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[Game] Zombie Apocalypse Team


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Oh no! The zombie apocalypse has begun! The dead have risen from their graves, and spread across the land, as unstoppable as a flood. What they find they consume, and what they do not consume, they turn into more of them, to add to their shambling, monstrous hordes. Who can possibly stand against such a ravenous tide, in an age when the dead outnumber the living?


Well, someone did leave this door to the multiverse open...



So, if you don't know the meme, brief recap. "My Zombie Apocalypse team" is based on an image template with 8 slots:

-Team Leader


-Weapon's Expert



-Speed Fighter


-Guy Who Dies First.


You can choose anyone to fill those slots, whether they be from movies, television, video games, animation... whatever you want. 

I'm curiosu to se what you guys come up with.


(Here's a copy of the template, for anyone who wants to go the extra mile and fill in the images)


My first team, for those who are wondering:

-Team Leader: Methos

-Brawler: Peter Petrelli

-Weapon's Expert: Slade Wilson

-Brains: The Doctor

-Medic: King Ellesar

-Speed Fighter: The Flash

-Mascot: Lyra Heartstrings

-Guy Who Dies First: Flash Sentry


EDIT Following Kobolds example... rationalisations!



An immortal, so old he doesn't even remember the time of his birth? Methos is a survivor, so he's going to be in the Apocalypse one way or another; might as well get to use putting those survival skills for us. He doesn't act like a team leader- the one time he really takes the initiative as one, we got The Source- but he's got centuries of experience. He always does what's best for Methos, which in this case would involve keeping a team that can back him up going. Also, I'm betting there would be a lot of personality clashes, which is fun.


Peter Petrelli

Okay, Heroes got off the rails in it's third season. But, the flash forwards to the future did always prove one thing; Peter Pretelli is a bad chull. He has enough super powers that he could tear the army of the undead apart; with Barry being nearby, he also has access to the Flash's super speed (though I suspect he can't access the Speed Force, meaning he's be limited to "only" about the speed of sound). Point is, Petrelli has the potential to be a gamechanger.


Slade Wilson

Look at the armor. Look at the grendades, and the swords, and the guns. Odds are, Slade already has a zombie apocalypse plan; his mercenary skills  and combat abilities are ridiculous (even more so if this is the comic book version), and like Petey and Methos, Slade would definitely be willing to make the hard choices.


The Doctor

Specifically, the Seventh Doctor, the Machiavellian chess master. He's smart enough for the role, but he's also important as a balancing act; this team is wildly different, with half of it being "whatever the cost" types, and the others being more noble. The Doctor is probably the only person who could keep those two sides together, and stop the team from imploding... and unlike other incarnations, Seven won't go boasting about his status in an attempt to overwhelm everyone and make himself the boss.


King Ellesar

The hands of the king are the hands of a healer. There are also the hands that hold a sword and can kill stuff good.

Another fight for the zombie hordes, but Aragorn has a history as a ranger; he probably knows backways, how to set up ambushes, and the sort of makeshift herbs that would be useful in a situation like this, when "real" medicine is hard to come by.


The Flash

Speed Force. Look it up.


Lyra Heartstrings

Adorable as all hell, Lyra is also stupidly optimistic and a bard. She'd be useful for keeping everyone's hopes up during the dark times. Also, I had to include a pony.


Flash Sentry

Deserves it for the Equestria Girls movie.

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Awesome! My ideal team:



Team Leader (also medic): Kaladin Stormblessed, from The Way of Kings. I can't think of anyone better suited to leading a team of survivors through a post-apocalyptic landscape.


Brawler: Vin, from Mistborn: The Final Empire. Her appearance doesn't bring a heavy brawler to mind, but the devastation she could wreak across a horde of shambling undead is more than enough to earn her this spot. The one downside I can see is that finding metals for her could prove to be difficult.


Weapons Expert: Ranette, from The Alloy of Law. If she can design a plethora of firearms and ammunition capable of going head to head with Allomancers, than she'd be the best woman for the job when it comes to improvising weapons capable of cracking zombie skulls.


Brains: This is a tough one. I think I'd ultimately go with Jonathan Phaedrus, alias Prof, from Steelheart. His skill at intricate planning would be immensely valuable for the team, not to mention a few other benefits he could bestow on the team. One major issue is that I'm really not sure how well he'd get along with our Team Leader, Kaladin.


Speed Fighter: David Charleston, from Steelheart. Quick on his feet, a quick thinker, and a crack shot with any rifle. His skill with varying types of analogies would also make his presence on the team priceless.


Mascot: Syl from The Way of Kings is most likely to fill this role, assuming she accompanies Kaladin. Though Stick would also make a lovable (and portable) mascot.


