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  1. I feel ya. Outside of the beast class, I'm pretty happy with the selection so far, especially given that most weapons can be used in classes despite the class having certain favorites. All I need to do now is figure out who my dancer should be for each run (I'm thinking Dorothea for BE, Annette or F!Byleth (if possible) for BL, and Marianne for GD) and who gets Mortal Savant (other than Byleth most likely...and maybe Dorothea if she's not a dancer...)
  2. Maybe he left it as-is because he needed them to develop certain technologies in order for Scadrial as a whole to advance?
  3. Oh fun crackpot! I'm of the tinfoil theory that Tahidakar is Seberial, but since we have no proof either way keep on keeping on!
  4. Most fandoms with any two single main characters with any interaction (and some without) tbh. It only becomes a problem when fandoms get toxic (and given how great the mods are and interactive Brandon is with the fanbase as a whole, I don't see that happening for a long, LONG time).
  6. After roughly three-to-four weeks, I've finished my binge of Brooklyn 99. And what a binge it was. The show is phenomenal and brilliant, and it might be one of my favorite comedy shows/sit-coms of all time. Next week I'll probably start Stranger Things 3 and Agents of SHIELD.
  7. I actually liked the flashbacks, despite the insane level of cheesiness about them. It really hit home the theme that Spider-Man's story is also Iron Man's epilogue. The two are linked in a way I find very gratifying, so the flashbacks to explain the characters and the villains and the tech felt...if not earned, then at least well placed. As for the Tony superweapon...yeah, I can see that. It didn't bother me really because the drones were simply drones, controlled by someone else, but I can definitely see where you're coming from (and to make it worse, in the meta-sense it was yet another CGI mook army!)
  8. No Maria Hill? Other than her great list!
  9. I've seen it twice and thoroughly enjoyed it each time. I'm not sure if this really makes sense to anyone but me but Homecoming was a better Spider-Man movie while Far From Home was a better movie about Spider-Man...if that makes sense. I LOVE Zendaya's MJ, moreso than the Raimi MJ (the classical/ideal approach) or Amazing Spider-Man's Gwen Stacy (the Lost Lenore). She's quirky, weird, and just plain DIFFERENT than all other versions I've seen and I really enjoy that. Mysterio's twist didn't fool me, especially given the character's history and some of the synopsis leaks I heard about. But he did fool my parents when they saw it and I like how his story was kind of meta. The MCU seeing audience - ESPECIALLY if they've seen Into the Spider-Verse or watched CW's The Flash - is ready to accept multiple realities after Endgame. And Beck saying "I'm a good version of this character you know" is a nice way to raise some doubt in our "he's obviously evil" mindset. It didn't work for everyone, but it was a fun mind game to see played. Overall I really, REALLY liked this movie. And then the post-credit scenes happened and they changed the game. Big stuff for Peter, potentially big stuff for the MCU as a whole. Far From Home serves as another solid entry in the MCU and for Spider-Man as a character, and is a nice little epilogue for Tony Stark's character.
  10. Was wondering when someone would bring this up. Yeah Iyatil being Vin would be cool, but some of her dialogue (about being hunters and whatnot) really points to her having heritage from Southern Scardrial. THAT BEING SAID, Brandon could be playing semantics, where the alias that is Vin is dead and the alias that is iyatil was born in Silverlight. Or maybe something weird like how the spirit and/or spirit web is the same but the cognitive and physical aspects are different/new...but that might lead into reincarnation stuff that I'm sure Brandon doesn't want to touch...then again that could be related to how the Heralds get new bodies/Kelsier's potential dilemma...Hmmm...the more tinfoil-y this gets, the more I like it!
  11. the lost metal

    As the title says, who do you think will be join Wax on the cover of The Lost Metal?
  12. I kinda figured this'd be the case, but I honestly thought it'd be before SDCC so they could have a panel about Season 4 to hype it up and there'd be more discussion. Having a trailer drop during/at SDCC is good too, especially if it gets good attention; but there's always the fear it'll drop through the cracks. Either way, hopefully Season 3 will be out in July and we see more season this year in November or December.
  13. 10 separate types of pancakes of course! ...or would that be exclusive to the Roshar section of the park.
  14. When you rebuy Era 2 for yourself not only because you lost your SoS and BoM first edition hardcovers (and then gave the half-price book hardcover replacements you found to your best friend and don't expect them back) and never had AoL in hardcover...and you know that the leatherbound version will come out in 2021 and it's cheaper on Kindle... ...I also might have a problem with buying books.
  15. I haven't read a new book in months due to a reading slump of mine. I guess it's only a partial slump since I've been rereading all of Sanderson's full books. It started with The Rithmatist a couple of months ago, and then I decided to use my Mistborn Leatherbound books as books for once. Then about a week ago I finished the Reckoners trilogy. Next week I'll read Wax and Wayne (I need to buy them in hardcover since I never had AoL in hardcover AND I WANT IT; and gave away my SoS and BoM hardcovers...twice...). But that's not enough for me. I want to get to some new series...or at least start the books I've been buying over the past 6 months. So July ( least until Fire Emblem: Three Houses comes out...) will be my month of doing so, leaving August my month of finishing up series. So what's on this list asked nobody ever? Allow me to share: Tad Williams - The Dragonbone Chair Sam Sykes - A City Stained Red Steven Erikson - Midnight Tides Django Wexler - The Infernal Battalion Those four books are my highest priority. As to which goes first...that's where I'm waffling a bit. I think I should bite the bullet and do The Infernal Battalion, but it's been SO LONG since I read a Malazan book. But I also feel the need to red Sam Sykes' I should also put Iron Gold on the list, but I don't feel as tempted to read it. Onto "later but still in July" books: Django Wexler - Ship of Smoke and Steel (but I can't start this until I finish The Infernal Battalion) Jay Kristoff (and Amie Kauffman) - Aurora Rising Cixin Liu - The Three Body Problem