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Is there anything Bondsmiths can't do?


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Roshar could have no tectonic activity but still have a core structure like Earth's, probably. The plate tectonics we have are more a crust/upper mantle thing. But this is very poorly understood in RL: I don't think anyone 100% knows why Venus doesn't have plate tectonics despite its bulk composition and mass being so much like Earth's. (Arguably Venus' crust is too thick, but our geological data on Venus is not very good.) Basically this is poorly understood enough that Brandon could justify it either way even with real world science.

Roshar isn't nearly old enough for magnetic field habitability issues to matter, anyway.


I really don't think an Earthlike core is Feruchemically valid iron. It's basically an alloy of iron, nickel, and other stuff. It's much less pure iron than steel is.

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7 hours ago, Frustration said:

Why would he not be able to?

He's able to pull them into the PR.

Well, I suppose that wasn't well worded. He probably could steal those spren bonds under some conditions.

But we don't, iirc, know what he had to do to set up those experiments with the spren. There might have been significant prep work involved.

What I'm doubting is that he could just walk up to, say, Venli or Jasnah, tap them on their shoulder and steal their spren bonds just like that.

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