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  1. Well, it also gained autonomy a new enemy, one that she armed with the most dangerous weapon, knowledge. Also, Scadrial started off the book with one mistborn, Hoid (if Scadrial could be said to have him). It ends the book with two, with the addition of Wax. That is a net positive...
  2. Others have also mentioned that the secondary explotion could have caused the difference. Not exactly. He says: They might not know exactly how to make it. The kandra tried several times and it did not work. Wax tried, and thought he failed. Even now that he knows that he can burn other metals, he might not know exactly what caused it to work despite further experiments. (I kinda fancy that Whimsy interferred here, though that is very far fetched).
  3. In TLM we learn a number of significant things. Autonomy plants seeds on worlds, for when she decides to move in. Moonlight, who is Shai from The Emperor's Soul, has met Autonomy. Moonlight hates Autonomy. Moonlight dislikes replication of art, an opinion tainted by her distaste for Autonomy. These things lead me to believe that The Emperor's Soul details Moonlight's first encounter with Autonomy, or the seed she planted there. In The Emperor's Soul, the main antagonists are the Heritage Faction. The Heritage Faction promote "Remembering" as an acceptable application of forging, that uses mass produced low-quality items to recreate historical pieces of art, something Shai is disdainful of. Leading the Heritage Faction is the Senior Arbiter Frava, a woman who wears gold robes and braids her hair with red and gold ribbons. Her name is probably derived from the word Fravashi, which Wikipedia claims could mean "one who has been selected (for exaltation)." Put together, I believe that the Heritage Faction is Sel's version of the Set and is Autonomy's seed on that planet. Frava is then Autonomy's agent if not potential avatar, like Telsin. Similarly, I think we see a seed on Roshar, in the form of the Iriali. We know they are not native to Roshar, nor did they migrate from Ashyn. They have gold skin (like some scary men of red and gold we see briefly). They travel from world to world and believe in The One. The One sounds much how Autonomy behaves, splitting into multiple individuals and experiencing different things. This religion is similar to the one that Arclo tells Lift about. Oddly, there is a section of stone above the amphitheater where he sat that was carved and painted gold and red.
  4. I got a different impression from TLM. The only time Whimsy is mentioned is by Telsin. Could you elaborate on your interpretation? I personally have a theory about Whimsy that I will write up in a separate post at some point.
  5. Granted. They are given to your worst enemy. I wish for it to be summer all year long.
  6. Yes he did. He also said this:
  7. There has been a lot of talk about who Trell is, what Trellium is, and where the corruption is coming from. Lots of theories center around Autonomy, Harmony and Odium. Here is a very different take. The TLDR: Trell is an avatar (one of several/many?) of Adonalsium who survived the shattering. Trellium is actually the original upper-case God Metal, aka the lost metal. But it has been corrupted. The group that recruits Marasi is the 17th shard. Ok, lets unpack that just a bit. What is an avatar and who can make one? So lower-case-g gods can make avatars, which would imply that the upper-case-g God could have made them too. We know that Trell is related to a shard, and that Sanderson has referred to an avatar as a Shard of Adonalsium (though he was referring to Patji in relation to Autonomy there). We know that other shards have created avatars and that avatars can form naturally as well. So Adonalsium before the shattering had numerous avatars across the worlds, who survived the shattering. We have heard mention of them as "Thousand Eyes of Trell", which were not stars, but avatars of Ado. They continued about their business of nurturing peoples across the cosmere, some as gods, some as lowly "humans", etc. Until one becomes corrupted, likely by Odium, though possibly through the imbalance of intents as various shards are shattered and the remaining shard's intents sway the cosmere. Fast forward a bit to Era 2. We have a corrupted Trell/Avatar who knew the location of some Adonalsium - the solid metal kind. This still exists despite the shattering, in the same way Attium still exists post Harmony, more simply not created. He decides to put himself, his power back together. The biggest threat to that is the shard on Scadial that is already 2 intents, Harmony who is Preservation and Ruin combined. Hence the Set. Why do I think Trellium is Adonalsium? The properties Wax discovers. Shards are related to color, but the "Trellium" spike projects a full spectrum when burnt under a spectroscope, except for the red which is the color of corruption. I believe when Wax states that the test is proof that it is a god metal, I believe he is referring to the excessive red spike. Harmonium probably has something similar due to the dual nature. The reaction between the two metals seen at the end of Chapter 13 could be the Trellium trying to merge, reintegrate the Harmonium, something that would be very inline with Harmony's intent. Now why the 17th shard. The 17th shard has a pretty strong non-intervention policy, and seems to desire the shards to follow suit. I think they want to prevent the re-combining of the shards, given their pursuit of Hoid, who seems to be collecting powers of all the shards. Now they want to help against Trell who might be doing the same. Additionally, the group that recruits Marasi are "offworlders with strange abilities who claim their goal is to protect Scadrial… at any cost." A WOB describes the 17th shard as "interested parties who do not want any planets to get destroyed." Plus, they were name "Deliberately". Edit: Forgot to mention Wayne's Joke and the scale out of 17 instead of 16. Think it might be fore shadowing.
