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I discovered Brandon Sanderson in December 2017. Started with Mistborn, and have read The Final Empire, Well of Ascension, but got spoiled on the Hero of Ages ending before reading it all, maybe I'll get back to it eventually. I have read all the Stormlight books including Edgedancer, and just got through with Oathbringer last week. I'll probably read Warbreaker next.

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Welcome to Shard! Be wary of any cookies offered to you by people who aren't members of TUBA (it's a thing around here, people like giving out spiked cookies).

Anyways, have a fortune cookie and enjoy yourself. There are many spoilers on here.

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Welcome! My first day was yesterday. Hope you enjoy your future reads. Still a ways to go but its a great journey. Sooooo I would recommend reading Hero of Ages soonish because of Mistborn era 2 and the novella that seperates them (which is canonically right after/during age 1, but should probably be read after book 6). Just my 2 cents though.

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