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Skyward: Nov 15, 2018 [Denver, CO] (Tattered Cover)


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35 minutes ago, PallonianFire said:

I'll be there quite early, looks like, since I get off work around 3. If anyone wants to say hi, don't hesitate. I'm super tall, wearing jeans and a tan sweater today. I'll probably be reading The Runelords while I wait.

Good choice.

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I asked a question, but I don’t have audio, so I guess I’ll just drop it here. 

I asked Brandon “If a Sleepless had enough hordelings, how big could they get?” He said that there is an upper limit, but they can be bigger than we’ve seen in the books so far. I asked “chasmfiend sized?” And he RAFO’d me. 

So there’s that question, I guess!

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So I've already connected with Argent on this, but just for general interest: yes, I did get audio of the signing line. I didn't get the general Q&A, but there really weren't many questions of Cosmere import in that anyway—mostly writing questions and a few basic Cosmere ones (can you tell us a random Ideal/are there dragons in the Cosmere).

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