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  1. Shang-Chi teaser trailer is here!
  2. Power Rangers
  3. As I was trying to take a nap yesterday, two more Trio Support ideas popped into my head. Enjoy these. Hopefully I can finish up the other ideas I felt I've promised, and then end my post of the fan-made supports for good here. I'll also keep posting about any news and/or rumors until an official announcement happens. I may write more today. I may not. It depends on how much a distraction I need from real life events and news. (Probably a large one...) Flayn/Manuela/Seteth Hilda/Sylvain/Marianne
  4. marvel

    I'm still watching my John Rocha review of episode 4, and today/tomorrow's review will mean that I have even more to watch. So...yay? Anyways, Episode 4 was my favorite of the bunch...until I watched today's episode with my family. "Truth" hits hard. It's brutal, and I'm not just talking about the fight scenes. There are a lot of emotions, talks, and truths (heh) that the characters have to deal with, and not all of them are willing to do so. Characters that you thought might be allies turn out to be enemies because of their truths. That doesn't mean it's all dour though. This episode has some of the best laughs and warmest moments in the entire show as well. It's an emotion-filled episode, full of highs, lows, tears and smiles. You'd be surprised at how well this moves some of the plots along as well. It's far from a perfect episode, but it does lead into the finale with a level finality I wasn't expecting this series to have. FATWS doesn't shy away from some of the grittier aspects of the black experience and ideology, and I'm so happy it doesn't. This show has been very cathartic in a lot of ways, especially after the released footage last night.
  5. marvel

    I'd like to say that we'd find his actions more sympathetic and understandable than acceptable, but then I wonder...if we saw how much Lamar meant to John, and how Lamar was there for John through thick and then (or, as someone wielding that shield once said, was "with him until the end of the line,"), maybe we might be cheering the violence on. And that's a scary thought. Overall, I agree with a lot of what you said in this episode, and I think this is the first time that Sam really showed why he was chosen to be Captain America over someone like John or even Bucky. We always knew Sam was a good man, and while that is the core criteria, here we get to see how good a man he is.* John has this instinctive need to act, to do what he believes is the right thing. Steve had this too, but it was always rooted in compassion. Here, for John, it's rooted in control, fear and ultimately failure. John feels like he needs to be Captain America, and he's clearly failing. He can't stop the Flag Smashers, Sam & Bucky not only snub off his clear (and deeply, DEEPLY flawed) attempts at some sort of alliance but are getting better results to boot, and no one respects him. He's starting to realize he's playing in a game where the rules he's been taught and lived by don't really apply. He's a solid soldier, but a solid soldier isn't always a good man. Meanwhile Sam - like Steve - doesn't care about that. Sam wants to know the "why" behind the actions. He's looking to address the cause, not the symptoms, and is always looking to help people out. Sam's willingness to go into a situation that may be dangerous unarmed and simply talk to his enemy to find some sort of common ground is brilliant. He's a good man. But that's what this show seems to really be about at its core - asking what a hero is and what a symbol is in this modern age. Is it the sterile, idealized version of a person with their sins washed away like Steve nowadays? Is it the bloodstained reality of our failures and flawed attempts like John? Or can it be something else? Something that understands the broken (Zemo, and Bucky), forgotten (Sharon, Isaiah, the Flag-Smashers, and the Displaced), and failure (John), yet still striving to be whole? This is the path that Sam is ultimately on. Or so I think. I feel the exact same. It'd probably be for the best if they split this up into two seasons. There have been some discussions on whether this may be the case, with some fans preferring this and for Season 2 to be called "Captain America & the White Wolf" while others prefer a movie. Frankly I'd prefer both. Give me a season that wraps up these loose ends called "Captain America & the White Wolf," and then give me a movie about racism and supremacy within the US military and police system. (In my head I call this Captain America: Sins of the Patriot and the main villain would the Sinthea aka Sin Schmidt, (grand-)daughter of the Red Skull.) We know that the MCU has a Wakanda D+ show in the works now, but I'm not sure if we know anything more about it. There are also rumors about the Thunderbolts (a group of villains with good publicity IIRC, masquerading as "reformed villains") appearing, so Zemo may be part of that. However, [Minor Spoilers that talk about the latest "Two Episodes Left Trailer"] *Also, if you ever find yourself in a fictional world with a friend with Sam in his name, you're good. You've got yourself a Ride-Or-Die homie who will help you save the day. Look at LOTR, the MCU, and even GOT. Sam's are the best.
  6. I always assumed that if she wasn't a fully Surgebinder, she was well on her way to becoming one, even after the reveals.
  7. No problem! I definitely understand the feelings! (The few times I had to read the King James Bible it gave me a headache too!)
  8. And now a game journalist is saying that they got in contact with Thanibomb and the leaker said they "don't have any news and are just hoping for a Tellius remake," to summarize things. I'm linking the Reddit thread (by the same person who posted the one before) as well as the link to where the article publisher responds. There are some edits to the original article too, so I'm linking that as well. Overall, the takeaway from this is that we still have nothing. Whether or not Thanibomb knows anything is hearsay at best. They've dropped comments that could be read as hints or teases, but they can also be read from the view of a fan that's excited about something in their fandom. The game journalist may have indeed reached out to Thanibomb, and Thanibomb may have lied. Or maybe they told the truth. Or maybe they're making it up and Thanibomb simply doesn't care. We don't know, and probably won't know for a little while more.
