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Best Underrated Feruchemical Metal?

Walter The Moral

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In these forums we've been hearing a lot about F-Steel, F-Gold, and especially F-Tin. Those are all great metals, but I've heard enough. I want to hear about the best underrated Feruchemical metal. I want to hear why F-Bronze is your favourite metal, or why eveyone should want F-Electrum! Chat away! No judgement here, why is F-Cadmium the best metal in your personal very niche scenario!

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I think you could store up a bunch of electrum and then tap all that determination all at once and then you could like use it to enter a battle rage lots of the general and sort of state or like you're being fuel on like basically only adrenaline and it would be sort of like a koloss blood lust and you'd be able to like take a little more damage than normal and just plow through everybody until you physically couldn't keep fighting cuz your body is too chopped up and then you die so it would be useful for a little bit but then you die afterwards but you could be a total psychopath and kill everybody mode for a little and they wouldn't be able to stop you however if you can find it with pewter or electrum you might be able to do more with it, pewter could increase your endurance and make your body tougher so you might still survive afterwards and electrum you might be able to train your body to automatically react to the to the electrum Shadows so that you just would instinctively do it and then you'd be a really hard to hit because you would just instinctively Dodge although it might not work like that because the determination might tunnel vision you and then you'd be like one thing and that's like all you could do but maybe if you trained your mind hard enough you could succeed or if you burned atium instead of electrum then it would have a little magical compulsion to dodge plus you could train yourself to dodge anyways however it'd be more useful to use electrum because then you could compound and get more determination more easily without having to feel depressed 

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Personally, I think Zinc is criminally underrated.  More processing speed.  Nothing more to be said.

All of those small undervalued feruchemy metals are the ones that would make a survival mode type of character so awesome. Keeping extra breath, determination, warmth, sleep, and food or drink all open up the door to such cool character moments. The things that make surviving the cognitive realm hard would be trivialized by a well stocked up feruchemist. 

I am a bit of a fan of the YouTube channel Fandabi Dozi... he does a lot of survival stuff and I can't help thinking about a survival feruchemist with a big greatkilt and his metalminds going into the wild.  

As a fan of the show Alone I think what I would take as my 10 items. The greatkilt, a good length of rope and some fishing gear are 3 obvious ones. A set of metalminds would be the next. Determination to push through the lonely times. Some bronze so I can sleep away boredom and stay awaken during dangerous times. Bendalloy and gold are obvious.   Cadmium and brass could be used to let you dive for spear fishing even in the cold.  You could be down for a ton of time and not need to surface.  


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F-Zinc is incredible, more mental processing speed, you can basically have insights into scientific mysteries, how to program a code or even close a deal and obviously in battle it would be simple to figure out how to kill your enemy. Another one I would like to have would be electrum, with enough you could spend hours and hours focused on your task. I thought of uses I would give these powers

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Is F-copper underrated? If so I think it's the best. The ability to

  • Remember what you need. For example you could have a Monday ring a Tuesday ring and so on, then tapping them on those days to remember what you forgot.
  • Remove any unpleasant memories. Like idk meeting Allomancer Jak in person or something like that
  • Use copper, one of the most common metals
  • Know over 300 languages
    Is pretty darn good. 
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