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  1. From Braid_Tug "Oh, this was from the first signing, so not recorded. We asked Brandon about gem cutting tech levels on Roshar. He hedged some. But did let us know that while it was still labor intensive, it was not as bad as Renaissance Europe. That yes, they do have an edge. But would not state what the edge was. Even with us making jokes about Shard scalpels to make the cuts."
  2. Rubies are Red Sapphires are Blue Now Shut Up and Sit Still So I Can Soulcast You
  3. I'm hordeling number 4633, I like being part of the eye, but sometimes I do my own thing.
  4. Hi Page, For the first point, I mean that Endowment's Investiture gives an object the ability to do things it would normally not but would be within its means. For example, a cloth could feasibly lift something if used that way. It is an extension of what it is. Breath grants the cloth the ability to achieve that possibility. Does that make sense? Second, the way he said "The way you actually mean it", makes it sound like it's *not* the explanations you gave. Unless of course he's eaten a kandra
  5. So, after finally getting someone to ask this for me, we got this WoB. Having gotten this answer, it made me wonder, what caused Ruin's Investiture to seep in? If that's how the WoB is meant to be understood. I decided that it was because Endowment's Investiture can't actually do anything on it's own. It only gives things the capacity to do things. Awakening gives an object the ability to do more than it normally can. Holding Breath makes an individual have greater capabilities than they had before. Endowment can only grant capacity, it is up to the object to execute. Ex. It can't materially affect the physical world or be used to alter physical states. But it gives an object or person the capacity to do things they otherwise would not be able to do. This also would explain why only Endowment's Investiture was insufficient to fulfill the "Destroy Evil" command. Because Investiture is universal, something else rushed in to fill that gap, Ruin's Investiture. Thoughts?
  6. Some stuff that I got on the signing line talking to Isaac that you can hear snippets of on @Argent's recording. Sadly it is paraphrased. Isaac says that Nazh is an embodiment of his adventurous spirit, that he expresses through the books. Nazh is also much grumpier than he is and gets visibly angry when Isaac himself wouldn't. He doesn't remember Nazh had a mistcloak Nazh is basically a young Peter Capaldi and is very prone to swearing when he is off screen. He clarified that Nazh was caught spren fishing because he was trying to attract a spren to be his stooge and do some work for him. He got in trouble for it because he didn't know that was illegal. We have audio for his relationship with Khriss. I also was able to ask Brandon a question offhandedly but it wasn't recorded. @Bridge_Ojisan Wanted to know how old Gaz was. Brandon said he is early to mid 30s, so around Jasnah's age.
  7. In honor of the new Wreck-It Ralph trailer.
  8. I don't really see anyone attacking or insulting you. They're not getting any more heated than you are. How about we all just step back and understand that sometimes we might not agree, even in a fundamental sense.
  9. If we did, it wouldn't be a secret!
  10. Well, the day has passed, so I think we're good for a year until someone else steals it.
  11. So, someone is stealing some of the Valentine's from here and putting them on FB. Yay success??
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