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  1. Question of the ages! Dawnshards predate humans knowing of the Dawnsingers, so it might be a linguistic thing.
  2. But...but Leonie! But Leonie and Lorenz!! Jokes aside, I'm glad your Raphael and Sylvain are working out well for you. They're usually hit or miss on my playthroughs (my first playthrough Raphael was a BEAST - he helped take down the final boss in the GD route. The next few...not so much. Same for Sylvain - the first time I used him he was great, but after that he...sorta fell off). As for TMS#FE, it's fun so far! You and your wife clearly have great taste in games, and I hope she enjoys it when she gets the chance to play! Amen to this! Not all units turn out well, but Leonie is one of the few that always does for me. THE DEER WILL STAB YOUR LIONS WITH OUR MAJESTIC ANTLERS!! (For real though, BL will probably be my route of choice play going forward, unless there's a sort of golden ending where I can use multiple lords at once. Such a great cast.)
  3. Oh I'm totally the same. I won't play it all-day-every day, but when I get a chance or am in the mood I'll pick it up a play for a couple of hours. It's more like that than Three Houses or Persona 5 addicting. It's a nice break between games to prevent burnout. The novella between Mistborn books, or the Skyward between Stormlight. That's a smart choice. Or if you're ever able to buy it a discounted price, that'd be a great time to see.
  4. It's fun from what I've played so far! But the gameplay is DEFINITELY the highlight, not the story. The game is what it says it is - Persona-lite with pop idols and Fire Emblem characters. But that's also not a bad thing. Give it a go if you think you'd like it.
  5. Join the club... FEAR THE DEER! FEAR THE DEER! Also, Dimitri x Bylass makes BL a far more rewarding story IMO, but that's because I'm a shipper at heart. And how is FF12's remaster? That was my first FF and while I never got far, I always get nostalgic about when I was younger and played the game on Thanksgiving Day, and how the visuals blew me away as a kid. I still haven't beat Pokémon Shield yet. Not sure when I will, honestly, and that's a bit sad. But I'm sure I'll finish it before the next Pokémon game on the Switch comes out. Also, Temtem comes out today and if it's any good I'm honestly a little worried for Pokémon in terms of what it'll do to older fans. I don't know how the much the younger generations care about Pokémon, but I know that for years Pokémon fans have been screaming for a MMORPG Pokémon game, and Temtem is looking like it'll deliver the closest we'll ever get to that. But I don't like MMORPG's so we'll see. Picked this up on Friday and started playing Saturday. I'm already farther than I ever was on the WiiU version...and by that I mean I beat the first real dungeon and have four party's not a big step, but its enough at the moment. The story is pretty bland, but the gameplay is indeed fun. I'm not entirely sure I'd recommend it if you don't like the Persona games or are an oldschool Fire Emblem fans (this one very much caters to the Awakening and Archanea crowd), but it's not as bad as people think it is...yet. My own personal head-canon is actually that this game takes place at the same time Persona 5 does. But since the casts are living different lives, their isn't an intersection other than traveling to different dimensions and fighting monsters.* Overall I'll probably treat this like Pokémon. I'll play it when I want to and put it down when I get bored/tired. *I mean, just think about people who live in the same city as you, but have completely different interests and lives. They might be focusing on getting a raise or the next episode of the Bachelor while we obsess over Sanderson's works. Same with this cast - the Persona 5 characters are all social outcasts; these guys aren't.
  6. From what we know, it's a side mission that is done outside of the regular game. It's accessed on a different screen before you even get to the save files. You beat the mission(s), and you can recruit the characters in the regular story. The characters chosen for the quest are also pre-selected too: Claude, Dimitri, and Edelgard* (yes, the first time you get to use all three lords outside of the first mission!); and then Linhardt, Ashe, and Hilda. The character data (max stats, affinities, growth rates, supports, spell lists...pretty much everything but personal skills) has already leaked, so feel free to find it and check it out if you'd like. And there are some fun theories on who is "associated" with which of the traditional houses (Yuri being the "house leader," due to his attire, supports and growth total in believe; Constance for BE, Hapi for BL, and Balthus for GD, to sum it up without too much detail). Edit: @Wyndlerunner we can't forget about TMS#FE getting a rerelease on the Switch! Or should we ENCORE?! *I just noticed that the four main characters names are the next in the alphabet after A (for Avatar?): Byleth, Claude, Dimitri, and Edegard (and Flayn!)
