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Random Stuff V - The Adminpire Strikes Back

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Yeah, yeah...I skipped V... But Allomancy wants to start that. So until he does, post your random stuff here and when Allomancy starts the proper thread, the mods can combine threads or send this one to the Void!

Edit: Curses! The admins decided to go with a Star Wars reference instead!

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Band auditions today.

If all goes smoothly, I should end up in the same band as last year.

My plan:

- go in with very little skill

- play

- everyone else plays

- a few people get called to stay behind, I am one

- get told politely that "you're terrible at this don't go to all region"

- go to all region anyway

- ???

- profit

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The first two, actually.

Both created my me.

I'm just a bit offended.

But I guess this is the new thread...

Turtles are very odd, by the way. Just saying.

Oh, to add to randomness, my sister says that when I scrunch up my nose, it makes the edgedancer symbol.

Allons y!

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So this is the new one?


How do I link a video ( do the thing where you click a line and it magically opens a tab to a video )?


I don't question computers and they don't question me.


The way you want to make it like this: the video


Is to use those tags:

[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyUwg2fBg3k]the video[/url]

Or use the link tool in the post editor (the little chain with +) to turn any part of your text into a link.

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I still don't get why the first Random Stuff V was merged into IV. The RP derailment wouldn't last forever(can you even derail a thread dedicated to randomness?).


It was started when Random Stuff IV was only at page 93. The new threads are only meant to keep pages from surpassing 100, and so new ones should be made when the old one hits page 100. Otherwise, making a new thread with the exact same purpose as an old thread is against the rules, with the obvious exceptions for newbies who don't know much better (like when they post a new thread asking a question that's been asked five times in the past).


At least, I assume that's the reason. That would also then be the reason this thread was repurposed into the actual Random Stuff V, considering there is no point in having a second thread whose express purpose is to be attached into an identical thread.

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Im usually not a fan of memes, but this is too perfect to resist




Or possibly




Though Im not sure how dragons would make your toe green... maybe it is a dragon with decay breath...

Why not both?


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And can use photoshop somehow. :P

Photoshop is an amazing tool.



656 words written in half an hour. Facebook tells me Brandon Sanderson can write 1103 in two hours, so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. ^_^


Keep that up and you have a novel.


Go Twi!

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