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  1. I thought that Odium forced Sja-anat to corrupt the Spren and once the Spren was corrupted Sja-anat couldn't reverse it. So instead she forced the Oathgate to transport them to Shadesmare as opposed to whatever Odium wanted it to do.
  2. That entire exchange makes me ship the Stormfather and Night watcher. No.
  3. They would probable be like the nameless mooks he was thrown at in warbreaker. Pick him up, wield him and die. Unless they had Investiture currently in their 'body' to give him.
  4. I live in New Zealand. My house has never been robbed so I don't really see the point. Also if they really want to get into my house my door isn't going to stop them, and doors are expensive to replace.
  5. Eh. I don't even lock my house so I don't see myself caring if a random professional was let into my house.
  6. I think it's a Herald. No evidence but the fact that the crimes are exact makes this feel supernatural to me.
  7. Maybe what each metal steals depends on the planet Hemalurgy is used on. Except for the god metals, they remain the same.
  8. I tried embracing the filth but all that did is cause me to grab the back of a work mates head with the intent of pushing his stupid, lazy, entitled face into the deep fryer ( I didn't because I kinda wanna travel and I can't do that if I'm a murderer, or rather convicted murderer ). So I don't try to embrace anything these days. So instead I look out at the world around me marveling that people are too stupid to look up from their insignificant lives and see what we are doing to the planet we call home.
  9. I don't understand how i'm supposed to live this life when I'm surrounded by the filth that is humanity. How do you lot do it?
  10. Favorite PC is Scanlan, then Grog. Guest would probably have to be, storms, whats her name? The teifling that helped the first time they fought The Briarwoods. EDIT: Lillith. As for NPC it would have to be Lady Kima then Gilmore.
  11. Vex was hilarious when she got her broom. Poor Scanlan though. But Matt Mercer though, holy hand grenade, he is an amazing DM.
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