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  1. And here's where I disagree a little. I think with what we know it makes a kind of terrible sense. It's like doing the wrong thing for the right (or in this case stupid-but-understandable) reason. The voidbringers are coming back as told from the visions, right? And the visions Gavilar received didn't have a clear meaning other than "get ready" and "unite them". If even Dalinar wasn't so sure he could trust the visions until Navani helped translate them, why would Gavilar? So Gavilar starts to receive visions he doesn't understand, and goes out to understand them, eventually finding the Sons of Honor. The visions say the Radiants (and maybe the Heralds? Again, my memory is fuzzy) need to come back, and the Sons of Honor want Vorin powers and the Heralds back. What brings them all together? A Desolation. So, like many villains in today's pop culture, Gavilar wants to use a potential world-ending threat to bring people together. Is it a good idea? NO. But it does make sense. Galivar's problem was most likely that he couldn't see why people would disagree with him. He knew they would, but he was so caught up in himself and his goal he didn't see the why. As for matching up, a Desolation answers that too. The Heralds are all but deified in modern-day Vorinism. And they're supposed to come back with every Desolation. So you start receiving visions from a being who claims to be God warning you about the apocalypse (when the final one was thought over), you've got your faith stating something else. Dalinar goes the path of "is this me? Am I insane?" while Gavilar goes the path of "how can I reconcile these two differences?" and his path takes him to the Sons of Honor. After all, if the apocalypse is really coming, and you're having a crisis of faith (while trying to secure your own legacy), why not call back Jesus and get all the answers while uniting the world? Also, quick Q about the Aesudan quote, which chapter is it from? Because from the quote above, it could be misconstrued as Gavilar knew that Radiants had to bond to ancient spren, but he didn't know which or how. Unless Aesudan said "Gavilar was trying to bond an unmade" she could have just as easily assumed that Unmade = High Spren/Bondable Spren. Aesudan's words lend to that too in a way; calling her guards Radiants, talking about bonding with spren. Gavilar's last words being about "The most important words a man can say," something he seeming to only focus on at the end of his life (hinting that he himself didn't really have the answer). It feels like Galivar had all the pieces to the puzzle, but arranged them in a way that was ultimate detrimental. I don't think Gavilar was 100% Team Void. I don't think he could be, if he was really on the path of being a Bondsmith. I think it's a little more nuanced - and in turn far scarier - than that.
  2. I have a pet theory that Hoid got Mraize his Aviar in return for the Ghostbloods helping him drop off a letter to a certain Shard (it'd happen in-between the end of WoR and part two of Oathbringer). No real proof, but it makes sense to me! Anyways, yeah I assume Hoid and the Ghostbloods have a working relationship at the moment. Why Mraize would remind Shallan of Hoid idea!
  3. Awesome theory! I'm totally on-board with the Jasnah-Ghostbloods "failure to communicate" thing (which in turn could lead to them ending their feud, or even scarier, Jasnah joining them). Maybe he didn't know that the Parshendi gods were bad?* How much did Galivar know about the Parshendi society before his assassination? And how much did he know about the Knights Radiant? If he knew the Parshendi gods were spren, and he needed to bond to a spren to become a Radiant, his actions make terrible, terrible sense. On the other hand, it could have simply been hubris. If the order is changed a little, I think it makes more sense: Galivar, as he's uniting Alethkar, starts to receive visions about uniting the world and reviving the Knights Radiant. He wonders how to do that and ends up joining the Sons of Honor, as their plan coincides with what he is seemingly called to do (a desolation needs Heralds and Radiants to fight it). After all, the world needs to unite under a banner. What greater banner than religion (read: something that reaches farther than a single human could)? He starts to research the Radiants, which in turn leads him to The Way of Kings. *I'm doing most of this off of shady memory and speculation, as my major re-read won't happen until next year at the earliest.
  4. You will be thirty? I'll most likely be older... Sweet summer child
  5. I want book four now Please Can I see the future? I will pay the price.
  6. I've heard of it as "The Honeymoon Phase."
  7. Adolin - Gryffindor/Hufflepuff (he's noble, but his hardworking and affable natures make him a shoe-in for Hufflepuff) Renarin - Ravenclaw (although possible Hufflepuff - Hufflepuff would help him find a place he feels like he belongs, but learning like the Ardents and scholars is where his heart is I think) Lift - Hufflepuff Szeth - He is Sorting Hat Chat's definition of a burned Gryffindor. He wants to do what is right and has very strong convictions, but he doesn't trust himself anymore. Mr. T - Slytherin trying to act like a Gryffindor.
  8. Am I the only one that DOESN'T want one of the Main Front Five to die before the end of the series in some heroic sacrifice. I mean, I get it, they can't be a Spotlight Stealing Squad, but there are other ways to handle that. Put them in places where our viewpoint characters don't interact with them; make them mentors or secondary characters; make them evil! Having them sacrifice themselves is great and all, but at this point, what good would it do?
  9. Agreed. OB's ending had me from "You Cannot Have My Pain," until the final word of the epilogue. I love the rest, but between how heartbreaking and awesome and heartwarming that finale was, it wins for me hands-down.
  10. What if...what if YOU'RE MARSH AND YOU'RE LOOKING FOR IDEAS?!?! I'd say wait until Gen 8 comes out to collect all the Pokémon. But joking aside, I think Marsh might be able to find a community that accepts him more willingly in Silverlight/with the in-universe Seventeenth Shard than just on Scadrial.
  11. Find out the limits of what Nalthis will import. Join the Seventeenth Shard. Invent the first restaurant chain. Catch all the Pokémon.
  12. Good point thanks!
  13. Does this mean that a Lerasium spike is potentially more dangerous to Hoid than Nightblood?
  14. Moash because he's not even fun to love to hate like Mr. T. But other than the obvious, I'd say either Balat or Jushu. I think Balat would make for an...interesting...Dustbringer, but Jushu just annoys me.
  15. It more or less refers to when a reason behind what they do is lost. Like the example they give for Gryffindors is that they believe that doing what's right matters, but what counts as right and wrong they really can't tell for themselves anymore (their own moral compass is gone, so they rely on an external one).