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  1. Okay I've taken the quiz quite a few times now and it's actually refined me very consistently into Edgedancer. Huh. That's very strange. I'm not sure I buy it. I can see it working for me, but as a whole I'm skeptical. Also @Parallax your theory is good, but I might label the Shard Creativity instead of ingenuity to also encapsulate some of the influence on Lightweavers...
  2. I would be okay with this. I like her sass.
  3. I just had a random wild theory hit my brain. What if there's an actual Shard of Intervention. Divine Intervention is an actual belief in some cultures. Maybe there's a Shard behind the Ghostbloods and other such groups. I'm also wondering if the Shard that is in Silverlight and seems connected to the 17th Shard is in some way something like a Shard of non-intervention. Would have to figure out a good name though. Thoughts?
  4. Posted this in the Discord but I thought I'd bring it here also just to spread the conjecture. So I was listening to the latest Shardcast and this WoB stood out to me: Voidbinding is the magic system of Odium. Odium was the original deity of Ashyn. The soul of Voidbinding was to try to divine the future. What if the Ashynites (who were the original Voidbinders) saw some great calamity in their future and tried to prevent it, but in doing so they only created a future even worse? And what if Odium in his greater capacity foresaw this and guided them to destroy their own civilization to further his goals of bringing down other Shards starting with Honor? What if being able to tell the future caused the exodus from Ashyn? We've already seen that what is foreseen can be wrong, i.e. Jasnah not killing Renarin. What do you guys think?
  5. Necessary? Maybe not. Awesome? Yes.
  6. As far as favorites that aren't a crush, Vasher is it for me. He is the grumpy old man avatar for all us grumpy old men in the Cosmere.
  7. I'm with Noisespren. I think the champion thing isn't actually the way it's all going to play out. I don't feel like Brandon would lay it all out so clearly from the beginning like that.
  8. I'm definitely on the crazy train. I believe Doomslug is a component of the cytonic hyperdrive, either as a backup for non cytonic pilots or as an actual complimentary piece to a cytonic pilot. I have a feeling that a human cytonic doesn't have enough power to move something with as much mass as a spaceship on their own and Doomslug's race is capable of cytonics. Of special note is that Doomslug mimics the humans quite a bit. I don't think Brandon just threw that in there. I think it's a mechanic of how the slug and the human work together to move the entire ship. Human moves themselves where they want and the slug moves the ship. There are also these WoBs: Questioner What does Doomslug eat? Brandon Sanderson Doomslug eats mushrooms, among other things. I don't want to say anything more... Questioner I know, I was trying to find something that wouldn't be RAFO'd Brandon Sanderson Yeah that's actually shockingly relevant of a question, so... Hmm! Sciencetor2 I am subscribed to the, "Doomslug is the hyperdrive," theory. Can you confirm or deny? Brandon Sanderson I cannot confirm or deny. So Doomslug was the reason the original pilot told M-Bot to collect mushrooms. Gotta keep your slug alive.
  9. He might not be good, but the actual big bad? Don't see it.
  10. Okay, so all those pieces are a fraction of the amount of investiture Hoid would need. But say he got hold of an investiture vacuum. Such as our old pal Nightblood...
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