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Possible God Metals


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With more god metals being revealed in Bavadium and Raysium being revealed, does anyone have any ideas for possible god metals? They don't have to necessary be connected with any specific shard (as I don't really see a pattern between them). I am also talking about the properties relating to investiture not any of the metallic arts.

Atium: We haven't seen pure Atium yet, but I always thought that it would passively disperse concentrated, passive investiture. For example, you put it next to a invested polestone and the polestone loses investiture at a faster rate than usual. 

Lerasium: I always thought that Lerasium provides connection. The power comes from your genes and how you were born. However, those genes have to establish a connection to the preservation to get the power. I always thought that Lerasium provided that connection. I don't know if it would be able to provide connection to other shards, but it would be interesting.

Other Possible god metals: I think there are couple that should be easy. If Trellium naturally repels investiture, then there is probably a god metal that naturally draws it closer. If Raysium conducts investiture like a copper wire , there should be a god metal that blocks investiture like rubber and electricity. Some more interesting god metals would be: a god metal that wasn't affected by force pushed upon it (can't be moved at all), a god metal that destroys investitures connection, a god metal that increases the force pushed upon it greatly.


Note: Shardblades and shardplate are technically god metals of both honor and cultivation. I have no idea what their "passive" effects could be, but I thought I would mention them.

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All of god metals are connected to a specific Shard. They are named after its vessel. Bavadium - Bavadin vessel of Autonomy, Raysium - Rayse - vessel of Odium, Atium - Ati vessel of Ruin, Lerasium - Leras vessel of Preservation. The patter is right here. We know the names of all of them. 

And we don't really have much information about any other god metal and its attributes.

Trellium repulsion can be easily connected to Autonomy and its desire for well autonomy.

Raysium conducts investiture the same way humans/parsh "conducts" emotions. It fuels fabrials like Odium is fueling emotions.

Harmonium is stable but explosive the moment it gets pushed a little - like Harmony himself stable for now with Discord looming closer.

Lerasium preserves connections of its alloy partner, and tie it within spiritual web of a person using it.



What's the incentive of alloying lerasium and becoming a misting when you could just burn it normal and be a Mistborn?


My guess is that you'd presumably you'd use less of it? Also, arguably, not every way of using a magic is going to be the most optimal way.

It's probably just a way that lerasium can work. If you alloy it or somehow mix it with things from other systems, it's quite possible you'd end up getting those magics instead, because it'd Connect you more strongly to a different Shard.

Brandon Sanderson

The replies to this are correct.

Skyward Pre-Release AMA (Oct. 12, 2018)

Honor/Cultivation metals are glowing (Shardblades are glowing sooo maybe).


The pattern proposed by me is a stretch, I admitt. But that's all we know. 

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I do see the mechanical aspects of some of the shard metals, but I do want to point out 3 things.

Elantrians may be made out of shard metal, as shard metal is only a material so highly invested it is no longer what it was.

Lerasium’s mistborn-ing is a side effect

Pure (refined is the word) atium is what the inquisitors used, and therefore has been seen (Khris has it wrong in the ars arcanums)

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