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does roshar have units of measurement?

Iron foot

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when amaram is recruiting, he also mentions that new recruits may bring with themselves up to two "stoneweights" of stuff, so that one looks like a unit of weight.

In general, I'd expect them to have the units of measurement compatible with a renaissance society: not yet to the point of an international system with standardized rules for making composite units, but every nation has decent standards for at least the major units.


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11 hours ago, RShara said:

They talk about feet and inches quite a bit, though the Rosharan foot is a bit longer than ours, if I remember correctly. They also have miles mentioned.

Well, translated. What they use themselves is less clear.

Two issues:

  1. The Azish empire not standardising units? Extremely unlikely.
  2. Vorin priests. They teach stuff and they have an international organization. Different units in their textbooks would be a hassle. An official Vorin system next to informal regional feet seems likely.
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Yes, in Arcanum Unbounded it mentions that Rosharan measurements (such as a foot) are not the same as Cosmere standard measurements, in fact.  AU says that Rosharan measurements are bigger/longer (specifically, feet and miles)

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