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A club for all of the many nerds on the Shard. There are a lot of us, but we don’t have a thread for us…but I have remembered that! We have a thread now.

If you are questioning your nerdiness, you may refer to this definition provided by Wikipedia:372474BD-B5D3-4B83-8C8D-9B75F57B54CC.thumb.jpeg.870d72fecbe7258c57a70bbf5282f59a.jpegI myself am intellectual, obsessive, introverted, and have zero social skills! I spend far to much time on Wikipedia and this website, the latter of which is little-known, love science fiction and fantasy, am shy, quirky, pedantic, and unattractive, meaning that I fit almost everything in this definition! I am very happy about this.

Become a nerd today!

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I fit this description like 90%, it's almost scary. 


Last night, I was rereading RoW part 5 and I stayed awake for too long just thinking about what is the actual conflict in Stormlight, philosophically speaking. Does anyone do that kind of thing too?

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I think the definition of nerd is a little broader than what some may assume. I know socially competent attractive people who are also nerds.

But I digress.

I still belong here.

And I think regardless of social standing and/or physical appearance, if you're willing to make an account here, you're a nerd. So everyone belongs here.

If you find anyone who's unwilling to admit their nerd status, ping me. I'll handle it.

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