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  1. Fair point on Dalinar and Navani. I'd count them as a little different, since they've already worked through most of their relationship issues - the problems they face are mostly outside of their marriage (and societal norms/customs), but fair point! And thanks for fact checking me on Adolin and Sadeas! While maybe discounting my idea about Sadeas being the main aggressor, it does validate the idea that Adolin and Sadeas' conflict has been an ongoing arc, and will continue to be so.
  2. I totally forgot this last time, but one of my big theories was that Book 5 would end with the Highstorms dying out/Honor's investiture would be closed off from Roshar. Whether or not the Everstorm is still going I don't know. They'd have to find a new way to live for the time-skip, and then in Book 6 Lift (and potentially Renarin) would go on a journey to find a way to bring back the highstorms. I feel like it'd have more tie-ins to "the girl who stood up" but I'm not sure how yet.
  3. I should clarify. As a Jasnadin person I could see Jasnah rolling her eyes. If it's Tarah, I'd imagine (from what little we know of here) a little more accepting and willing to go with the flow. Azure would be unfazed, and Shallan would - after getting over her embarrassment - join in and troll Kaladin.
  4. I don't want to get into this fully, but as others have mentioned, your username belies evidence to oppose your fears. Also, Dalinar's actions at the end of OB kinda say otherwise. Probably. But is this really a problem? We've seen normal Radiants, we've seen unique Radiants. This would fall in the latter category. Or another way of looking at it is that this is Brandon's shortcut to letting many people revive blades that we already know are around...or...well, I'll save the last theory for a tinfoil one I don't think he'll ever be a "true" Radiant, but he could be an atypical one like Renarin and Lift. I think Sanderson plans to explore the problems that occur within marriage here. Sanderson's expressed annoyance with the idea that character (mostly superheroes but characters in general) never get married until the end, and if there's more they never stay married because the writers didn't know how to show the couple overcoming obstacles together. So if I was a betting man, I'd bet that this is the next challenge Adolin will have. I'm sure it will, but this arc is a slow-burn, paced out over 4-5 books. This arc didn't start at the murder of Sadeas - it started when Sadeas betrayed Dalinar. And it probably won't end until Book 5. So we might not have seen consequences yet, and they might not be the "dark torturous brooding" ones people thought they'd be before OB, but they will come. Fair point, a growing area for Adolin. I can only remember two instances where Adolin actually lost his temper: the first when yelling at Dalinar about his visions in public (anger born out of worry). The second his murder of Sadeas (which wasn't exactly unprovoked, give Sadeas had tried to murder them, betrayed them, gotten thousands of their men killed, attempted to undermine and humiliate them, and admitted to Adoline he'd do it again, and again, and again). Maybe you count his talks with Ialai, but again, not entirely sure. I mean, do you bring all the unnecessary baggage of your previous relations into your next one? Do you bring your ex's into your marriage? Why they're all ex's is something that pretty much everyone in-universe understands, but given everyone's reactions, it's not some horrendous thing (aside from cheating, which is, and Adolin is probably guilty of due to forgetfulness). And I get it, your points are sarcastic. You don't like Adolin. But Adolin isn't the most heinous character in the books, nor is he perfect. He's rich, a little entitled (however due to major societal shifts that's changing), but a genuinely good guy. Not perfect, but definitely not a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. Other Book 4 predictions...Rysn will show up somewhere interesting, we might finally see a Stone Shaman, maybe a skirmish between Bridge 4/Windrunners and the Skybreakers?
  5. And now I feel like whoever Kaladin was...with...would probably be more amused by Syl's enthusiasm, regardless of whether Syl is audible or not.
  6. ketek

    Isolated I don't celebrate/ the joys found in pride./Excluded,/proud, I find joyous/celebration. Don't! I'm isolated. A cruddy ketek for a cruddy mood.
  7. Inkspren feel like they'd be a wine to me. Like, blackberry wine or something. Honorspren would be a steak (what cut depends on the spren) Cryptics would be like those jellybeans from Harry Potter Cultivationspren would be broccoli or Brussel sprouts or some other leafy green vegetable that kids would need to eat but be sure to hate.
