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The God Weapons

old man moomba

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Rick walked into Alley 72572. 'wait, isn't this the alley where the salsa research is' Rick winced as the fourth wall broke, "Yes, and I was trying to avoid thinking about that, as that's an OOC thread" The mimes repairing the fourth wall scowled in Rick's direction as it shattered again. "Sorry guys, ignore me and the voice." Rick opened the door in the ground and jumped through, falling into the Salsa Club's meeting room. He quickly pulled out the Time Recorder and pressed rewind. 

Ten Seconds Ago 

"You know, I always wondered about the record button on that does," The snake said. Rick looked at the snake. "You need a name, you shall be called Banden from this day forth" "Kay," said the snake. Just then, the gravity in Alley 72472 changed and the three of them fell into the God Weapon Research Lab. "Hello," called one of the scientists cheerfully, wielding a glowing sword, "Good to see you, Rick" Rick walked into the center of the lab, where eight swords were placed point down in eight altars. The scientist placed the ninth sword into its altar and walked to a control panel. Researchers began to run about the lab, preparing for the activation. 


The central altar began to glow with power, charging with saidin and Spiritual energy. The energy began to take shape, forming into a massive sword. The sword darkened, sucking in the light around it. "It's drawing too much power, activate the Spiritual Dampeners!" a scientist yelled. The glow began to dissipate, leaving the sword. Rick walked up to the altar and pulled the sword out. He gasped, so much power, he could level a city with this weapon. He smiled and slammed the sword into the ground, teleporting away.


The first God Weapon: The Tenth Blade of Oblivion.

It appears as a six-foot-long sword, with one edge formed of crystal, and the other of Power-wrought aluminum. The core is made of Cuendillar and is worked with geometric designs.

Unique powers:

The Tenth Blade allows the user to tap Investiture directly from the Spiritual Realm, like an Investiture angreal. It kills its victims by overloading their body's with Investiture. It acts as an angreal for saidin as well. 

Other Powers: 


-Access to the Surge of Gravitation

-Enhanced Healing

The blade's hilt is a Type IV Bio Awakened Entity, with a special command; To drive it's wielder insane. The hilt has no voice until the wielder gives it one, after that, the voice will grow into its own personality. The voice will only form after the wielder is insane, if the wielder is already insane, or has a voice in their head, then the voice will be adopted by the hilt. 

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On 11/7/2018 at 9:55 PM, Dr. Jacques Rodriguez said:

He gasped, so much power, he could level a city with this weapon.


That's a powerful sword. It would have been good to check in on the Chat Thread about this, but I can put my two cents in here too just as easily. :D Know your limit, play within it. You know how to make good RP, I trust that you'll use this plot device responsibly. 


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1 minute ago, Dr. Jacques Rodriguez said:

Haha, by the way, there are six God Weapons. (No I did not come with this to piss Nohdon off) I'm working on those stats currently. Yall can find em as well.

Nah it's fine, though I will be the first to get my hands on a couple once I find them


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The Second (and less powerful) God Weapon: The Spear of Shattering Crystal  


Description:  this weapon appears as a spear, with a crystal head, and a shaft of cuendillar.


First Power:

The point of the spear, when stabbed into anything, will crystallize it, then, depending on the thoughts of the wielder, the crystal will shatter, or phase shift directly into air. When used, the spear will draw on whatever form of energy that is available to fuel the conversion, using Investiture, the One Power, or other forms of magical energy first, then drawing upon electrical energy, then chemical, then kinetic, and finally, it will perform fission on the atoms around it, in an attempt to create more energy to fuel the conversion. This rarely happens, though, as most users know to carry quite a bit of Stormlight, or other forms of Investiture to fuel the conversion.


Second Power:

The spear, when stabbed into someone with magical traits, will “steal” their traits for a short amount of time. (The victim keeps their powers, though) The power will follow the law of Hemalurgic Decay, meaning the wielder is less powerful with the magic than the original user, scaled accordingly. If the magic user has more than one power, then the spear will use the stronger power. The spear can also draw on the powers to fuel a crystal conversion.


Other powers

-Teleportation: The wielder will appear to transform into crystal, which then shatters. When appearing somewhere, a crystalline figure will grow from the ground. The crystal then shatters, revealing the wider underneath.

-Crystal armor: When the wielder is hit with a weapon, crystal will form in the area around the hit, protecting the wielder from harm.

-Enhanced reflexes



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