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  1. I straight up missed Twinsoul calling her by name. Makes my discovery less impressive.
  2. Codenames are Stupid was barely in the story. The hint we are given of her identity is that when doing math she said her brother would be better at it. Could she be Kaise from Elantris and be referring to her half-brother Adien who is a mathematic savant? Per the Coppermind "He constantly mumbles numbers (e.g., distances to landmarks in steps) and words (e.g., "Elantris") to himself. Adien has a natural way with numbers, instinctively knowing the distance in strides between any two locations."
  3. No evidence that the Highspren are as fastidious as other spren about using spren corpses. Further, even if they are, no evidence that Nale would care one way or the other. Nale is also insane. His current view on justice is incredibly twisted. Just because Amaram is one of his buddies' pawns does not mean he wouldn't take him out if he thought he had a good reason to do so. We don't know if there were other Skybreakers there. Absence of evidence does not equal evidence of absence. We get this scene through Kaladin and Cenn (the raw recruit)'s POVs. There could have been the entire order of Skybreakers and Nale himself there, and Kaladin wouldn't have known, very much less Cenn. Bottom line, I don't see any reason to doubt Helaran was involved with the Skybreakers, and a huge reason to believe he was. The Skybreakers were trying to prevent the return of the desolations. The Sons of Honor were trying to start them. Killing Amaram is exactly what a Skybreaker would be wanting to do, regardless of whether Amaram ever would have gained a nahel bond.
  4. From the recent spoiler stream, Brandon talked about possibilities for book 5 title. If "o" and "t" can be moved around, we can come up with possibilities for: oKWt oKtW tKWo tKoW KoWt KotW KtoW KoWt KWot KWto toKW otKW I might have missed some combinations. None of the other titles have reused the same major word (again omitting "of" and "the"), so Way and Kings should probably not be used. Knight or Knights is pretty obvious for "K". Knave is a possibility. Knife... Knowledge. Kingdom... Keeper War is almost too obvious for "W" Now for ideas: King of the World (will it be tOdium or Dalinar) the Knave of Whimsy (Hoid messes up the contest for his own ends) The Kingdoms of Woe (Roshar ends up split between factions permanently) Knight of the White (this is Szeth's book after all) Ideas?
  5. Ishar gets a replacement for his spot in the Oathpact? And, Ishar is our resident expert on screwing with Connection. If anyone could do what the Stormfaker is promising, it would be Ishar using Connection and his Bondsmith powers.
  6. In WoR chapter 45, Shallan remembers her mother as having been brave. Chanarach's primary divine attribute is brave. Did Brandon really slip that in a decade ago? It also makes nice symmetry that Shallan (daughter of Chanarach herald of Dustbringers) is a Lightweaver and Shalash (Herald of Lightweavers) is likely to become a Dustbringer.
  7. I also got a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court vibe.
  8. Since he names himself Hoid, it has to be someone who knows him by that name. I.e. not someone from Roshar as he doesn't seem to use that name there. Unless he's told Jasnah that name offscreen? EDIT - As discussed below I think he did call himself Hoid when he was Sigzil's master.
  9. Kelsier gave up a shard because he was barely holding it as a cognitive shadow and he couldn't beat Ruin. Not because he didn't want power. Brandon is setting up the endgame of the Cosmere. Roshar vs Scadrial in a cold war. Read the excerpt from the unpublished sixth of the dusk story. I also think we are forgetting how much of a cremling Kelsier was. He is a murderer and a sociopath. He was only a hero because the villains on Scadrial were worse. Nothing the ghostbloods have done is remotely out of character for Kelsier. He is ruthless and always had a God- complex. His redeeming quality is that he wants to keep "his" people safe, and we have been emotionally invested in his people.
  10. I echo almost everything everyone else said, but I wanted to add a few that I didn't see. Casually dropping 4(!) Shard's names in the epigrahs of part 2. I was so torn between reading the chapters and skipping ahead to the next epigraph. The scene with Adolin and Shallan the night before the final day of the trial. It was so tender and beautiful, and then turns on a dime with Formless coming out. It didn't make sense at first, but when I reread it, Formless comes out when Adolin mentions her deadeye (no one knowing at that point that she had one). I reread that chapter, and it was even more amazing knowing what would come next. The prologue. Navani's fight with Gavilar was heart-wrenching. Gavilar has gone from the tragically murdered king to an abusive jerk of a husband that we almost cheered to his death. Knowing Brandon, book 5 prologue will be Gavilar's perspective and it will be an even more complicated situation. General Cosmere connections. Already mentioned 4 new shards. I called the Seon as soon as Mraize gave Shallan the box. White sand used in the Teft/Vyre fight. Casual reference to Aethers in the Ars Arcanum. Vasher's rambling about realmatics to a mostly confused Kaladin. What the heck is that chain that has now made two cameo mentions. Something from Thernody I assume. I am sure I am missing some here there was so much. Awesome book, so worth the wait. Would read again (actually am listening to audiobook right now). 16/10
  11. Obviously not going to be true, but it reminded me nothing more than Rand at the end of Wheel of Time. Lighting the pipe, dark hair (after the body switch), and knowing how hard it is to live up to a name.
  12. When fighting the 5 windrunners, Ishar was described as striking where they would be. That sounds an awful lot like atium to me. I am not suggesting he is an allomancer, but something in his powers seems to be giving him the same effect. Any clue what that might be? Just looking into the Spiritual realm somehow?
  13. I think we are all familiar with the Double Eye of the Almighty that shows up in the surgebinding charts. 10 symbols in a sideways hourglass shape. If you overlap Kora and Rayse's glyphs, the diamonds form this pattern. Does it mean anything that symbols that represent the Edgedancers, Lightweavers and Bondsmiths show up in Rayse's glyph?
  14. Veil did the things Shallan really wanted to do but couldn't or shouldn't. She does not want a relationship with anyone other than Adolin, therefore the understanding.
  15. Veil was never going to be having a relationship with someone other than Adolin. The Three make that very clear in part 1. There was an understanding.