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What are you playing right now?

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Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando, which is actually pretty dang hard, the difficulty curve for the enemies is MUCH steeper than the first game. They let you buy a couple of weapons from the first game, one of which could take down a gunship in the final level in one hit. It takes about three shots to take down a late game FOOTSOLDIER in this one.

I'm also running through as an Engineer in Mass Effect 2. I'm playing a girl and intend to have all the other female characters die in the end, leaving all the men for her. And she's supposedly a Paragon, hah!

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Because we need a Video Game thread too.

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. Loved it back in the day and decided to give it another run-through. Loved it again and decided to purchase Baten Kaitos: Origins, which is sitting and waiting for me to finish EWatLO.

I still listen to the soundtracks of both games. Mad props to you, sir.

I'm currently trying to finish of Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. I'm a little mad I couldn't find the stone to upgrade Vigil's Keep. So, people died. Meh. I'm also annoyed that there's DLC for the end of the Warden's story.

Dragon Age 2 is looking pretty spiffy... though I'm not going to have time to buy that one anytime soon.

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My brother got Darksiders a few days ago so I've been playing that nigh constantly. The gameplay is pretty blatantly a Zelda clone in terms of structure of world, challenges and puzzles, but the combat looks like God of War (as far as I can tell, having never played it). It has a few interesting worldbuilding aspects to it regarding Heaven and Hell, angels and demons, a concept I find myself drawn to in my writing. And despite being pretty unoriginal in, well, everything, it's pretty good.

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Psh, I'm getting Pokemon White. Zekrom beats the pants off Reshiram.

Fine with me. That means we can trade online. :P

I have both preordered, because I like being a hermit that way.

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Final Fantasy 13! Although it's not as good, in my opinion, as some of the others, its still a great game.

Ooh, love that game! I play that from time to time. I've already beaten it but I'm trying to max out my characters cuz there's an achievement for that and that's my outlet for whorish tendencies. Other than pimping Brandon's books of course. XP

Finished Darksiders. The final boss was ridiculously easy despite his ability to take out a whole pip of my health in one attack. The ending was pretty good. The climax wasn't as good as it could have been but it was better than some games. My guy FINALLY got to beat the crap out of the totally useless jerk of an Exposition Fairy (played by Mark Hamill, which surprised me, but I liked listening to him despite how much of a tool his character was). And it had a cool hook for a sequel, teasing at the inclusion of the other three Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Oh, and it ripped off the Portal gun near the end. I really wasn't surprised by that point, though, so I just shrugged and kept going.

Now I'm back to Mass Effect. Every so often I'll consider just how I'm going to kill off the other female characters. It's tricky because I did Kasumi's loyalty mission before I thought to do this, so I have to figure that in. I'll make it work though. *evil grin* (there should be a smiley for that, jus' sayin')

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