Guy Who Dies First: Nighthound, from the Reckoners RPG elsewhere on the forum. :ph34r:



I almost want to write a fanfic about this now. :mellow:

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My first choice would be the military to wipe out the zombies before it turns into an apocalypse, but I guess that's against the spirit. :P


-Team Leader

Probably the hardest spot and the one most likely to change should I ever redo this list. I think for now I'll go with Yuri Lowell. He just covers about every aspect I can think of a leader in a zombie apocalypse could need. A quick thinker, good with people, willing to do the dirty work, badchull, has a strong moral compas, so humaity doesn't go down the drain and a good cook. Only downside I can think of is that he sometimes has a habit of doing thinks on his own.



Koro-sensei. The entire premise of the story is based around the fact that he could easily destroy the world. Fly at Mach twenty, pretty much invulnerable as long as no one uses his cryptonite and even then he barely is in danger, got a rubber body and to long a list of other stuff to count down here.

Plus, he could double as the mascot. :ph34r:


-Weapon's Expert

(Original) Dante from the DMC games. Look at all the weapons he picks up in the course of his games and how awesomly he can use them. Normal guns/rifles, rocket launchers, an arsenal of magic swords, magical martial art garments, Tri-nunchaku(kinda), Pandora's box, an exploding stabby thing, an electic vampire scyth guitar and then some. Plus he got his demon magic that allows him to create a dopelganger, slow down time to a crawl, heal, shoot laser beams ect and most importantly the rule of cool is on his side.



Lelouch Lamperouge. The smarts of this guy are ridiculous, strategy, manipulating people, science you name it. I can't even put it into words. Bonus points if he can bring his mind control and giant robot.



Lift, obviously. Edgedancer are essentially made for this. Movability, attack capability, food source, can even heal mortal wounds with magic and that is without going into the advantages of speaking the later oaths.

(honorable mention goes to the fourth Jojo Josuke Higashikata and his stand Crazy Diamond.)


-Speed Fighter

Shiki Ryougi. Fast enough to pull a DBZ-style flash step against someone that can easily dodge bullets. She also has her eyes of Death Perception, that let her pretty much kill anything, even objects. Cut apart a wall with a dull fruit knive, make an hallway collaps by stabbing it in the right place, kill the soul of a being so their resurrection doesn't work, sparks she could probably even kill Steelheart without exploiting his weakness. 



I think I'll just go with Yuri's dog/partner Repede, even if some may argue he's to badchull to count as a mascot.


-Guy Who Dies First.

Nighthound sounds good, yes. I can't really think of a better choice. :ph34r:

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Team Leader: Twilight Sparkle. She's a little neurotic, but her brilliance is well established in the show. Her knowledge of obscure topics will almost certainly come in handy when facing a zombie horde, and who knows? She might just know the spell to reverse the zombification process. 


Brawler: Rose Tyler as Bad Wolf. She disintegrated millions of Daleks with a wave of her hand. And the best part? She kept her humanity even as she took on godlike power, meaning she would be extremely unlikely to betray. Find a way to stabilize her, and she would be the best brawler around. 


Weapons Expert: Magneto from the X-Men movies and comics. If this is an apocalypse situation, he'll be convinced that mutants are in definite danger of extinction, and will be more inclined to team up with ordinary people. Additionally, his ability to control metals through magnetism manipulation will allow him to create projectiles out of almost anything. Who needs to worry about ammo when Magneto can just send the gun hurtling through the air at the same speed? 


Brains: Professor X from the X-Men movies and comics. He won't be much good in a fight, being in a wheelchair and all, and his telepathy will also be somewhat useless against zombies whose brains are in various states of decay. But in any apocalypse scenario, there is always the question of which strangers are hostile and which are friendly, and where the nearest camp of survivors is located. Even without Cerebro, Professor X would be invaluable as the team member who can immediately deduce which of our fellow survivors will be helpful and which are planning to murder us for our supplies. 


Medic: The Doctor. Okay, so he's not a real doctor, but in more than one episode, he's shown himself as a capable medic. Plus, he's lived for several thousand years, so he'll have far more medical knowledge than any human medic. 


Speed Fighter: Quicksilver, also from the X-Men movies and comics. You can't beat someone whose super-speed allows him to literally change the path of bullets, make guards punch themselves in the face, and have time to taste the sauce flying through the air to boot. 


Mascot: Morgan Freeman, just so we can have his voice cheering us on. 


Guy Who Dies First: Can't think of a better candidate than Nighthound. Especially if our mascot (see above) gets to narrate his death. :ph34r: 

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-Team Leader: Matrim Cauthon, he's already done remarkably well with zombies and a surprisingly good leader generally (pun intended)

-Brawler: Gon Freecs, the hero of Hunter X Hunter. Crazy amazing kid.

