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Songs for The Cosmere

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Okay, please tell me I'm not the only one who has to have songs to go along with the books I'm reading. Because as soon as I find a great story, I immediately scour my iPod for the perfect song. It's hard, the perfect song has to have meaningful lyrics, as well as the right feel to it. So, I'm wondering, do you have any songs that go with the Cosmere books/characters?



by Rob Thomas


by Jon Mclaughlin


Overall: All The Right Moves by One Republic

Vin and Elend:

written by Death Cab for Cutie, as performed by Kurt Schneider

Vin and Elend: Us by Regina Spektor

Vin and Elend:

by Westlife

The Lord Ruler:

by Coldplay

Way of Kings


by 30 Seconds To Mars

Kaladin (written for him specifically!): You Can't Go Back by Fully Functional


by 30 Seconds To Mars


by 30 Seconds To Mars

As you can see, I definitely need more! I'll probably find more eventually but until then hit me up with some Warbreaker and Elantris songs definitely, or some more character songs. Vin and Elend definitely need some songs, and poor Jasnah and Shallan have been left out too! Character specific songs are good as well as overall book songs!

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I raided my iPod last week and found some new songs. I'll add them to the list.

Newcomers are:

by Coldplay: The Lord Ruler of course! I suppose this makes it Chaos's theme song.

Us by Regina Spektor: For the lovely Vin and Elend. Especially as of Alloy of Law. "They'll name a city after us" much?

by Rob Thomas: This one's for Raoden. Finally, an Elantris song! It's not perfect, but it works.

Anyone else got any? This board is way to dead for my tastes!

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Found this one through someone on DeviantArt actually as a Vin/Elend song:

, originally by Death Cab for Cutie as performed by Kurt Schneider. (The song begins at 2:00)

The second verse doesn't work quite as well, but the first verse is absolutely perfect.

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I LOVE 'Us' by Regina Spektor. One of my all time favorite songs. And you are right, it does fit so good: "We're living in a den thieves, rummaging for answers in the pages. We're living in a den of thieves, and it's contagious. And it's contagious..." Plus this city bit. My respect for you just increased by at least twenty points. :D

(Elantris Spoiler)

I've been playing this song in my head for the Mistborn RP, but when I think about it, it also works kind of

well for the Hrathen/Sarene/Raoden love triangle


Now to find something nice for Siri and the God King, because I love them :D

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For general Brandon-ness, I think some of the inception music works pretty well (I don't have access to pick specifics out now). Many songs start slow/quiet, then builds up a lot.

And now I really want to find a song for Siri/Susebron. They are definitely one of my all-time favorite couples.

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Another one -

by Sabaton reminds me of the plight of the bridgemen in Way of Kings, and the pointlessness and desperation of the fighting on the shattered plains.

For that matter,

by Dire Straits calls to mind Dalinar, the only honorable man in a dishonorable war.

On a different note,Control the Divine by Blind Guardian reminds me of envious Rashek, before his ascension and during the murky early years afterwards, before his power as Lord Ruler was solidified

That said, as much as it reminds me of Watchmen,

by the Smashing Pumpkins reminds me of the ending sequences of The Hero of Ages, with Scadrial slowly dying as a consequence of Ruin's onslaught. Forgive me for the Watchmen video - I couldn't find a slowed-down version of this without it :(

by Machinae Supremacy reminds me of the Final Empire and its tyrannical god, the Lord Ruler.

EDIT: It seems Machinae Supremacy has a lot of songs appropriate to TLR:

calls to mind his basic attitude about the Skaa

Speaking of Blind Guardian, now that Sanderson is writing WoT, I would be remiss in failing to mention

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Oh ya! There is a section for this! But only Cosmers? to bad,  my Steelheart songs are awsome. But here are my Mistborn choices

Keep holding on –Avril Lavigne  (Book one specifically)

Over you –Miranda  Lambert  (Vin’s thoughts on Kell and Reen)

Don't you worry child – Swedish House Mafia

This is war - 30 seconds to mars

Change –Taylor Swift (Again for book one)

Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfiels  (For some reason I think vin and her Kandra on this one, don’t know why, maybe it's all the scenes with them sitting on the rooftops in book 2.)

All that I'm asking for –Lifehouse  (VERY Vin and Elend)

Radioactive – Imagine dragons (This song is totally Kelsier, if it isn’t Kell then I don’t know what is.)

Castle of glass – Linkin Park  (Makes me think of the Mistborn/Allomancers themselves, though specifically Kell and Marsh

Thought of you – Rya (again ELend and Vin)

Life on the moon – David cook (Kandra. Don’t know why, but that’s just my thought on it.)

Thank you to everyone who posted songs, espsially you Elentirans. ;)  I've been looking for new songs to add to my list for a while now.

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Cosmere playlist?

Easy. Just play Ska music. Simply anything and everything is made better by the presence of background Ska music.
Any Streetlight Manifesto is always appropriate.
Reel Big Fish
Suburban Legends
Sublime or Scotty Don't

But that's my super personal bias. I just love ska. I don't try to set the mood so much with music, I just like having background noise that makes my foot bop.

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I don't listen to music while I read. I always end up distracted. Consequently, I don't like trying to match characters to songs. Oh, I'm guilty of it, but I think there's an untapped potential here: a Cosmere album.

And no, I don't mean a playlist. I mean, are there any artists on the forum who could maybe make a playlist reflecting each of the worlds, themes and plots of the books? How does the music of Sel differ from Roshar? Or the 'Love Theme for the God-King' from the Vin/Elend 'Burning'?

Come to think of it, what instruments reflect each planet? Each Shard? I want to hear 'The Broken One Reigns' at least once. If WoT, LotR and GoT have soundtracks, so should the Cosmere.

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That's a good point Quiver, for example I'm pretty sure the music at the balls in Mistborn were mostly string instruments. Why? And how would it progress from the music of the Final Empire to the later empire in Alloy of Law? Will the different religious fractions have different tastes in music?

From my classes in humanities, it seems that art movements tend to react to the previous movement, most of the time as a contrast or stand against it. What about the skaa's freedom? what new music would they bring if given the chance to do more than clean streets and grow crops?

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NB: the rules of this community involve saying nothing "stronger than 'crap,'" so be warned that the FFDP songs following don't follow that rule. At all. Not even close.


For Kaladin: Bad Company's Bad Company


For Kelsier (especially when he's killing nobles): Five Finger Death Punch's War is the Answer


For Both:

Five Finger Death Punch: White Knuckles

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When Gamma Fiend brought up Ska band, did anyone else think Skaa band?


Personally I match songs to the feel of a book instead of characters. The opinion is probobly influenced by any recent song I listened to but Counting stars be OneRepublic reminds me of Mistborn. Although if I was going to match it to a character I would say Hoid simply because of the name.

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Oh wow, I didn't realize this thread was still kinda active! In my absence, I've been somewhat busy with Cosmere songs, to tell the truth. I've actually made three fanmixes over on tumblr now, that can be found here, one for Dalinar, one for Kaladin, and a chronological mix for the Mistborn Trilogy as a whole! Finding songs for cosmere books is just far too much fun.

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For some reason I associate this theme with Mistborn. (I don't even play Skyrim).


There are several climactic moments (Vin drawing in the mists, Kalading saying the second oath,etc.)  where I just think "Insert-Awesome-Cosmere-Theme-Here". I don't know what this theme sounds like. but I know it has really load drums and soaring french horns.

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