  8. Harmony largely is for free will, to the point of being unable to act. He does have agents like Kandra, but they are not forced. They choose to serve. Why do you think Harmony is the antithesis of Autonomy?
  9. Coinshots and Lurchers are more likely to be able to detect caves by looking for absences of trace metals in the earth. Or maybe in conjunction with a seismograph, map the vibrations of metals in the earth and notice the lack? Though if we want to go RL, reflection seismology was developed in 1914 with a mechanical seismograph to detect salt domes and hence oil fields (Wikipedia has a decent article on it) . Microgravity surveys came a couple of decades later (cool article if that is your wheel house link). All in all, scientists are still researching the best way to locate caverns.
  10. Calling it now. The Lost Metal, is actually the god metal of the 17th shard. A shard that is made up of fragments of pure Adonalsium not on Yolen during the shattering.
  11. But we are not talking about a CS controlling another CS/Spren/Seon. We are talking about a shard's vessel controlling a living being who has been spiked and is now off world. Can Endowment create a Returned of someone in a different solar system? We know Returned can live in different invested areas, but do not know if they can be created elsewhere. Can Cultivation grant boons/banes outside her clearing? Shards seem to have limitations inside other shard's domains. I think a Kandra on a world invested with a different shard would have "interference" in their connection to Harmony. I mean, what else could be happening in Bilming, other than shardic interference?
  12. Do we know how far Harmony can exert control? If cognitive shadows have trouble leaving their shard's area of investiture, how far does the shard's power extend? Seems like Odium and Cultivation cannot really do much outside the Rosharan system. So can Harmony actually control Kandra outside his system? If not, that means Trell is physically in system...
  13. Scardial. While it would require completely unethical mistborn, you could set something up like this using Koloss instead of robots and it depends if you think Koloss are able bodied sapients. Also, if the mistborn were competent enough, you might get huge robots controlled using steal pushes and iron pulls. In all reality though, their technology is most similar to ours, with electricity and such. It is probably only a matter of time till they build battlebots. I mean, we are already doing so... https://megabots.com/ You almost already have this on Roshar with dueling, so long as both opponents have shardplate and the loser is the one to first break a piece (not the to the death version).
  14. I find this unlikely. Ruin and Preservation have already merged to make Harmony. Autonomy wants to stay as just Autonomy and would probably actively avoid a situation where it would merge with another shard. Likewise, Odium would avoid merging. He doesn't NEED to in order to become more powerful, infact being merged can greatly hamper the new shard as we see with Harmony. Plus Honor is already splintered, so he would have to be reformed before he could be merged. Also, dual shards like Harmony come about when multiple shards are in the same place and don't have a Vessel. A new Vessel then picks up both shards. So for this to happen for a tri-shardic enity (other than one that includes Harmony) would require three vessels to die in close proximity to each other and there be a new vessel will to pick up and merge three potential conflicting shards.
  15. I am not seeing the division quite the same way (btw have you read the SP3 preview yet?). I don't feel that dominion, survival or whimsy are actually emotions. The way I think of it is the shards can be divided into pairs of opposites. Mercy (granting forgiveness even when rules are broken) vs Honor (following the rules regardless of situation) Survival (choosing to protect your self over others) vs Valor (risking your life for others) Whimsy (doing something just because) vs Ambition (doing something for a goal) External Shard Pairs: Endowment (handing others a solution) vs Cultivation (helping others find the solution on their own) Dominion (controlling others) vs Autonomy (controlling yourself) Ruin (destroying) vs Preservation (preventing destruction) Odium (hatred) vs Devotion (love) Why? Rayse claims to be Passion, which is defined as strong and barely controllable emotion.