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Argent and the Changing of the Profile Pic (Poll)


Argent and the Changing of the Profile Pic  

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  1. 1. Should Argent revert his profile pic back to the one we know and love?

    • Yes
    • No

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3 hours ago, CaptainRyan said:

He should definitely make his own decisions. And we should definitely make polls about those decisions. @Argent is a pillar in this community and I worry no one will recognize his posts anymore! :D

Imagine Chaos changing his profile picture. That would cause riots ;)

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23 hours ago, Argent said:

But mooooooooooom!

staaaaaahp or I will turn this forum around and take us straight back home, mister.

3 hours ago, Argent said:


Looks like @Ravioli and @Darkness Ascendant are summoning you, honorary forum mom, @Kaymyth!

Ha. I imagine that was more DA's intent than Ravioli's. Too bad for him I was sleeping.

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3 hours ago, Mulk said:

Lies...I'm bearded and I'm older than her... :(

You know, there aren't actually many Sharders who are older than I am. So many young whippersnappers around here. And then there's me, growing out my henna so I can have wildly colored midlife crisis hair.

3 hours ago, Argent said:

Kaymyth, mother of all bearded dudes.

This is...hilarious on so many levels.

17th Shard - the place that decided just because I'm not gonna gestate any kids doesn't mean they can't just decide that I'm the Mom anyway.

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