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  1. Kelsier gave up a shard because he was barely holding it as a cognitive shadow and he couldn't beat Ruin. Not because he didn't want power. Brandon is setting up the endgame of the Cosmere. Roshar vs Scadrial in a cold war. Read the excerpt from the unpublished sixth of the dusk story. I also think we are forgetting how much of a cremling Kelsier was. He is a murderer and a sociopath. He was only a hero because the villains on Scadrial were worse. Nothing the ghostbloods have done is remotely out of character for Kelsier. He is ruthless and always had a God- complex. His redeeming quality is that he wants to keep "his" people safe, and we have been emotionally invested in his people.
  2. I echo almost everything everyone else said, but I wanted to add a few that I didn't see. Casually dropping 4(!) Shard's names in the epigrahs of part 2. I was so torn between reading the chapters and skipping ahead to the next epigraph. The scene with Adolin and Shallan the night before the final day of the trial. It was so tender and beautiful, and then turns on a dime with Formless coming out. It didn't make sense at first, but when I reread it, Formless comes out when Adolin mentions her deadeye (no one knowing at that point that she had one). I reread that chapter, and it was even more amazing knowing what would come next. The prologue. Navani's fight with Gavilar was heart-wrenching. Gavilar has gone from the tragically murdered king to an abusive jerk of a husband that we almost cheered to his death. Knowing Brandon, book 5 prologue will be Gavilar's perspective and it will be an even more complicated situation. General Cosmere connections. Already mentioned 4 new shards. I called the Seon as soon as Mraize gave Shallan the box. White sand used in the Teft/Vyre fight. Casual reference to Aethers in the Ars Arcanum. Vasher's rambling about realmatics to a mostly confused Kaladin. What the heck is that chain that has now made two cameo mentions. Something from Thernody I assume. I am sure I am missing some here there was so much. Awesome book, so worth the wait. Would read again (actually am listening to audiobook right now). 16/10
  3. Obviously not going to be true, but it reminded me nothing more than Rand at the end of Wheel of Time. Lighting the pipe, dark hair (after the body switch), and knowing how hard it is to live up to a name.
  4. When fighting the 5 windrunners, Ishar was described as striking where they would be. That sounds an awful lot like atium to me. I am not suggesting he is an allomancer, but something in his powers seems to be giving him the same effect. Any clue what that might be? Just looking into the Spiritual realm somehow?
  5. I think we are all familiar with the Double Eye of the Almighty that shows up in the surgebinding charts. 10 symbols in a sideways hourglass shape. If you overlap Kora and Rayse's glyphs, the diamonds form this pattern. Does it mean anything that symbols that represent the Edgedancers, Lightweavers and Bondsmiths show up in Rayse's glyph?
  6. Veil did the things Shallan really wanted to do but couldn't or shouldn't. She does not want a relationship with anyone other than Adolin, therefore the understanding.
  7. Veil was never going to be having a relationship with someone other than Adolin. The Three make that very clear in part 1. There was an understanding.
  8. I agree, Cultivation knew what she was doing. You make the mistake of assuming that she wants an end to the war on Team Radiant's terms. Why would she give Odium to someone of Honor? That would be doomed to failure, even if it was possible. Odium can only be held by someone attuned to its intent. We have no idea what her end goals are, but we should have a very good guess. She Cultivates. She prunes. She wants to see growth. She probably had a personal grudge against Rayse, as he killed Tanavast, but nothing that she has done gives us any evidence that she is on Team Radiant. My personal theory is that she sees the Cosmere as having stagnated. The Shards have all gone their separate ways and this needs to be shaken up. Releasing Odium to the greater Cosmere would be one heck of a way to prune it. Perhaps this is going into tinfoil hat territory, but hear me out. There is a WoB that prior to the shattering, something was opposing Adonalsium. Opposition to Adonalsium That something is still out there. That something is what Odium was preparing to fight. Cultivation would know about it too. The Cosmere needs to be ready to face it, and must be Cultivated into preparation.
  9. This letter is likely written before Mistborn Era 2. Therefore he can't chose Wax as an agent as Wax hasn't been forged yet. It explains why Harmony did what he did to Wax, he needs him to be his sword. I suspect we will learn a lot more in the Lost Metal, and this is likely why it has been delayed to this point.
  10. Szeth is not NG. I would say LN, you might be able to talk me into LG. But he has to be lawful. I don't think venli is G. Probably CN. was CE, might be heading towards CG. Moash is absolutely NE. Fell there in Book 2 or 3. Why LG for navani? I'd say NG. I think wind runners are also NG over LG Others: Lift CG Jasnah N
  11. I suspect it has to do with the Shattered Plains. Narak was destroyed intentionally using massive surgebinding. The Listener songs claim it was not them that did the deed. This almost certainly happened during the False Desolation, if the details are in the Listener songs. The Radiants, horrified that such acts would continue must have met together and all agreed to what would become known as the Recreance. The Spren might have thought they would simply return to the CR and lose what they had gained form the Nahel bond. But the capture of Ba Ado MIshram changed something, and the bond breaking killed the spren. The Radiants, horrified further at the unexpected deaths of their spren, slunk from the word stage and passed on in obscurity.
  12. The trial scene was so awesome. One of my favorite in all the Stormlight Archive. Adolin had been doubting himself and his usefulness to Team Radiant. By the end of RoW, Maya is getting better, but they have not formed a Nahel bond. Perhaps they cannot yet? Perhaps their bond will be something else. I believe Blended said that their bond "is" but also that he was not a radiant. Shallan is starting to integrate. Veil is gone (or absorbed or whatever the proper terminology is). Shallan and Adolin's relationship is stronger than ever before. Some had speculated that they wouldn't last, but I hope RoW puts that speculation down for good. But Shallan also has a Deadeye that she is bonded(?) to. Does she have the blade or not? I am confused on that point. She also is happily married to the Cosmere resident expert on restoring the bond. Admittedly, Adolin doesn't know much of how he has done what he has with Maya, but no one else believed it was even possible. I am certain he will seek to continue to revive Maya, and he may be able to help Shallan revive Testament. So it appears the new place in the Cosmere that Adolin is creating for himself is the Deadeye Whisperer. If full revival is possible, it would probably be more valuable to Team Radiant than just about anything else. Imagine all the lost knowledge that would be recovered. About the Recreance especially, but also about the Shadowdays, the Heralds, Honor, and other things we can't even guess at. Not to mention the thousands of spren this could enlist for nahel bonds. Shallan with two nahel bonds is also an interesting potential plotline. Is it possible? I would suspect it has never been done before. I am just speculating right now, but a dual-wielding Lightweaver would certainly pass the Rule of Cool. Perhaps Radiant doesn't reintegrate and she rebonds Testament? Lots of potentially cool resolutions to this. I do think that Adolin is being foreshadowed as an Edgedancer though. His nascent bond with Maya the Deadeye is a perfect example of remembering those who have been forgotten. I was struck by the comment he made to Notom (I think) about how the Honorspren don't think Kaladin and Syl should have bonded. He response was asking if perhaps they should ask Syl what she thought on the subject. (I will listen to those who have been ignored). He is acting like an Edgedancer, and I hope he will be one someday.
  13. Mr. T!Odium or alternately Mr. TOdium
  14. Oroden goes and cries in the corner.
  15. Called it