  9. I think that's the version high schoolers read or used to read at least...or at least did so when I was in high school... Yeah, I've read it...or at least parts of it...I wasn't the best reader in High School... Wilson's is definitely better for pleasure reading. Wilson's poetry is crisp and reads much more like prose than anything else. She uses modern phrases that keep the spirit of the translation, making it far easier to understand what on earth is going on. I'm hoping Wilson eventually comes out with a version of the Iliad like that, since while I read Fagles' translation in 2018 for fun, I'd rather read it again and not have to wade through the poetry and styling to experience the story in that way. Wilson's is great for the story. It feels like one of those "No Fear Shakespeare" sort of guides, where the story is the same, but the language has been updated for modern times. The original poem used a type of hexameter beat IIRC, and I'm not sure what Fagle uses, if anything. Wilson is using iambic pentameter, since she wanted to keep the poetic reading while also giving her English readers what they'd be accustomed to. I'm going back to certain parts, and now after reading the Wilson version, I'm finding Fagles' translation easier to read. Just for fun, here's the first paragraph of both translations (which is actually a poor representation since Fagles' version is pretty straightforward): Fagles Wilson Here's part of a speech at Menelaus' feast (which is referring to the events in the tragedy Oresteia) Fagles Wilson I'm not that far (halfway through Book 4 out of 24), but I definitely like Wilson's translation better in terms of pure enjoyment. I'm not sure which I'd give high schoolers to read, however. Fagles' version is what's known, but Wilson's reads better. And maybe the fact that it's translated by a woman may help? (Some of the reviews talked about the woman's perspective in relation to this story and its translation. I'm a dude, and I'm typically blind to these things, but maybe it'd foster some good conversation.) And the Iambic Pentameter could be good to introduce here, so that when the students read Shakespeare later on they're not blind-sided by the styling. But again, I'm not that far, and I'm not an English-Lit or History teacher.
  10. Emily Wilson's translation of The Odyssey and Demon Slayer - I bought the first three volumes this week, and after a few false starts over the years, I think I'm in it for good.
  11. I have a C-A Claude/Edelgard/Petra OT3 mapped out, as well with a friendship trio support with Marianne, Ingrid, and Petra. (Not sure if it'll be C-B or C-B-A just yet though.) For the "crossover games" supports, I think I may even try out a Lysithea and Lucina!Morgan support. Maybe. (And no, I haven't forgotten about the Balthus/Catherine one either.) But until then, enjoy a C-B Claude/Dimitri/Edelgard support! Recommended Song: Passion/Sanctuary by Mree C-Support B-Support: MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE CHAPTER 8 Author's Notes: And in non-head-canon/made-up support news, there are rumors that the next remake will be the Tellius games. These aren't the first time I've heard such rumors - Mangs reported similar things last year I believe (before he was outed for being the abusive creep he is and kicked out of the FE Subreddit community). But frankly, I really hope this isn't true.
  13. And using yesterday's momentum, I've FINALLY finished the Dimitri/Dorothea support! My papers say that I last worked on this is late January; and looking at the pattern, I stopped working on the pairing to do the OT3 since it felt easier. But no longer! There's no real song to go with this one, sadly... I'm linking the actual supports below the Epilogue and the Author's Notes because down below I'm reposting the OT3 and in-game supports so that those that read this (and thank you to those that do - it means a lot) can have an idea of how I imagined the flow of everything in my head. Those who don't like the OT3 can simply ignore those posts and read the new stuff. Epilogue Author's notes In the OT3 Support I mentioned that in my head, there's an order to getting the ending. Here's the order of how I imagine the supports would function. I've also done a minute bit of polishing on the OT3 supports. Adding a phrase here, taking away a word there, little stuff. C-Supports B-Supports A-Supports Byleth/Dimitri/Dorothea S-Support Author's Notes 2 I'm going to try to carry the momentum into a Claude/Edelgard/Petra OT3, but I can't promise I can do this. It requires make an A-Support for Edelgard/Petra that can fit in the OT3 but doesn't feel exclusive to it, while also coming up with a storyline that fits all three characters. That may mean two different A-Supports...I have a few ideas forming, but I'm not sure how well they'll go over.
  14. I'm back with another support idea! This time it's Marianne and Manuela. Recommended soundtrack - "Wait For It" by Leslie Odom Jr from the Hamilton Soundtrack (again) and "Lost In Thoughts, All Alone" by Amalee. Unlocking Requirements: Marianne must win the White Heron Cup and become a Dancer. C-Support: C+ Support: B-Support: MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE THE FINAL BATTLE OF PART 1 (Before Chapter 12) A-Support: Extra Note: Epilogue: Author's Notes:
  15. Probably Rodge during the beginning or middle of Starsight, because as much as I'd like to learn how to fly, I'd need something to fly first. And why not at least try to ask Rodge for his blueprints so I can copyright them (it's only a day so he wouldn't be able to profit, but I'm sure some of our modern-day tech and history would fascinate him as well, so it could be a solid trade), sell them to a company, and get rich in the Military Industrial Complex? And then use that money to manufacture other designs I hadn't yet sold, and use those to build myself something even better.