  8. I LOVE THIS YES PLEASE. It'd make Taln and Ash's relationship even more tragic, but if they find out that Taln had been replaced by Book 5, Ash can be a part of the team that goes to Braise to end things once and for all. I see where you're coming from here, and in a lot of cases I'd agree, but I trust Sanderson. Besides, tropes aren't inherently bad. It's the intent and skill of the author that makes or breaks a story. Mistborn 1, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the original Trilogy of Star Wars all tell the same story - a plucky band of heroes/rebellion rising up to fight the Evil Empire. But each feels different and special. Stormlight Archive is no different. Sanderson has the skill do the "Champion vs Champion" thing well, so if that's the angle he wants to go, I'll go with him. At the end of the day, Stormlight Archive is a love letter to fantasy - a reconstruction of the tropes within the genre if you will. So using tried and true tropes in a new/fresh/interesting way is to be expected to be a part of it. Personally I'm a fan of the theory that the first half will end with another shattering like how the Shattered Plains were...shattered. Other than that, I can't think of anything else really. Maybe it'll end with the (living) heralds picking up their blades and - going off @ILuvHats's theory - to find their missing friend Taln. Oh, and it's revealed that Gavilar didn't pass to the Beyond and will take up the Shard of Odium, facing off against his brother in the second half.
  9. So Pokémon Sword and Shield have just been announced! Thoughts? Hopes? Expectations? I for one think the starters are all cute. But I have to go with water. It's my jam!
  10. I guess I'm 50/50 here? Jasnah's return was a larger moment in the story than it was for us readers, since we knew about it in WoR, so he probably glossed over it for us to skip the dramatic irony. And as others have said, at this point, Jasnah knows too much and Brandon doesn't want to reveal all of it yet. A brief summary by Dalinar, Shallan's thoughts and feelings on the matter, and then back to the plot. Would I have liked to see the meeting from Navani's point of view? Absolutely, but I understand why it wasn't included.
  11. I don't think there's a moment where it's stated/shown she's trained with a shardblade (although I wouldn't be surprised if she was, given her family's skill with it and Jasnah's overall secrecy). For the final battle in OB I thought it was more of Jasnah simply being more proficient with her powers than most Fused she was fighting and her predicting where they were going to be.
  12. I was gonna say therapists, but you beat me to it! Other than that...maybe I'd give Bondsmith Dalinar a book on tactics and Navani a book on technology. And Rock I'd probably just give him Gordon Ramsay.
  13. Jasnah would ask for some secret knowledge. If not that, then the Heralds. And if not that, then something to help with the Desolation. Dalinar would agree with this while Navani would roll her eyes and request Shallan's help picking out decorations for a homemade cake (Jasnah would never eat it otherwise). Rock would want "Happy Birthday" sung in his native language. He would never ask, but Bridge 4 would do their best anyways. Adolin would want fashionable clothes. Kaladin would give him a Bridge 4 uniform (and demand it back by the end of the day...but wouldn't be too upset if it turned up "missing" or with a couple of "design suggestions"). Shallan would give him fashionable clothes. Jasnah would give him some book to read with Shallan. Dalinar would give him a new Ryshadium. And Renarin would help make a meal that Evi used to make. Dalinar...probably wouldn't really advertise it (I mean, neither would Jasnah, but when you're a queen...). Jasnah would give Dalinar a book about the Radiants. Adolin, Renarin, Kaladin, and (secretly) Sebarial would do their best to make sure Urithiru was running smoothly, so Dalinar could relax for a day with Navani. Hoid would come in and sing a special song.
  14. Larkins are the only non-Team Odium creature - barring Nightblood - to be able to ingest/absorb/take in Voidlight. Their rarity is noted and is linked to an incredibly mysterious and notable event. I don't think these are coincidences. This is the abridged version of the theory I have, but again, it's all tinfoil.
  15. I mean, so did Shardblade until we learned where they came from. Anyways it's a tinfoil theory so I wouldn't put the chances of it being true very high