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Hey fellow Cosmere adicts. Name’s Bill. I’ve been reading for just over a year now and I’ve pretty much consumed all cosmere related content that’s been officially released (mostly). Hugely interested in Realmatic Theory and the overarching cosmere plotlines that surpass the individual stories (which I also love). Currently re reading Elantris, after finishing Oath Bringer because I’m fascinated with the similarities and differences between the two magic systems, and the effects Shards have had on different worlds and their cultures. Thanks all for the great forums and theories, as they’ve been a welcome companion on my reading over the last year.



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4 hours ago, Apollyon said:

Two cookies* are better than one, more ways to experi- I mean eat. Just try it, they're so good it's a sin to not eat them.


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Just where DO you get all the...er...special ingredients for these cookies.


....Is that what happens to all the spammers? :-O

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I think I found where the dark alley gets it’s spikes...

Stay strong BillLangdon. Don’t give in. The cookies may be tempting, but spikes can maim/transform into misshapen demon/kill a person.

Honestly though is Ruin sponsoring the Dark Alley?

And is there an anti-Dark Alley group, or just lone people?

Image taken from the Sanderson memes thread, by Sunbird.


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