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  1. P5 Vanilla. I've beaten P5 Royal though. I think the price of P5 Royal was worth it, as the extra semester and material were stuff that fit the story incredibly well...probably better than P5's original ending in a lot of ways honestly. But I understand your perspective and know people who share it. The only reason I'm NOT playing P5 Royal is because that game ships Joker really hard with Kasumi, and I don't want to romance her this time. It's a perfectly fine romance, I just want to romance Makoto or Hifumi instead. (Most confessions are along the lines of "how do you feel about me?" Kasumi's is a full blown "I LOVE YOU!")
  2. I decided to give into the itch and break out Persona 5 this week...which happened to be an incredibly busy week school-work wise, so it was terrible timing. BUT I HAVE NO REGRETS! Overall I think I'm doing good! I beat Kamoshida's dungeon in one day. (I died about 5 times though.) I already consider this dungeon one of the hardest dungeons in the game to complete in one day due to the price of healing items and armor, and the lack of SP healing tools. My focus on recruiting Personas this time around didn't help, since that would cost me SP to stun them and minimal exp & money - if any at all - once I did recruit them. But I did it, and my compendium is looking GOOD. Right now I'd like to level up one of my Personas to learn Psi before taking on the next dungeon (I want to gain a Jack Frost with Psi), but I'd also rather spend my days working on social links and skills. My Proficiency and Knowledge are still at Rank 1, I need to make more coffee and work on getting Sojiro to Rank 4 so I can stop worrying about him and work on other stats (or work at jobs) during the night, start on Ann's social link, and somehow balance that with Ryuji's link and Tae's social link...this game is so stressful and I LOVE it. I'd like to gain Charm, Guts, and Knowledge Rank 3 ASAP as well, so every Monday & Thursday that I can I'm spending at the onsen. Other nights are spent with Sojiro but now should be spent studying or building something. Honestly, it would have been far easier for me to simply NG+ my Persona 5 Royal file, but I like the challenge of the base game (although being able to read/study/make coffee after a day in a dungeon or Mementos was a LIFESAVER.) Besides, if I play P5R, I'd feel guilty about not romancing Kasumi. This playthrough is for Makoto and/or Hifumi! (I'll probably create to save files so I can have one for each.)
  3. It looks really good! It reminded me of FFXIII and FFXV for some reason, but I didn't mind. I'm not 100% sure I'll pick this up, but I always enjoy seeing new Final Fantasy material.
  4. Thank you so much! ( I feel so silly asking it so many times...)
  5. Wait, where did Brandon say there would be another POV character?! I'VE BEEN ASKING THAT FOR EVERY SIGNING Q&A AND HE JUST CASUALLY MENTIONS IT SOMEWHERE ELSE???
  6. I just wanted a place where we could put Brandon's updates to Skyward 3. Here's the first update!
  7. My first audio-exclusive fiction and I really enjoyed it! While I think it could be read that either survived, I think it's the PR version. Either way, it's like the ending of Inception, and I can live with that. As for the government, I'm more neutral on the situation. What they did with Holly's husband was TERRIBLE, but they also try to allow for privacy, free will, and free expression. It's also hinted that Holly's husband (or at least the PR) knew that he was suffering from suicidal thoughts and tendencies, and decided the sacrifice of the invasion of privacy was worth Holly's happiness. Holly clearly didn't see it that way, and I'm honestly not surprised. Again, Inception vibes. I'm still not sure if I like the ending, given how quickly things moved wrap up. This would make for a very interesting sci-fi movie as well. It's a short, sweet, standalone that's clearly high-concept. It would be hard to get out of Holly's head for a bit, but if they can do that with YA movies, then they can do it here. Certain action scenes may be hard to choreograph*, but the set design, clothing, and cast would be minimal, making it pretty cheap on that front. The CGI front on the other hand... Like Inception, it would be really interesting to see which way audiences lean. Overall, this is probably my second favorite standalone novellThis post has been reported for attempting to skirt the rules with Brandon's name attached to it, right under The Emperor's Soul. 8/10 *Like the club fight. However if pulled off well enough, I think it would be really cool. Music would be diegetic, giving the sterile white-room fight so much more paradox - the quiet white room would feel so fake, but in this world it's the only thing that's real. **So no The Eleventh Metal, Secret History, Hope of Elantris, or Edgedancer.
