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[OB] Oathbringer chapters 16-18


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Honorblades are made out of Honor’s soul, representations of an oath, Shardplate requires more oaths for Dalinar to learn about, Adonalsium’s mentioned!

AND Honorblades make you nearly like a Herald but men don’t understand it WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAAAAAN

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“Every moment in our lives seems trivial,” Zahel said. “Most are forgotten while some, equally humble, become the points upon which history pivots. Like white on black.”

“White… on black?” Dalinar asked.

“Figure of speech”

Seems relevant to Vasher's past. And I always get a good laugh out of his color metaphors.

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Ok. Pattern ships Adolin and Shallan. *mike drop*

Moving on, goodness Shallan is freaking me out. Horneater lager? Stabbing her hand? I'm concerned about her health. That's cannot be good for you to go and drink that stuff, even if stormlight heals her.

Kaladins chapter was pretty noninformative. I want exposition. 

Also Dalinar confronts the church. Fascinating. 

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