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  1. I saw a WoB somewhere that Brandon Sanderson thought that Pewter was an alloy of Silver for a while, and in the original draft of Mistborn, silver enhanced senses instead of tin. He realized his error and replaced silver with tin, but the effect was that silver didn't have an allomantic effect, which he didn't intend. I kind of agree with him that Silvereye sounds cooler than Tineye.
  2. Hmm... 1) would like to be friends with most - Navani, if we were closer in age. We'd have a lot in common. We could nerd together. Or Adolin. 2) feel is most believable in terms of motivation - I want to put Wayne but he's not from stormlight... Eshonai, maybe? 3) enjoy reading about most - Navani, hands down. She's the best. And besides, the wannabe architect in me is most interested by her fabrials. (again, I want to put wayne too) 4) find most confusing/intriguing - Hoid, duh. (wayne) 5) find makes you laugh the most - Maybe Hoid. (wayne) 6) would like to punch in the face - Gavilar and Moash. Preferably multiple times each. (wayne) 7) personally relate to most - Definitely Adolin. I'm always trying to cheer up my friends and try to get them to realize how amazing they are. (wayne) 8) feel is emotionally most realistic - ...wayne? I guess Navani. 9) shamelessly crush on the hardest - I don't know, maybe Adolin? seems cliche but he's just so nice. Or Veil. Despite me most likely hating her if I ever met her in real life. 10) is most like someone you know IRL - wayne. I give up.
  3. That would definitely explain why the name sounds so familiar. The two names are so close, though. I mean, I don’t know why a kandra would change one letter in their name, but that seems like the kind of thing wouldn’t be a coincidence. Also, I can’t imagine Ulaan giving relationship advice. But that’s just me
  4. I checked the coppermind because I had the same feeling that we’d seen him before, and couldn’t find any reference to him other than from Tress. If he has shown up before, he didn’t call himself Ulaan.
  5. Yeah. I think this one is definitely in the top three books Brando has ever written. Hoid's curse may have been the funniest part. When he said that his toes taste like fate, I nearly died of laughter.
  6. This makes sense. The spores have to go somewhere, as they are always being added at the lunagrees. I was wondering why the oceans weren’t rising as an effect. This doesn’t explain why the seethe stops, though. But I don’t think we have enough information on Lumar to theorize on that yet.
  7. Maybe put “possible sea made of sunlight spores”?
  8. 1. I think everyone’s right about it being salt. Makes the most sense. 2. Ann was saying that she liked the scent of zephyr spores. The fact that spore guns release a scent and an explosion suggest that they create a gas, which is probably what is seen rising from Crow’s gun. 3. I think it was. I think it was also, somehow, foreshadowing that Brandon Sanderson is one of a kind.
  9. The story is so visual, too- with the color-coded spores and moons. It would look amazing as a movie.
  10. I noticed a lack of punctuation at the end of paragraph 10 of chapter 41: I read this on kindle, so I don't know what page it is. This is on the EPUB version. I don't know about the others. Edit: I found another! Ironically, there are too many periods this time. (Chapter 44, paragraph 7 of EPUB)