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  1. Thank you for keeping the Arcanum website running. 

  2. The difficulty is whether the Torment would be viewed as in impurity or not. Maybe Nomad becomes an aluminum allomancer then a savant but the magic doesn't view the Torment as an impurity but a piece of him so it doesn't remove.
  3. @Lego Mistborn I had listened to C2E2 before listening to this and loled a few times about it.
  4. You're right and it's illustrative of my point. Awakening, Sand Mastery, and Surgebinding all get verbed or could be. "Kenton over-mastered himself", "Vivenna awakened the doll", and "Not unless you can surgebind to quiet [Bridge 4] up." are all sentences that aren't awkward to me (that last one is actually a quote from Words of Radiance). The important thing is that they're all instances of verbing the proper name of an Invested Art. However, there's no equivalent verbing of Allomancy, Feruchumy, and Hemalurgy even when one could make sense. "The Lord Ruler Allomanced the crowd", "Steel Inquistors Hemalurged her so that Ruin could control her.", or "Sazed feruchemed the memory away again." intellectually make sense but are significantly more awkward that the first three example sentences I gave. .
  5. I realized that I don't remember there being a time where the proper names of the three Scadrian Invested arts are verbed (nouns being turned into verbs). This is confusing to me because it happens a lot in English and some of the Invested Arts do get verbed like surgebinding and awakening. It makes sense that Scadrian Arts can be verbed because they're all intentional actions done by the Invested Artist like sand mastery and unlike the Old Magic. I just don't know why but it feels like Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy shouldn't be verbed. "Help! I Allomanced all of my steel and now I can't get up!!" or "Poor Dave, he got Hemalurged right in the face." just feel so wrong to me. m I just crazy here? Is there linguistic or philological reason why this is true?
  6. ROW had the Nale flashback where he's protecting a child from dark monsters as well. Even if you don't count Teft protecting Lift, this would count.
  7. It needs the hard J because it should kinda sound like the word "jargon". As a side note, I don't really buy the arguments that it should be pronounced like a Scandinavian would. This story is thousands of years into the future which is plenty of time for words and pronunciations to slide around and morph.
  8. @isilel, That's a great idea. Another option would be the last day on Ashyn.
  9. I'm listening to the most recent Shardcast and they brought up what the new prologues will be. We don't know much about it beyond the fact that Brandon has said that he wants to do something similar. A major inciting incident from 5 different POV's and revealing more each time. I have a suggestion for what it could be and who the POV characters are: the imprisonment of Ba-Ado-Mishram with Melishi as the first POV and Ba-Ado-Mishram as the last POV. It would be an important inciting incident that could have been witnessed by 5 major characters. It involves several of the Heralds. It lead to a breaking of the union between spren and humans like the first prologue lead to the war. It would even be done as a way to stop Voidlight entering Roshar because Ba-Ado-Misham granted the forms of power and Gavilar got Voidlight into spheres. What do you think?
  10. The best part about this episode was following it up with one of the White Sand episodes where Ian says something like "There maybe a major announcement between recording and release. We can't know for sure."
  11. I can't get onto Backerkit so I'm not sure what the answers to this are. Is the new secret project a part of the Words of Radience campaign? Is it a different thing? What's going on here? https://youtu.be/X9HEKnswsy0?si=Q0ey59icPbMvLH-W P.s. to the mods. I'm sorry if this the wrong spot.
  12. This is explained by the Cinderking knowing how to recharge sunhearts or by the Beaconites using their sunhearts up faster. I can come up with some reasonable guesses based the second alone. Lets say that every sunheart starts out with 200 BEU's. Beaconite usage requires permanently staying aloft in a thunderstorm so it uses 1 per day for flight, heating, lighting, and etc.. Normal usage requires less heating for the ships and much less flight time so it only uses .25 per day. At those rates, a regular city would need to produce a new sunheart for every ship every 800 days and Beacon would need one every 200 days. Assuming 18 people per ship and the older person dies every time this would mean about 39-40 years of life on a regular ship and about 10 years of life on the Beaconite ship. The regular life would be possible. It isn't fun but it's possible especially when you consider that they're are invested so disease is less of a worry and they have access to a lot of modern conveniences like indoor plumbing and heat.
  13. Super Awesome Danger will be the first and only Sanderson adaption to screen that we get because no studio with the money to do it well would do it well. Should my theory that Sho Del are evolved axolotl's count? Because I actually think this.
  14. When are the videos from it going to be released? I get that there'll be some delays, I don't even mind intentional delays, and I would love to know which videos, if any, are being officially released. P.s. I'm not sure where to put this so I'm asking in the "General Brandon Discussion" topic.
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