities that should be highly cosmere aware are not able to steer their followers into the right directions to create other forms of WMDs. The fight between Ruin and Preservation was mostly done by Scadrians. No need for that when he has access to machined that are easily able to kill the followers of his enemy shard. No one is talking about destroying the planet. The easiest way to bring a planet under control is to eradicate the inhabitants and repopulate it with people loyal to you. In the WOB you posted Brandon even admits that things like that, even if they push the boundaries, are possible. She should have never gone there.
  5. Its rather silly that a single artificially created machine was able to annihilate a planets worth of souls in an instant. We have millennia spanning battles of gods and yet none have come up with something similar? I really dislike that Brandon made this theoretically possible WMD.
  6. Lerasium can also be given. Why not Yumis powers. Does not matter if she is invested, really.
  7. You misunderstand. If spirits are the ones that choose Yoki-hijo then why must Yoki-hijo perform anything to attract them. Yoki-hijo are chosen by something above spirits. By a Shard or its remnants. The process is not specified. Priests will point out the signs that someone is a Yoki-hijo. If there are no priests then who would read the signs and train the Yoki-hijo? Outside of her invested art Yumi was not aware that she was special. If no one introduced the current Yoki-hijo to the invested art then they would most likely never even notice that they are different from normal people. We do not know whether or not Yoki-hijo exist anymore. If new ones exist. Or if the process required to even have Yoki-hijo exists anymore. Having no need of them does not mean that there aren't any. The world moved on when Elantrians became powerless. They still existed. Returned were made even before a cult formed around them. There was never a need for Returned either.
  8. Spirits choose Yoki-Hoji Yoki-Hijo attract spirits to grant wishes Sounds kind of stupid and circular. I doubt "the spirits" actually choose the Yoki-Hijo. More like they exist, get pointed out (by the spirits) and then selected. There may be more Invested people now, but how would they know? They grow up that way and never even recognize they are different from anyone else. The OG Yoki-Hijo are also dead and the actual process of creating them may not even exist anymore.
  9. I know this WoB and others about this topic. That is why I included the "dump a lot of Investiture at the problem" part. The WoBs I am aware of make it theoretically possible to accomplish, if hard. Feruchemy is the way to go since it is end neutral. There is no Investiture used. You would only need external Investiture to charge the metalminds again. You only need to be a Mistborn for a fraction of a second to make it work. There is a difference to having the power and using the power. The problem is getting it in the first place. You can store the abilities you get as a Mistborn into a metal mind. Becoming a Mistborn and staying one by means of a Soulstamps is extremely hard and requires a lot of Investiture. Storing the ability should not be. If you manage to become a Mistborn for long enough to create a Metalmind with it you bypass the part that requires excessive amounts of Investiture the next time you need to use the ability.
  10. A spike is not permanent. The moment you remove the spike the ability is lost. Leaving a spike in the body would open yourself to having your soul tampered with. The point I am making is to inprint what spikes do into your soul without a need for a spike to remain inside you. Basically what is happening with cognitive shadows, just for living beings. I never said anything about Soulstamps being permanent. Except they can be permanent, like when Shai feared to become an Elantrian for real. Even Brandon says that it only might wear off not that it definitely will. If you can become a Feruchemist by using Soulstamps then you could make yourself some really nifty items like Metalminds that grant you the ability that Spikes do (or make your own Bands of Mourning), but without the repercussions. After you are done with charging your Metalminds you can then Soulstamp yourself to be an Allomance and compound the entire thing. Leaves room open for "it might work". According to this you can at least make yourself an Allomancer briefly. Which should be enough to store the ability in a Metalmind. Becoming a Feruchemist through Forgery should be easier (as its end neutral), if not consistent, since all you need to do is make yourself the kid of a Feruchemist or Ferring and hope for the best.
  11. Spiking is always temporary. The best way would be to find a way to make what the spikes do permanent. A Soulstamp could make someone into an Elantrian. Why not make yourself "spiked" without actual spikes? Many abilities are not location bound like Sel magic. Make a Soulstamp that you ate Lerasium. For questions like this the usual answer is "a lot Investiture". A lot Investiture is able to alter the Spiritweb permanently. The same should work with abilities given by spikes. Dump a lot of Investiture on the problem.
  12. Roshar will be the Cosmeres fuel station
  13. I am not saying that it has. I say that you have a very narrow frame of mind if you think that Inventions intent must lead to space faring civilizations just because ours and others in the Cosmere did.
  14. Inventions do not necessarily lead to space faring. I would say the best inventions make life easier while not having a negative effect on the planet. Anything industrial would not fit this bill in my opinion.
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