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  1. The Original and The Apocalypse Guard are not Cosmere. The Original is a sci-fi story about clones being created to hunt criminals. If they succeed, the clones can then take over the original's life.
  2. Finally started Witcher 3 yesterday. I'm enjoying the graphics and the story (and the side-quests), but the world hasn't taken me by storm yet, to be completely honest. I keep comparing it to Horizon: Zero Dawn in my head, since that's the last open world "fantasy" I played (Fire Emblem isn't open world AT ALL). And every time Yennefer appears or is described, all I can think of is Moiraine from The Wheel of Time (although Moiraine is usually pictured with brown hair according to the artwork I've seen). I don't think I'll ever be fully in love with this game, but I'll happily be proven wrong. This should keep me busy until Persona 5 Royal comes out, and then Persona will take over my life...again...
  3. We got a few good gems sprinkled throughout, but I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for. Sanderson has increased hope that The Apocalypse Guard will work and plans on dedicating some time to it after finishing all the revisions on Stormlight 4; to stay on schedule for said Stormlight book, Sanderson needs to finish Draft 3.0 by this week and move straight into Draft 4.0. The Way of Kings Leatherbound will be about $200 for the base book. Sanderson is very much hoping to NOT have to write all the screenplays for his books. Lastly, the audio-exclusive novella The Original he worked on with Mary Robinette Kowall should come out in the next month or so. Brandon's REALLY excited about it. This stream was pretty Cosmere-light it terms of content by design. But Adolin apparently would prefer onion rings over French fries if given the choice!
  4. I love the idea and am TOTALLY down for a Earth-Multiverse situation (the idea of a "perfect" reading order for Sanderson's YA stuff is too exciting on its own now!), but for now I'd honestly just like The Apocalypse Guard and The Atzlanian to work as books and come out first...
  5. I don't dislike Hubert (never used him, probably never will), but his Obviously Evil look always makes me laugh.
  6. NICE. But...isn't thinking of him as simply Wit...shorter...? Or maybe it'll come into play later, since thinking of him as a Jester does help explain his role...
  7. For some reason I had it in my head that the Bad Batch storyline was three episodes; but a fourth one won't see me complaining!
  9. THIS. IS HILARIOUS. PleasepleasePLEASE keep it up!
  10. Is it bad that because of your comment, I read it in Morgan Freeman's voice a la B.o.B's song "Bombs Away?"
  11. Just finished watching Terminator: Dark Fate with my dad! He ranked it on the same level of T3, so tying for third place (his ranking: T2, T1, T3 & Dark Fate, Salvation & Genysis. Sarah Connor Chronicles aren't listed because he never really watched the show). I'd rank it about a 6.5/10. It's not a bad movie at all, but it does things I'm personally not a fan of (boring invincible villains*, retcons, and emotionally stunted elderly protagonists (the only times it worked were Luke in TLJ and Kratos in God of War!)) There were a lot of things to like in this movie. Grace is AWESOME, Dani has an interesting parallel to some lore characters in some not wholly unexpected ways, and Arnold's role is very, VERY interesting to the plot for me. The action sets are varied and interesting, and the characters all have their specialty and moment to shine. But overall, this wasn't the movie for me. If the Terminator franchise wants to revitalize things, have a lead developer of Skynet be protected by a terminator from the future as an unstoppable, terminator-killing master Sarah Connor tries to kill him/her. *I get it, the Terminators represent rampant technology and the fears of it we have. I get it, we can't NOT have an invincible killing machine because that's what a Terminator is. I GET IT, keeping the "monster" helps keep the horror roots involved. And I get it, this terminator was better than all of the Knights of Ren by sheer presence. But it's not enough for me anymore. In T2 the villain never felt invincible. Unstoppable, absolutely, but never invincible. Here, the villain felt invincible.
  12. Mistborn might be one of the few properties that could work as either. For this series, I think changing the medium requires a change of genre focus, and keeping the shorter time limit of a movie might allow Brandon to keep the heist aspect at the front of the series. Making the original series a tv show would require focusing on the politics of high society (which could be nice to see Vin interact with more women). I originally wanted Wax & Wayne to be a tv show, but looking at it now, they're definitely the perfect length for a movie. Although this is something I just thought of - this movie is basically Sanderson's chance to go back and make all those changes to an earlier book every writer wishes they could do! Adding a woman to the crew, maybe having Vin interact with more women outside of balls, fleshing out some of the characters more, little stuff like that.
  13. I too would prefer Stormlight 4 and then The Lost Metal right after, and I do think this is will "delay" TLM until late 2022 most likely (Sanderson might experience some burn out, or bring himself right to the line of it and then choose to write Skyward 3 & 4 instead...which I love as well, but storm it I want my Mistborn 7 too!). But on the bright side, if the movie does work out and if it is good, then we can get a lot of new fans!
  14. I partially agree - look at Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. It's a pretty bloated movie that was written by J.K. Rowling, whose experience is far sharper with the Harry Potter books than it is the movie series. And I say this despite the fact that I LIKED the movie (it's not good, but I liked it)! But Brandon has also talked about how he's getting advice with writing it, and seems to be very aware of the differences in the medium and what traps to avoid. Yes, White Sand was all over the place, but this is slightly different, since it's Sanderson adopting his book to a new format himself. If nothing else, by doing this screenplay Sanderson knows what to cut and what to keep, which gives a guide for whoever comes in afterwards to spruce it all up. I had a thought earlier today that introducing Vin by having her being beat up for trying to escape Camon's gang might be a shocking and captivating start (as well as provide some instant sympathy points for Vin). But keeping Kelsier's actions at the beginning of the movie is definitely the wisest choice for the moment. Agreed on both points. In his current lectures (Lecture # 5 I believe) Sanderson mentioned that he's combining Kelsier's attack on House Venture with teaching Vin the metals, so maybe the one-on-ones aren't as necessary for the magic, but they will most assuredly help flesh out the world and the crew. I'd say maybe by 2025 or so? Sanderson finishes it by the end of this year, pitches it around early next year in-between books, and gets a deal by the end of 2021 or 2022? From there the studio finds a director, starts looking at actors and locations, and moves into pre-production...a few months of filming (3 at most I'd say), far more in post-production, and a solid release window for late March 2024 to try and capture the Spring Break crowd? (He then wins an Oscar for best screenplay adaptation, with fans from this movie wondering how the author of the book feels about the changes...only to find out the author of the book and the screenplay writer are the same person (but different Sanderbots, clearly).) I think it also depends on how well the Wheel of Time and Lord of the Rings shows do (and how well The Witcher does long-term). Maybe Dark One too, if it gets off the ground in the meantime. Or maybe it'll never get a release, but the activity itself will help with creative projects down the line.
  15. Sanderson has talked about this a couple of times now, and now we have a progress bar! What are y'all's feelings on Sanderson writing the screenplay? How do you think this will affect his current writing schedule, if at all? What changes do you think he'll make? What changes would you want him to make? Let's talk about it all here!