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I am a quiet nerdyish person, very shy with newcomers but not quiet at all with people I know.

I love organising, but not doing. You could say I'm a delegator in that respect.

I'm not going to say that I love Brandon Sanderson, because you all know that I do.

I love Marvel (MCU, to be quite explicit)

I also love Star Wars

I love playing video games and making friends, but I'm not very good at it

I get too attached to characters in books that I like

I see nighttime/bedtime as a time to think and make up stories without interuptions


Here's how it goes.

You ask me questions

I answer them

Let's Begin!

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Which Cosmere book is your favorite, and why? (You can choose multiple)

Who's your favorite Cosmere character?

Have you read any non-Cosmere books from Brandon? If so, which ones?

If you could do absolutely anything for one hour, what would you do?

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I think WoR! Its like the awesomest book ever, plus two of my favorite characters are in it

Kaladin, Kelsier, or Syl

I have read Alcatraz excluding the fifth one, the Rithmatist, Reckoners, and Leigon.

I would probably sit in bed, read, talk to people on here, and and play Blockheads :D

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Sorry I didn't reply earlier :ph34r:


@Toaster Retribution My favorite MCU movie would be Civil War, and least one definitely Thor Dark World (except for Loki, he's awesome in that movie :D)

I'm from Australia

Hmm I think so. I'm just interested in seeing more Han Solo, so yeah it'd better be!!!!!

@Shqueeves errrr high storm? Way away from civilisation?

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errr that's a hard one.....

Probably either Narnia or Legend

myth about what?

Probably, "do you ever go to the 17th Shard and just sit there and laugh at us?"

also, 300th post

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