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  1. So, I could not determine if there is already a plan for sources like this, but a couple of days ago Brandon did an interview with a newpaper in Utah. It not only includes answers to general questions about being an author, and the process of writing Oathbringer, but fan questions as well: https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900003841/qanda-brandon-sanderson-on-the-importance-of-fiction-and-how-writing-influences-his-lds-faith.html
  2. I like these. I could really see #2. He started doing it right from the first, and he is a very creative fighter. Makes me wonder if Syl could actually just attack on her own.
  3. Welcome. You will find everyone is super friendly here. This is really the best place to go if you have questions about the complex worlds of Brandon's books, or if you just want a like-minded ear to listen to a "Whaaa??? What just happened???" It's fun here!
  4. Correction: (Major respect to the transcribers. I knew some of the names were wrong here, but this audio was almost impossible to hear the questioner at all!)
  5. First, Thanks to everyone for the Arcanum. Love it! Now to my question. If we find content issues, what is the right process to report? Post it in this thread?
  6. This is awesome! Thanks to everyone that worked so hard on this! You guys are the best!
  7. This is super exciting. I can not thank everyone enough for all that was done to make this a reality! I am almost as excited for this as I am for Oathbringer.
  8. Rats. That theory is out.
  9. While I agree that the Reod did not happen at the time of the shattering of Skaai or Aona, I think it is related. My current theory is that the earthquake was caused by the excessive investiture in the cognitive realm, pushing against the physical for a time. But... my current theory about the Recreance is that was it was directly related to the shattering of Honor. I believe after Honor died, there was a specific impact on the Knights, that caused them to specific choose to give up the bond. I am thinking they knew that without Honor the safeguards of their bond were not in place, and they could do more harm than good. Perhaps there still could have been an impact toward Sel, bumping up against the investiture, which bumped up against the already strained physical, and causing the earthquake. Interesting to think about.
  10. It's awesome, @djdisturbed, that you could join our little band of crazies. I think "addict" is a great way to describe how I feel also. I am not just a fan, I am an addict!
  11. I like this theory, but knowing Brandon it is rarely as simple as black and white. I think @Calderis's variation of "Perversions" still supports your theory, but might be closer to what is happening. It gets me thinking about the source for of the madness. Is it possible those attributes were gifts of investiture from Honor. And now that he is gone, without his guidance, that investiture is getting corrupted somehow? Or maybe investiture draws unclaimed investiture, and thus their attributes are being heightened, and are becoming extreme... which is back to @Toaster Retribution's theory.
  12. Hi, welcome to the board. It is nice to have another UT fan. I live in Spanish Fork. If you have not had a chance to go to a signing, do it. Brandon is just a really nice guy and fun to talk to. He will be at Salt Lake Comic Con in Sept.
  13. That is a sad day... and it happens a few times a year. I guess that is better than if it happened every few years! Welcome to the forums, and welcome to you as well.
  14. ummm.... I was going to ask if that is even possible. However, imaging how I will feel after reading the preview chapters as compared to how I feel now... I know the cliff-hanger at the end will put me in a frantic state, unable to sleep, cold sweats, crying every day until the book is released.
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