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  1. maybe he is somehow projecting his heightening?
  2. I definitely have not been dead for almost a month and definitely did not forget to change my profile picture to my trans pride one


  3. if there is one thing epic games is good at it is attention to detail in models
  4. I'm just happy I have a character model now, even if it is in the weirdly obvious style of Fortnite.
  5. 7 unfinished costumes, too many unfinished art projects to count, 1 unfinished book and a build of Urithiru and kredik. shaw, both only half built in minecraft
  6. Marsh has always been practical, being bald means no hair being pulled in fights and one less thing to maintain besides shaving. or maybe he just likes being bald.
  7. Ah yes my favorite thing to do, covering one eye because the other is impossible to mirror
  8. I would gladly help do this, I might be able to make a topographical map in blender but it will take a while, I also have an old frame of Urithiru, as for build limit there is a mod that increases the build limit to near infinite size. (if that doesn't work you can always have Urithiru in a pocket dimension with a plugin) Along with the stormcraft mod a larger map of Roshar that is fully decorated would be amazing. -DM me on how big you want the map of Roshar because I know if its too big worldpainter takes forever to render
  9. imagine trying to convince something to turn into plutonium "hey you want to turn into this? everyone will see you for miles, you'll be the brightest thing around!"
  10. this will probably be bad because the only time I've ever played a MOBA was to get the Oni Genji skin. Ranette Ranged assassin? or support? Auto attack - shotgun, slow speed, high damage, low range Q- Pewterarm rounds. Mid Range Skillshot- Ranette fires a pewterarm round Doing high damage and slowing for .5 seconds W- Glare daggers. Rannete glares daggers at a visible enemy dealing light damage and stunning them for .75 seconds E- Antisocial. Become invisible for 2 seconds and pull yourself in the direction opposite to where you are facing R1- Upgrade. upgrade a heroes weapon, including yours, giving their autoattack extra 20% damage untill death, and take 20% less damage for 3 seconds. R2- Superior craftmanship. point out an enemy's weapons flaws, making their autoattack do 20% less damage until death and take 20% more damage for 3 seconds D- Lurch. Ranette pulls on an enimies metals causing them to stumble and be slowed for .25 seconds (faster recharge than glare daggers) passive: Ranettes hired copperclouds prevent her from being detected by investiture related means
  11. While looking through the news for my games on steam I stumbled across concept art of a never released game by motion twin, the developers behind dead cells, and the first picture was this... I almost scrolled past until I noticed that many of these powers were like burning steel and iron, and wondered if they were inspired by Mistborn (especially with shooting coins) which also got me wondering if there are any other things like this, inspirations by cosmere magic or things shockingly similar.
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