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  1. That reminds me of a less crazy theory! Sometime during the next two books, Adolin is going to use Awakening to fully Awaken Maya. The long version of the theory is that he'll bring her mostly back to life (maybe Oath 2 level of life), but she won't be able to switch out of her sword form, nor will she be able to grant any powers to Adolin. So he finds Azure (or Zahel, if he's available and willing to share information) and asks how her sword was created. Then the theory splits: Adolin either goes to the Nightwatcher to ask for breaths to Awaken his blade (his bane being that he will never be able to hold investiture and become a Radiant...something he's fine with); or Adolin is "exiled" for killing Sadeas and uses that excuse to travel off-world, gains some breath in-between books/series, and comes back later. Or he just accompanies Shallan on an off-world Ghostblood mission.
  2. I LOVE IT. Going off your theory, what if the final stand ends with the remaining Heralds (and/or any new ones), picking up their blades out of a circle, to fight off the Voidbringers one last time as the world ends, redeeming themselves from the prelude. My two wildest theories are that: 1. Larkin are Dawnshards. I know this won't happen, but I always liked the idea of Dragon Riding Radiants. Add to the fact that Larkins can do pretty much everything that Dawnshards are rumored to do, and that, like Shardblades before them, are introduced in gradual was a fun theory. It also fits the theme of us seeing the answers right in front of our eyes, but not being able to process it yet. 2. Book 5 will end with Odium destroying the highstorms. That ominous prophecy about that says "The Everstorm comes. The True Desolation. The Night of Sorrows." is actually talking about 3 separate events. The Everstorm is what we saw arrive in WoR; the True Desolation is upon us, and we'll see it in full during books 4 & 5, and Book 5 will end with the Night of Sorrows. The Weeping is called that because there are no highstorms. What do you call an era without highstorms? This is also why Lift and Renarin are so important. Cultivation saw this coming so she prepared Radiants that aren't dependent on highstorms for their investiture. Bonus Theory 3: Jasnah's book will be called The Stormlight Archive, and the epigraphs will be her forward of the book. So we'll be reading The Stormlight Archive in the Stormlight Archive, the final book of The Stormlight Archive. Bonus Theory 4: Part of the splinters of Honor/Tanavast were molded into a human (or forced into a human...or something like that), and Kaladin was the outcome, which is why the Stormfather calls Kaladin "Son of Tanavast." I don't think Lirin is/was Tanavast or anything like that, but I think there's something going on there.
  3. The "Palona is a secret Kandra" weirdly works well with the idea that "Sebrial is actually Thaidakar." The Set could have some connection with the Ghostbloods, although Hoid isn't impressed by the Ghostbloods, whereas he actively loathes the Set. So probably not. Either way, it's a fun theory!
  4. There's a theory that Mare is actually a world-hopper from Nalthis (she reached a high enough Heightening that her life-sense could be passed off as Tin, and that her presence alerted the Lord Ruler to the existence of world-hoppers. Hence, his "thank you,"). Edit: Also, maybe any hints you can find about why Vin was so special would be very nice.
  5. Sadly, like all things Pegasus related, it's gender-locked.
  6. Great choices for Dalinar and the Windrunners. Maybe early Dalinar would have been a an Oni Savage/Cheiftan, and later Dalinar would have been a Great Knight (or sword using General)? It could be like 3H where Windrunners start as soldiers and then can turn into Pegasus Knights. Navani would totally be a mechanist! Why didn't we think of it sooner! Most of the other characters fall into specific tropes rather than what their order would best be suited as (i.e. Shallan being the red-head mage like Ewan, Tormod, Ricken and Miriel (and if official artwork hair color is anything to go by, Laurent), Hayato, and even Annette (to a degree) have been). Lift might turn into a troubadour, but the first time we see her, she's literally a thief. And both Awakening and Fates have promotions for thieves that can use staves. Give her Pass for large movement. The rest of your choices I 100% agree with.
  7. I voted for Navani and Rlain respectively, but it wouldn't bother me too much if it turned out to be Rlain for the Sibling and Rock for the Nightwatcher, or something to that effect.
