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  1. Thank you all. Kind words were what I needed the most.
  2. So... this may not exactly be bad news. Actually, this may be good news and that is the problem because I can't shake of the feeling that I made a terrible mistake, when I think I was supposed to feel the exactly opposite. What happened? Well, I just... I can't believe I am writing this... I just told my family I (think I) am bisexual. And I feel horrible about it because I feel I have accomplished nothing but making life harder in the near future. And I am feeling so anxious, and I know they are talking about me but I don't know what they are saying, and I need a hug and I probably shouldn't be talking about this here, but I don't have anyone to talk with about this, and I just can't get calm on my own.
  3. I agree with Maxal. Even if Adolin became a villain for some reason I can't even imagine, he still wouldn't backstab his father like that. Adolin is a direct man who prefers direct means. Even thought in battle he can be cunning and opportunistic, we have never seen his capacity to transfer those skills to other contexts, much like his confidence and control only exist when it comes to hitting things with an oversized sword. Not that it really matters, since Adolin worships his dad, and the only way I could see him actively going against him is if Dalinar became a extremistic tyrant and someone close to Adolin convinced him taking his father off the throne by (physical or political) force was the only choice. And he still wouldn't think of his right to depose his father for insanity unless Renarin reminded him of it, because his first thought would be of direct opposition, be it with words or blades.
  4. Have you read the thing itself? Your "Patronus" would most likely turn out to be a Elder God in disguise given the "nature" of the texts in question, which is all but natural. ps: and I am back. Not that you noticed my absence. This days my online activity has mostly restricted to the TVtropes "Writer's Block" forum. Reading, or even thinking too hard about Brandon's books tends to redirect too much of my creative juices towards fanfiction plotbunnies, which I don't want right now because I am busy outlining my novel. Slowly. pps: BTW, I've found the TVtropes forums, or at least the subforum I frequent, about as civil as the shard.
  5. I think I know, but I am not sure how one sends pictures.
  6. I wish it was as simple as that. Well, actually I don't, as it would make me feel almost normal . But yes, that is like, at least 40% of the problem. Most of the rest can be blamed on my depression making it easier to be apathetic, pessimistic and lacking in perspectives for the future, and my current priorities being elsewhere.
  7. Today I had a Calculus test. I gave up without answering even one question. Yay me . It isn't the only discipline I am going horribly at. And it is not even because I find Calculus that hard, it is because I couldn't find the focus to study and couldn't care. Because I enough of a genius to enter one of the hardest to enter courses of one of the hardest to enter universities in Brazil, yet even better at being useless. If there was a way to measure wasted potential, I am quite sure I'd be one of the top ten... And yes, I am fully aware of how masterfully I've mixed arrogance and self-depreciation like I was some kind of fallen demigod, instead of a miserably pathetic young adult aboding deep in very undeserved self-pity. Whatever, I like to feel like my woes are actually meaningful once in a while.
  8. EDIT: I hate how the new site doens't let me split quotes. Totally broke my post.
  9. Maybe not the Ghostbloods, as they are a group of cutthroats that recruit from the criminal underworld, exactly the kind of people Sadeas would find fun to hang around with. But I don't think he was one of them. An ally, or contact? Of course, the Ghostbloods had all reasons in the world to aproach him ans his wife. Actually, if someone is a secret ghostblood, I am quite sure Ialai is our best bet.
  10. You should be ashamed of yourself. Everyone knows Iyatil/Veil is the best ship. Everyone except maskless barbarians, that is.
  11. Shaod, I suppose. It like living in hell in both cases, but at least for the Shaod you still care enough to cling to life, while for bridgemen the only thing you care about is how painful is going to be your inevitable death. EDIT: Would you rather be forced to kill Shallan in a duel she had no hope of winning and was terrified about or be forced to poison Kaladin's stew while all gemstones in a hundred miles radius were dun?
  12. Taravangian is Kaladin's grandfather. /thread
  13. Roion and... no, this can't work. Lin Davar and... do we know Restares' gender? Wait, but Kaladin's hair is fully black... Righteousness+Law? No, that fits a Skybreaker better... Reality+Lies? Shallan already got that one covered...
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