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  1. So it occurred to me that we are missing a very important thread for your personalized displays on the shard. We have Profile Pics and Sigs but no Member titles This is the same as rate the signature/profile picture above you. Give a 1-10 ranking of the Member titles and explain it. Have fun!
  2. Any theories on where chouta was invented? This is incredibly important discussion. I need to know if the scadrains invented it and if it moved to Roshar or vice versa. Also, I would love it if chouta became something of a running gag, where someone comments how it looks disgusting and everyone else extols its virtues.
  3. That thought did go through my head as I was posting this. I thought it wouldn’t spoil any of Stormlight so I decided it would be fine.
  4. When the first thing you do this morning is go and buy the e-book of TLM.
  5. Wayne is officially the most awesome character in the cosmere. I will die on this hill. That is all that I need to say. (Also, ghostbloods!!!!! And aether!!!!!! And chouta!!!!!)
  6. 521: Beware of Chekhov’s gun 522: All of this. Just all of it.
  7. I watched this show with my family’s it was coming out, and while it’s been awhile. But I can say that this show is freaking amazing. The whole main cast’s growth is just so good. Also PASSPATOOOOOOOOOO (Sue me. I love that name)
  8. I know nothing about Kerbal, but I do have a funny XKCD. So there.
  9. Do not worry, crack theories need not worry about petty things such as counter arguments.
  10. Yup TPMB spends their time day dreaming ridiculous scenarios involving most of the books they’ve read recently and multiverse Edit: scudding ninjas. (In case you were wondering, yes. Currently doing that with my rabbit)
  11. On a scale of 14 blue frogs to 7 pink snakes I would rate them as a solid 34 purple rhinos.
  12. …how weird does your family think you are? TPBM still can’t believe that they’ve already been in school for 2 days
  13. It was actually solidly OK because fist week of school and all, but positivity helps. 8.5/10
  14. Yup. It can get pretty confusing when you’ve got a 5 way conversation going though.
  15. …and maybe reading SMBC as well. On that note have a comic Edit:That was supposed to be a spoiler. ….bro
  16. In my defense I can’t type as fast on mobile
  17. Correct. I’ve got Nothing better to do.
  18. Would now be a good time to tell you that when I sneeze I set off an explosion at least as large as your mother? When you realized you put a death threat and a your mom joke into one statement
  19. Curses! Cats! My only weakness! (Seriously though. How did you know I’m allergic to cats? I don’t think I’ve been active enough lately for people to know about that. Or maybe you did something random that just happened to be what I was allergic to. What was it?) In case you didn’t notice while you were distracted by the monologue I stole back the win.
  20. I’m afraid I can’t let you do that good sir. *Takes back the win*
  21. TLT is not allowed and as such you are having your win revoked
  22. Oh I know, that was the joke
  23. Listen, if you do that again, I’m going to fake ping chaos on you. So be afraid. (And also try to put at least 5 seconds into an original post.) Also, *wins* …Did I return to TLPWs with a lecture? Yes, yes I did. Holy cow I feel old. (HAHAHA Junior baby!)
  24. ….Too late now.