  9. You know, it might work weirdly. Dalinar would either be the early-game prepromote (great stats, but terrible growth rates most of the time*) or a very weird take on the Lord. Adolin, as you said, could be the Myrmidon/swordmaster. But we also don't have that many horse-riders on Roshar, so Adolin could fulfill a niche role as a Cavalier. Kaladin - and by proxy most of Bridge Four - is a Soldier. Or the future Lord of the game, but goes through the first part of the game as a Soldier. Shallan has that red-headed Mage thing down. Jasnah is the late game Sage. Lift is the Thief. Szeth...I mean, it'd be easy to label him as Assassin...although he probably would fit Swordmaster just as well. Renarin would be a Shaman. Navani would be...a Sniper maybe...? Or probably a new class. Wit is the Bard! *exceptions include Seth, Titania, Frederick, and Felicia.
  10. Adolin used Astra! Crits all around. Love it.
  11. I always thought Stormlight would work better as a story-driven RPG. Like the old Bioware ones. You'd take control of a character in one of the previous desolations, and the choices you make would affect what order you end up joining. For bonus points, the final map of the game would be the scene right before the Prelude in WoK. The game would end on a happy note, with the Heralds announcing that the Desolations were finally over. Then you read the Prelude and realize, that the entire ending was a lie. Mistborn you're spot on, although it might be easier to do the farther back in time you go. the Stormlight idea above, what if the story actually follows Alendi's journey? The biggest problem would be the ending, of course, but the game doesn't actually have to stop at the Well of Ascension. What if there's a final boss right before it? It helps the fans believe that Alendi completed his goal without needing to see it, and when they pick up TFE, they realize that things haven't gone according to plan.
  12. I have finished my Blue Lions run with Belle/Bylass, and now it's back to the Golden Deer with Byleth/Bylad! This time I'll be romancing Dorothea. Things have already started differently: I used most of my renown to raise my Teacher Rank to B, Sword rank to A, Authority to B, and Bows to C. I saved the leftover and used that to get my Heavy Armor to C. Next will be Riding and Reason, and then Axe, Faith and Fists. My goal is to S rank Riding, Axe, and Fists. Faith too, but that can be saved for BL Round 2 (when the new DLC classes and characters come out). I probably won't get there, but I can try. The Heavy Armor helped me recruit Ferdinand immediately, so he'll be part of the core team now. The only problems I see encountering are that my team might be a tad under-leveled compared to last time, as I can only battle twice on free days instead of three times. Other changes: Lorenz will be my Dark Mage (thank you Joe Zieja for the idea). I tried that for Linhardt last time, but I recruited him too late and used him too infrequently. I might turn Ignatz into one too. I'm not sure who my dancer will be. I'm torn between Hilda (I want her to learn Bolting; her charm is also good, as are her gambits, but Authority isn't a favored stat for her), Marianne (used her like that on the first GD run and I LOVED it), Ingrid (gives her a niche). Dorothea was phenomenal as a dancer, but I prefer her as a Gremory. Same for Lysithea (although some day that would be fun to do). Maybe Sylvain, but probably not.
  13. True, and that does come in handy. It's just that more often than not, if she's surrounded by enemies, she won't survive. Dorothea has a chance at dodge-tanking. But I've seen Dorothea die by unlucky strikes and Lysithea tank (and dodge-tank) armies, so it's all up to chance and RGN.
  14. Interesting! Mine isn't nearly as fragile as Lysithea or Annette (who was good in my first BL run, but has really fallen behind in the current one), but I'm not sure I'd say she's as bulky as Marianne, Mercedes, or Ingrid. But still, her magic list is just plain awesome. I'm...not sure I'll ever get to do a Black Eagles run. I don't have it in me to do a Crimson Flower run (I can't do anti-hero/villain/Renegade/Dark Side runs on videogames. It just hurts me), nor do I want to lose the main lord of the game just for Silver Snow (I also really want to make Edelgard a dancer, but that means losing her on SS). That doesn't mean I don't know what happens.