  7. Nah. I want to see Henry Cavill as AMARAM. Give me Chris Evans as Steelheart.
  8. True, but do you think, if there is a great migration/refugee crisis, that they will be travelling to Ashyn and/or other planets by space or by the cognitive realm? I'm not sure they'd have a way to truly control it. But either way, we don't know enough about Ashyn to truly say anything.
  9. I'm sure we will, but I'm saying that it probably isn't a good choice for refugees. But in Secret History Do they currently? I thought Silence Divine was set in the future of the Cosmere (never mind; as of the Skyward signing in Seattle it takes place around Book 8, so closer than I though). Then again, given Ashyn's magic system might make it worse for Rosharans. The common cold is a pandemic on Roshar; on Ashyn it'll most likely be fairly regular. Actually...what if they DO stop off at Ashyn for a bit? Ashyn has remnants of how surges worked before, right? And you have the whole sickness magic system. So what if they stop by Ashyn to learn about that magic system and then bring it over to Nalthis? It'd be interesting to see the Silence Divine novella worked into the Cosmere via an interlude (although I don't think this would happen as of now, if only due to the technology levels required. The Silence Divine sounds like it has a higher tech level than Roshar's roughly Enlightenment era tech.
  10. I used to think that! But why would he want to do that is the larger question. I'm more inclined to think that Hoid's trying to bring someone or something back from the dead. Or in the case of the Cosmere, back from the Spiritual Realm. His agenda is: 1. Get as much Investiture as possible so as many options as possible are open (and so he's tougher for his enemies to kill). 2. Get Revenge on Odium and Autonomy (no idea how. Maybe by eliminating as many of Autonomy's religions as possible (and replacing them with himself lol). Maybe by helping those who oppose the same people). 3. Get to the Spiritual Realm
  11. Battlestorm Galactica. I mean, Dalinar and Adama would get along very well...too well (heck, if Edward James Olmos was a decade or two younger, he'd be all but PERFECT as Dalinar). And if Apollo and Adolin (and you can add in Rob Stark for good measure if you want) don't have a conversation about their honorable, more-than-slightly overbearing fathers, I'd flip a table. Yeah, now I REALLY want to see this (the migration. And the crossover). As of right now. But the Heralds have been actively looking for a way to escape, and that's DEFINITELY going to play a giant part. And now Hoid's a Radiant, and we know he's going to escape. So that either means that Hoid finds a way to undo the Nahel Bond without hurting his spren, Hoid kills his spren and takes it off-world, or Hoid finds a way off-world. Now whether Hoid tells other people about this is a separate conundrum. If Braize is where the Heralds are sent after each Desolation, I don't think anyone will want to go there. And as for Ashyn - to bring back Battlestar Galactica: You're right, these are problems. And these are problems that might be interesting to be explored, if not in secondary or tertiary arcs, then in interludes.
  12. I too subscribe to that theory! But I always saw it happening during or after Book 10. The second arc we find out more about the Heralds, and that's supposed to point us in the direction of how to leave the planet and where to go next.
  13. Venli as a lead should be interesting, and I love the idea of an ensemble feel from the book. However that does make me a tad worried that we won't have as much time with the Singers as I feel like we should. This could change, though if we have viewpoints from both Venli and Rlain. As for timing...well, I'm super excited about the Rysn novella, as she's one of my favorite characters in Stormlight. And it's for the best that Sanderson is writing only one novella. But with that and Skyward 3, I'm afraid he won't have time for Wax and Wayne 4 this year. I'm sure the book can bleed into next year and still be fine (it's about 1/3 the size of Stormlight, if that), so it's not all bad. But still...