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  1. Where's Jasnadin!?!
  2. Bittersweet about the tour. I expected it wouldn't happen, but I theorize he'll tour for books 3 (since the series will have taken a year or two hiatus and might need the extra push) and book 4 (the finale). On the bright side, it's nice to see Sanderson truly dedicated to sticking that Christmas 2020 goal.
  3. New Stormlight Archive anthem in my head (I thought it might work as one of the theme songs for RoW, but it works too well with too many least for now): Partial lyric and character analysis:
  4. So I just read the theory about the story of Tsa and the moons being about I'm wondering if Honor and Tanavast play a role in that lol! Would the resonances and abilities apply to those who simply use an Honorblade of a different order, rather than bonding an entirely different spren? Also, potential multiple bonded Radiants: Kaladin (between his leadership and ability to bring people together (although those are also Windrunner qualities) as well as the little moment with Syl fighting off Gloryspren, I could see him either bonding a Godspren (I hope not!) or using Ishar's Honorblade eventually); Szeth (depending on how Nightblood factors in the future, as well as what happened to that singular voice he used to hear); Shallan (I could see her trying to bond Sja-Anat, if only to make herself invaluable to both the Ghostbloods and the heroes); Adolin (IF he goes the path of Radiants, then I think it might be possible. But I doubt it); Rock (he was a squire of Kaladin IIRC, but the end of OB hinted that he might be joining a different order, so...).
  5. Stormlight School for Radiants and Voidbringers (or Stormligh School for Oaths and Surgebinding) Motto: The path to becoming better starts with your next step.
  6. I'm torn. On one hand, I like Eshonai and want to see more of her. On the other hand Venli has secrets. But Venli is a divisive character for some, and learning about her shady past before you even learn to really like her as a character/person might keep her divisive forever. I do like the compromises the best; if Venli gets the book, then Eshonai gets a novella. Or they both share flashbacks (making RoW even longer hehehe)! Yeah, I think I'm more of a fan of that. Overall, I just want Eshonai's story out there.
  7. Series: ...that's a tough one. I'm partial to Mistborn because there's so much possibility. But SA is amazing too... Book: The Final Empire. It's one of my - if not my - favorite books of all time. Oathbringer comes in second as a very personal book.
  8. The reddit comments were pretty positive, all things considered (although from our fanbase I'm not sure I should have expected more!). I think the general consensus is "do what's best for the story, but if it's Venli can we have a Eshonai novella please?" And that's a perfectly acceptable request. And whatever Brandon answers (ie he will or he won't) is also perfectly acceptable.
  9. That and the Rock novella...and hopefully the Lopen novella...and maybe even the same release year we can have The Lost Metal (and if he really pushes, Skyward 3. But I wouldn't count on it).
  10. Just as a tip, make an extra save file before Chapter...11, I believe it was. And make sure you have up to a C support with Edelgard. Just as an aside, unless Shamir's S Support is heartwarmingly beautiful, Marianne has won the battle of Best Girl in my book. Her supports and dialogue demonstrate the one thing I like seeing in characters - tangible growth. Over the course of the game, Marianne: Not to mention she's an outstanding unit, and potentially one of the better - if not one of the best - Dancers in the game. She may not have the sheer Death Knight killing power of Lysithea, nor the long range Meteor skill like Dorothea, but she does gain Silence and is a comfy middle ground between the two. Add on the Dance skill and Marianne's always got a role to play.
  11. AFAIK, you can't, really. If/when you meet former students in battle and you recruited them pre-timeskip, you have to option of sparing them (or at least that's how it worked for me on my GD run). In terms of Ferdinand, it was weird. I got to a B support level with him, but the game wouldn't allow me to read it, so I guess it's a post-timeskip support. But since I couldn't get that support, and I didn't level up the skills he wanted, I missed my chance of recruiting him. I'm hoping this is not the case and the support level I do have with Ferdinand will let me recruit him when I face him in battle; but if not, I'll just focus on Heavy Armor in my next playthroughs - which will be my BE runs - so that the next time I'm doing GD or BL, I'll be able to recruit him.
  12. I just got to the BL timeskip. I recruited everyone possible but Ferdinand (I guess my stats weren't high enough...?). Hopefully I can recruit him post-timeskip. If not...I'll get him next time.
  13. I have officially recruited everyone but Seteth (I assume he'll join post time-skip? I totally forgot when he joined in my GD run) and Ferdinand (THE GAME WON'T LET ME B SUPPORT HIM YET. IT'S THE END OF FEBRUARY. I DON'T HAVE TIME TO NOT B SUPPORT HIM). Even Hilda. Some characters (Ignatz, Cyril, Hanneman, Alois, and Manuela, potentially Ashe) won't be trained beyond an A support. Others will be on a rotating roster. Not sure about Catherine yet.
  14. NG+ Blue Lions Run Update: Have to do Chapter 6 again...because I messed up and killed that final enemy before stealing the Dark Seal from the Death Knight. Students transferred to my class: Lysithea, Lorenz, Dorothea, Bernadetta, Marianne Soon to be recruited: Petra (I just finished her B support before the mission), Caspar (I'm at B support level with him, but the game won't let me see it at the moment), Ferdinand (He's assisting me on this month's mission, and I've done some training/paralogues to help gain supports. I'm at C but I think it'll soon be...B...) Next on the list: Lindhart, Leonie, Raphael, Ignatz(?). NG+ lets me use renown to raise support levels, so I'm not worried about the Golden Deer peeps. Other units recruited: Catherine, Shamir, Cyril. They were easy to recruit since they basically join due to the story, so. Other unites desired: Manuela, Hanneman, Gilbert, Seteth. Not sure how to get the first three, but I assume I just ask them to join me...? TL;DR: I'M SAVING EVERYONE I CAN* Y'ALL. *I'm torn on Hilda because I don't want Claude to be completely alone... Story and character update: I'm really enjoying BL! Dimitri is a noble youth so far, and I find myself respecting his ideals. He's very different from Claude, but I could see the two really getting along as real friends. Dedue, while his supports are pretty Duscur focused, at least shows the complexity of racism and mob mentality in a light FE hasn't really done since PoR. Felix is Felix - I recruited him on my GD run so I know his character relatively well. Ingrid - My best friend told me that Ingrid had some of the worst growth rates in the game. Mine has been RNG blessed so far then. Her supports have been pretty simple so far, but I'm only at C level with most of them. Sylvain - Now here's a character I thought I'd hate. He's a jerk, but he's also a good person with a weird yet understandable view on flirting and Crests. It reminds me of Inigo from Awakening (in the sense that there's a reason for the flirting). Ashe - Like Felix, I already know most of his life due to recruitment. Annette - I knew I loved her from her food song on the FE website, but now I get to use her and yeah, she's awesome. Mercedes - Her voice grated on me at first, but after learning about her character I really, really like her. She and Sylvain are too good together. Overall ranking of the Lords so far though: 1) Claude. Unique specialty in bows, and his other promotions are SO FREAKING COOL. 2) Dimitri. I like his ideals and Part 2 design. 3) Edelgard. This is mostly because I haven't had the chance to play her as of yet, and I'm saving her route for last.