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Calamity Tour - Denver


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  • 2 weeks later...

Alright I got back from the signing. I asked a bunch of questions (mostly about Connection) and my sister recorded them; here's a transcript. I didn't write down my questions / don't have a lot of practice with good question writing so I got quite a few RAFOs, but there's some interesting things still.


Dude these were AWESOME questions, and fascinating answers.


EDIT: Also, as someone going to a signing today, thank you for getting the questions/answers up so quickly so I can cull my own list of repeats...

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Very good questions, but the one who make me feel strange is that:

Me: "Can you store....like if there is a Twinborn, who is a Gold Allomancer and a Duralumin Ferring, would his gold shadow change based on what his Connection is?"

Brandon: "I'm going to RAFO that."

 You got RAFO but how is unlikely that something like that Happen in the books ?... Maybe here we have some kind of clue for future events, but honestly I can't catch it XD

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Moving my WoB over here from the theory board.

Q: Is Threnody named in memorial of someone/something?

A: Yes it is. (With a big smile on his face.)


Gah. Those smiles are more infuriating than the rafo cards!


Unfortunately, no. I had to leave too early. I did get some good audio however. Anyone want to help transcribe?


Ah. Oh well.


I could give it a shot.

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Silverblade, by the way, did you record my question to Brandon? If not, it was like this: (this is also on the SA board)

ME: Could Honor and Autonomy be considered opposites, like, Autonomy freeing from Honor's oaths?


BRANDON: Yes, you could definitely think of it that way. Those two are more likely to be opposed than some others.

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Well that clears open a whole new route of my theories. (Is that why you asked, Dirigible?)

Svrakiss are Shades. And Threnody is—if not the remnants of Sel—Sel's moon.

According to Shu-Dereth,



The Svrakiss were the souls of men barred from entrance into heaven for hating Jaddeth in life, and so were condemned to wander Sel, bitterly cursing their fate and preying on the living.

Sounds familiar eh?

Between where we last see Elantris/Sel and Threnody, hundreds of years have passed. Enough that (paraphrased) "three generations gone, We fled the Homeland/Fallen World from the Evil to these forests of Hell."

Getting to Sel is "Dangerous" in Shadesmar due to the proximity of roaming Shades, (and why the Ire both know of them and are on constant alert for them.)

It was foreshadowed too, in the fact that the "blasphemy" of the Jeskeri Mysteries is an abominable corruption of the Dor-centric Jesker. And similarly, worships the moon with the shedding of blood. 

In fact, during a lunar eclipse Hrathen proclaims he can "almost feel" the draw of the "magic" of the moon.

It's a shot in the dark, but so was Sazed being the Hero of Ages once upon a time.

Next chance I get, that's my question to Brandon. Though I have to phrase it vaguely yet specifically enough to get an answer: "What would happen if Silence Montane purposefully drew an Aon?" or "We know Aon-Dor is limited with range. Would it work on Threnody?"

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