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Greetings Fellow Nerds


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Hey! I just recently joined up and am really psyched to start digging around in this site!

Although Brandon Sanderson has been one of my favorite authors for a while, I'm only just now getting into the Cosmere side of things (whoops). I've read the first three Mistborn books and the Stormlight Archive, as well as the Reckoners series and the Rithmatist. However, thanks to our local used bookstore, I own Elantris and Warbreaker and I'm really hoping to finish both of them by the time the Oathbringer preview chapters come out (which I am definitely going to read. I have zero self control. It's better to read the sample chapters than look up spoilers lol).

Also, I am 100% new to online forums, so if there are some types of ... unspoken rules? Common courtesies? Things I should do? .... Well, it'd be nice to know! My main reason for joining now is to prep for and then flip out over Oathbringer, which is only 90 days away! There's no time to waste! So excited! 


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Hello @Pammie! You don't have to worry about any rules I can think of, just be kind to others.

An important thing to know is people will soon start replying, telling you to either eat cookies or not to eat cookies. It's a joke that the cookies are Ruin's cookies, because they are spiked. Don't worry if you're confused, you'll see it soon.

Welcome and enjoy!

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Welcome to the Shard!

I, for one, am a huge proponent of the cookies, even if they are slightly potentially hemalurgic.

As for rules, its pretty laid back here, but some people do get a little rusted when you don't use spoiler tags for info outside that book's specific forum, but even that has exceptions, (the cosmere theory board) so watch out if you're worried about spoilers.

Just enjoy it here, and don't worry if you start to see connections everywhere, you're not any more mad than the rest of us :P

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Welcome to the Shard!

Sorry I don't have any cookies on me, but you can have some pie instead:



looks good, eh?

If you love playing SE (which is like Mafia or Werewolf), there's a game taking signups right now and there are a lot of people playing for the first time as well, if you would like to join. It's always heaps of fun.

Here's the link, if you want:


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On 8/16/2017 at 7:20 AM, Pammie said:

Also, I am 100% new to online forums, so if there are some types of ... unspoken rules? Common courtesies? Things I should do? .... Well, it'd be nice to know!

There is one thing that is frowned upon: double posting. If you post, and then think of more to say before any one else can post a response, instead of creating a new post, just edit your original post.

However, nothing big. This is a happy fun place. Very chill, not much in the way of flame wars or what have you. Every one is just happy to be in a place with like-minded nerds. So welcome to you!

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@I am Witless Hmmm, I'd have to say that my top 3 Sanderson books so far would be Hero of Ages, Elantris and Words of Radiance. Hero of Ages was a life-changing experience for me, the ending absolutely blew me away. Mistborn was the first fantasy series I had ever finished, excluding LotR, and converted me to the Cosmere, lol. I loved Sel's worldbuilding, even though the plot of Elantris lost me near the end, so I'm really looking forward to the sequels. And really, I've loved all of the Stormlight Archive so far, the worldbuilding and characters have been phenomenal so far. :) Thanks for asking! You?

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Welcome! I am new myself, so I can sympathize about not knowing the rules. If you are really unsure, trying lurking around the threads to get a feel for things. Also, the theories can range from mild, even slightly silly, to hard-core technicalities-and-rules-and-math/science. You might want to avoid the latter until you've boned up on stuff like realmatic theory and magic systems' rules (plus other stuff). But still, welcome!

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