-Weapon's Expert: Wolfwood of Trigun

-Brains: Mat Bloody Cauthon of course

-Medi: Sharla of Xenoblade

-Speed Fighter: Drizzt Do'Urden, a dual scimitar wielding dark elf ranger with a giant pet panther? What other option is there?

-Mascot: Kelsier of course! The rusting survivor is the patron god of zombie apocalypses

-Guy Who Dies First: Any Aes Sedai, any of them.


And me, Vash the Stampede B)

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Team Leader: Twilight Sparkle. She's a little neurotic, but her brilliance is well established in the show. Her knowledge of obscure topics will almost certainly come in handy when facing a zombie horde, and who knows? She might just know the spell to reverse the zombification process.

This made me remember something. There's a case of the eyes of Death Perception being used to kill the poison someone drank without harming the person, so Shiki could probably kill the zombie virus as well, she's a better choice than I thought.


By the way, Kobold you get extra points for all your choices being Sanderson related. ;)

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Team leader: The Blackthorn, Dalinar Kholin. A strong sense of morality and leadership combined with his military knowledge and experience in surviving against the odds would ensure our teams solidarity and victory. Also having either a Surgebinder or Shardbearer depending upon the time would be nice.
Brawler: The Hulk. Do I even need to say why?
Weapons Expert: Garet Jax (The Weapons Master) From Shannara. Despite having no supernatural powers he is a total badchull that defeats everything that comes his way.
Brains: kisuke urahara from Bleach. As well as being a total powerhouse that could easily fill the role of either weapons expert or brawler Kisuke is one of the smartest members of the Bleach universe, manipulating everything behind the scenes and always staying 1 step ahead.
Medic: Orihime Innoue also from Bleach. She's got defensive abilities to protect herself so no need to devote manpower to guarding the medic plus she's fully capable of resurrecting the dead in non-zombie form.
Speed fighter: Ruby Rose from RWBY. A bit less experienced than one might prefer but her levity would be of great use for morale in a zombie apocalypse and her speed is nothing to be sneezed at.

Mascot: Pikachu. Because Pikachu. That is all.
Guy Who Dies First: Sadeas. No explanation is necessary here.

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Well this is ridiculously easy.


Team leader. Jezrien. He has led humans against several Desolations. Zombies would be a walk in the park for him.


Brawler. Talenel. He has led humans against several Desolations. Zombies would be a walk in the park for him.


Weapons specialist. Kalak. He has led humans against several Desolations. Zombies would be a walk in the park for him.


Brains. Battar. She has led humans against several Desolations. Zombies would be a walk in the park for her.


Medic. Vedel. She has led humans against several Desolations. Zombies would be a walk in the park for her.


Speed fighter. The Flash. ( thought I was gonna use another herald didn't you ) But Speed force. OP.


Mascot. Me. I'm more or less useless compared to these guys but I would listen to them so would hopefully survive.


Guy who dies first. The Doctor. The people who have listed him in other roles are ignoring his real power. Re-incarnation. I would want the 1st Doctor so I knew that I had 13 lives to spend before I died ( because let's face it I would be next on the list. I could have used a Herald but when they die they leave the planet, The Doctor does not. )


I may have gotten the three last Heralds wrong. Battar is the Herald of Elsecallers? Vedel Edgedancers? and Kalak Willshapers?

Regardless those are the Heralds I want.

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-Team Leader

Kelsier. He brought down the Final Empire (mostly with the small issue of being dead) and he's a Mistborn. H


Vin. Same reasons as above

-Weapon's Expert




Prof. He can plan for everything.




-Speed Fighter




-Guy Who Dies First.

Time port. Infinite mess up chances cause of resurrection. And he sucks.

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Well, I've got noth better to do today.

Team Leader: Dalinar Kholin. I hope I don't need to explain why.

Brawler: Goku from DBZ. The man is insane. He's so OP, you would win every fight with just him. The man was able to blow up moons, and he's about 500,000 times stronger than he was then canonically.

Weapons Expert: okay then. Devon from Brandon's "Mythwalker" Prime. Within a few seconds, he is able to learn any skill to a Mary Sue level.

Brains: Stephen Leeds. He's like Devon, but with knowledge.

Medic: Dende, also from DBZ. He was able to cure a man of the gaping hole in his chest about the size of a soccer ball; I think he'll do.

Speed Fighter: torn between Nathan Drake and his stealth kills, or Scar (FMA) and his face explosions. Probably Drake though as he is quiet.

Mascot: TenSoon.

Guy who Dies First: Goofy (Kingdom Hearts version) I swear, for all that HP he dies first every time. Ugggggh

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Leader: The Doctor - With so many years of experience in surviving, he'll be quite useful. If he'll bring Tardis, then all problems solved :)

Brawler: Goku, like Cheese said, no amouts of zombies can do anything to him.

