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There's so many, I can't even hope to gather them all. But the TenSoon twist is probably the most ingenious "Whodunit" twist I've ever read. I spent the whole book thinking Brandon wouldn't be able to surprise me since the group of suspects was so small, so I thought he either had to go for an obvious choice or cheat his way out, but damnation. What a boss.

Then the finale of Hero of Ages has two of my favorites. The obvious one is the reveal who the Hero of Ages actually is, which is brilliant not primarily because it's unexpected, but because it utilizes something that has been present since book 1 (the ancient Scadrian religions) in such a meaningful and beautiful way. I also love how it works as kind of a thematical summary of the Cosmere series yet. It's all about different perspectives - that seems to be the most all-encompassing theme in these books. And having someone reforge a whole world based on all the different perspectives on what that world once was, from different people who valued different things, is just a beautiful, beautiful thing.

The other one is the atium misting thing, which completely blew my mind. I think it's one of the best examples of a well-done fantasy twist. There's just no way you could do something like that outside of fantasy. I think that's both the challenge and the opportunity of the genre: You can establish whole new sets of rules, which is a blessing, but you also have to make them plausible and make them work without them seeming convinient, because then that's lazy and cheating. This is just an amazing example of how to do it right, because of how amazing the build-up is: You know of mistings, you know of atium, you know of snapping, and the Deepness being dangerous has also been established long before. But you never connect all these things up until that moment, and from one page to the other you have basically an army of the most powerful mistings possible, that's just - man, I loved how that played out.

The big Shadows of Self twist also deserves a mention. I predicted it in the middle of the book and still urgently wanted it to happen (which, in my opinion, is a sign that this twist is the right decision for its story). Then it happened and I was still surprised by how strong it felt. It's another proof that predicting a twist doesn't have to ruin it.

Now, these are all Mistborn, and I'll go ahead and say that Mistborn has probably had more brain-twisting reveals than Stormlight yet, while Stormlight has better character development, and there's more surprising decisions rather than surprising revelations in there, if that makes sense. That said, the identity of Odium's champion was something that really got to me just because of how devastating it felt at that particular moment.

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