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If you were holding a shard.


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@bxcnch and @Paalm Tree, so relatable! :lol:

If I held the Shard of Ambition it would probably just wink out

If I tried to hold the Shard of Honor, there would be an explosion

If I tried to hold the Shard of Preservation, it would probably become Stasis (or hopefully Negentropy!..... never mind)

If I tried to hold Devotion, it would probably turn sentient and throw up

If I tried to hold Dominion, nothing would happen, it would probably dominate me and turn me into a zombie

If I held Cultivation, it would become Desertification

If I tried holding Odium, it would turn into Negativity (sorry, not sorry)

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9 hours ago, 1stBondsmith said:

Honor would lean to Loyalty.

Devotion would stay the same. 

Odium would become justice.

Ambition would take me over.



  9 hours ago, 1stBondsmith said:

Odium would become justice.


Justice, as in righteousness. Vengeance? Correct meaning, but the connotations can present themselves to be arguable.

It fits with the rest.

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On 10/11/2019 at 3:43 PM, 1stBondsmith said:

Odium would become justice.

I'm happy I'm not the only one who has the idea that Odium's Intent can be interpreted this way. I still think that Rayse's personality has more to do with why Odium's Intent is Odium than the Intent itself. I have a post about it here

Back on topic, if I were holding Ruin it would be Entropy. And hopefully it would be more along the lines of Death from the Sandman comics than Ati.

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Hmmm. This requires some genuine introspection. 

Preservation = Stagnation 

Ruin = Decay

Ambition = <s>Reputation</s> Greed 

Devotion = Obsession 

Dominion = Ownership

Endowment = Encumbrance 

Odium = Cynicism (I mildly hate everything) 

Honor = Loyalty 

Cultivation = Manipulation 


If it is the commonly held belief of what the intent is then... Indulgence (freedom to do what you wish, taken to unhealthy extreme, see my take on Devotion).

If it is what I believe it is it would become Discipline 

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I'm going to try for a more serious response this time:

Ruin - I don't think existential crisis qualifies one to hold Ruin. I might turn it into something even worse, like Doom

Preservation - I think I might be compatible enough to hold

Endowment- no, I'm not a very giving person. I am fair, I think, but selflessness would take a less cynical person than me. I don't believe that putting oneself before others makes one self-centred (as long as one is not being a D). Then again if Edgli could do it (going by her letter), then who knows? Maybe if I could turn it into the Shard of Equivalent Exchange, which seems rather unlikely...

Honor - I hope so. Maybe in a different form like Structure or Promise

Cultivation - snippy! probably yes

Devotion - not really

Dominion - not really...? I'm not very possessive or assertive (opinionated, maybe)

Ambition - I might be a bit too prone to procrastination for this one but I am ambitious too. This one might just depend on my mood, tbh. If I could turn it into a milder version of itself, like Development, then I'd go for it

Autonomy - that's something I can get behind

Odium - Meh, I can take it. Maybe turn it into Karma or Vengeance 

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Ok let me see: 

cultivation = refinement

honor = loyalty

odium = condemnation of all that I disagree with

endowment = Santa claus

preservation = works as it is

ruin = decay, you know let it happen naturally rather than seeking end of the world so actively 

harmony = lassitude / inaction just being lazy since can not do much anyway..

Devotion = loyalty Cult derived system of providing investiture

dominion = authority u know like magic will be given to those that are chosen by authority type of system 

Ambition = success in everything I strive for

autonomy = freedom 

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Ambition: Empowerment

Autonomy: Immortality

Cultivation: unchanged

Devotion: Sacrifice or Faith

Dominion: Responsibility

Endowment: unchanged

Harmony: Patience

Honor: unchanged

Odium: Wrath or Indulgence

Preservation: Balance or Order

Ruin: Imbalance or Doom

As I consider it, I'd be the least changed by Honor, and the most changed by Preservation. Devotion, Dominion, and Preservation would mold me into a better version of myself, and Cultivation, Ruin, and Odium would mold me into worse versions of myself. The rest I'd struggle with for a while before reaching a balance with the power. If I had to chose one, I'd probably take Honor.

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If I held Harmony it would become Creation

Preservation would become Lethargy

Ruin would become Alteration

Ambition would become Perseverance

Devotion would become Love

Dominion would become Leadership

Autonomy would become Freedom

Odium would become Elimination or Destruction

Endowment would become Generosity

Honor would become Morality


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Ambition: Greed

Autonomy: Insanity(from decision paralysis)

Cultivation: Change

Devotion: Obsession 

Dominion: Control(like OCD)

Endowment: Incompatible, wouldn't work

Harmony: Discord

Honor: Utilitarianism 

Odium: Passion

Preservation: Stagnation

Ruin: Entropy

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I've considered the positive and negative aspects of my personality - if I held the shards it could go either way

Devotion: Tenderness or Obsessive mania

Dominion: Discipline or Tyranny 

Preservation: Tenacity or Stagnation

Ruin: Inspiration or Subversion 

Odium: Conviction or Condemnation 

Cultivation: Abundance or Arrogance 

Honour: Integrity or Restriction 

Endowment: Aptitude or Excess

Autonomy: Resourcefulness or Detachment 

Ambition: Eagerness or Manipulation

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