Weapons Expert: Korben Dallas from Fifth Element. He can shoot anything :P

Brains: Bean, from Enders Game/Enders Shadow. With his IQ, there are hardly any better options.

Medic: Prof, from Steelheart. His abilities could heal David from

losing half of his body.

Speed Fighter: Starkiller from The Force Unleased. Lightsaber if the best weapon of choice in case of zombie apocalypse. His abilities with the Force, are additional bonus.

Mascot: The Lopen - lets have some fun :D

Guy who Dies First: Proffesor Umbridge from Harry Potter ;)

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Is Starkiller really a speed fighter? He seems more like the brawler, fighting groups of enemies with multiple force techniques and lightsabers. And he is far slower than Goku, but so is pretty much everyone.

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-Team Leader: Kaladin Storming Stormblessed, that way we all become his squires and gain some powers ourselves, plus he's awesome.


-Brawler: a'Lan Mandragoran. 'nuff said.


-Weapon's Expert: Either Dalinar or Teal'c. BOOM! No one has done any Stargate yet. Also, Dean Winchester would work.


-Brains: John Constantine (from the show, haven't got the chance to read Hellblazer yet) So far, he has Manny to guide him along and I'm sure he could find a way to stop the Zombie curse.


-Medic: Aragorn for basically the same reason as Quiver. Granted, all these leaders on my team (Kal, Dalinar, Aragorn, Lan) might make it a smidge difficult but they are noble people who understand that there can be only one (not highlander) leader and let Kal do what needs done.


-Speed Fighter: I think I'd go with Drizzt here as well. What Lefty forgot was Drizzt's speed enhancing bracers that he wears on his feet (elves are weirdos) 


-Mascot: Guenhwyvar (Guen) Drizzt's 600lb Astral Panther. She's totes adorbs.


-Guy Who Dies First.: Cap't Jack Harkness... Unlike the Doctor his form doesn't change every time he dies (well except once) and he has unlimited lives.

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-Team Leader: Gaius Octavian (Codex Alera): Started as a Farmboy, became Leader of The Magic Roman Empire.

-Brawler: Harry Dresden (Dresden): Wizard skilled in Evocation and All around Destruction. Isn't above taking a shotgun to a wizard duel. Has trained to ignore pain, and is the Winter knight.



-Weapon's Expert: Gordon Freeman. (half-Life). A Scientist with the unique ability to perfectly use any weapon he finds.



-Brains: Alpha/Church: (Blue vs. Red): AI who can analyse and predict fight scenes real-time.



-Medic: Doctor Edward Bunnigus (Schlock Mercenary) A Doctor from the Future who has survived a couple zombie apocalypses already.



-Speed Fighter: Raymundo (Xialon Showdown): Elemental Warrior of Air. ( I think. It's been a while since I watched this show.)



-Mascot: Beret Guy (Xkcd): Humorous, lovable, and can control the universe.



-Guy Who Dies First: Forley the Weakest (The First Law): The weakest Fighter, but super charismatic and friend;y. Think a male Fluttershy.



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I wanted to make my list contain what I think are the most OP versions of each catagory. So,

Team Leader: Harmony from Mistorn. Harmony is probably the most powerful being in the Cosmere right now and knows how to set up plans that will work in the long run. Also, he's just a good person.

Brawler: Saitama from One Punch Man. I don't need to really explain this one, he can beat almost any enemy with a single punch. He is also seemingly indescrucible and super, super fast.

Weapons Expert: Ratchet and Clank from the video game franchise. These two have saved the galaxy multible times and mostly because they have one of the largest and most diverse arsenals in all of fiction.

Brains: The Doctor from Doctor Who. I know a lot of people put him on their lists but they have a good reason. After living for thousands of years and meeting every alien imaginable, he is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge.

Healer: van Hohenheim from Fullmetal Alchemists. Hohenheim has been shown to be able to heal wounds with a thought and taught a whole country about a form of alchemy that can heal. Also he is effectively immortal.

Speed Fight: The Flash from DC comics. This was an easy choice since the Flash is the fastest thing alive. And he is able to use that speed in a number of different ways to fight.

Mascot: The Genie from Aladdin. A cheerleader who can do anything to encourage the team, awesome!

The Guy Who Dies First: whoever is taking good franchises and turning them into terrible movies. I don't think I need to explain myself.

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Team Leader: Kelsier from mistborn his strategic mind would ensure victory.

Brawler: Heracles greek myth because the strongest man alive is a must for the brawler position.

Weapons Expert: Batman dc comics need I say more.

Healer: Dr Fate DC comics. His powers make him the perfect healer and back up.

Speed Fight: Marsh Mistborn because his speed compounding will allow him to destroy the competition with ease.

Mascot: Nightblood Warbreaker because he is epic.

The Guy Who Dies First: any tarantino character

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