  8. @Truthless of ShinovarI'm seconding everything @Wyndlerunneris saying about Three Houses. Continuing on the fan-fiction-y support chains, I FINALLY wrote Soleil and Azura's Three Houses support chain! There's a solid chance I'll go back and revise it eventually. But for now, enjoy! C Support: B Support: B+ Support A Support: A+ Support: Author's Notes:
  9. Ha! That's fair. Most of the other games are standalones or direct sequels ala Final Fantasy, have the same archetypes for their characters (the "Jagen," the "Cain & Abel" cavaliers, etc.), and many follow the same general story of "a noble's kingdom is invaded by an evil empire, and now they must raise an army consisting of a ragtag group of misfits and take back their home country." These aren't bad things at all, nor do they encapsulate the entire saga, but they will help fill in the games for the games that are harder to find or you decide not to play.
  10. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully I'll do a few more of these soon. Hilariously, both characters are from different games (Blazing Sword for Saul and Fates for Azura), but I highly recommend Three Houses if you have a Switch. The stories - while not perfect - are well done, the gameplay is addicting once you get the hang of it, and the cast is wonderful.
  11. About a month or so ago, I made a support for Azura and Saul, taking place in my head-canon fanfiction-y alternate Three Houses world, where Soleil, Shigure, and Saul are all siblings and children of Azura. It's not perfect, and this probably isn't the place to put it, but I'm proud of it and wanted to share. The recommended accompanying song is "Be Encouraged" by Elle Varner. Azura and Saul C Support: Azura and Saul B Support: Azura and Saul A Support: Author's Notes:
  12. I remember the Shardcast crew talking about this! My quick question would be as to why the Iriali went to Nalthis second, when we know that Nalthis is the closest planet/system outside the Rosharan one. Wouldn't it make more sense to go from Yolen to Taldain, then Nalthis, and then Roshar? Either way, good job OP!
  13. I'm still more excited for Skyward 3, W&W 4, and Mistborn Era 3 than I am for Stormlight 4 & 5. I love Stormlight, but I love Mistborn even more, and I'm just far too excited to see what's happening on Scadrial than I am on Roshar right now. Maybe that will change, but part of me doubts it. As for Skyward, I just like seeing what Brandon does there. I feel like Sanderson has his largest stretches of improvement on Stormlight books and he polishes those gains on smaller books and series like W&W and Skyward. (Starsight was probably a reversal, as I think he was stepping into non-binary characters for things that have been hinted at in previous books and I'm assuming will pop up in Rhythm of War.) The downside to this will show up in sequels for Elantris, Warbreaker, and The Rithmatist however. By the time the sequels come out for each book, they'll all be over ten years old (Elantris will be nearly twenty!). Brandon will have improved so much as a writer that the transition from the first book to the second will probably be incredibly jarring for most readers. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it is a thing. Going off of the first paragraph, part of me is worried that Brandon will become either "the man who finished The Wheel of Time" or "the author of The Stormlight Archive." Brandon is both of those things, but he's also a YA author, a sci-fi author, and a mystery/thriller author at times (Legion & Snapshot). I love how our fandom has grown, but the hyper-focus on Stormlight worries me some. My intense favoritism towards Sanderson's non-Stormlight produces may partially rooted in that fear. I don't want Sanderson to end up like George RR Martin, where his entire career is boiled down to one series, and fans of that one series don't even bother trying his other works. Maybe it's because we're in Stormlight Season, but I'd really like to see more fans promoting Brandon's non-Cosmere works... (Not just here on the Shard, but also on Reddit. I'll probably be more active in this once The Original comes out next week.)