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  1. Last week I read as much of the main FE 4 manga I could find, and now I NEED a remake. I think having one come out within the next 12-18 months would be perfect for Fire Emblem and the Switch as a whole. First off, like I said before, they could combine FE 4 & 5 into one game. Yes, the mechanics between the two are insanely different, but that shouldn't matter too much depending on how one frames the story. In Shadows of Valentia, the story was framed as a sort of history and prophetic manuscript come to pass. A Jugdral remake could do the same. Call it Fire Emblem Echoes: The Saga of Jugdral or Fire Emblem Echoes: The Jugdral Saga (in reference to modern recordings of Icelandic stories...specifically The Saga of the Icelanders and The Vinland Saga repectively). The game itself can be broken into three parts: Part 1 is Sigurd's story, Part 2 is Lief's story, and Part 3 is Seliph's story, bringing closure to it all. And considering how rooted in Norse and Icelandic mythology FE 4 & 5 (and Heroes) are, this would be a PERFECT fit.* In terms of content, I think FE 4 could fill a void that cultural void that Game of Thrones** left. Genealogy has epic battles, incest, complex family trees, incest, tragedy, redemption, and most importantly INCEST.*** The grand scope of the game could feel even grander with new additions such as battalions and exploring the castles freely now (which in turn may help castles feel unique if items purchased and things done in castles were individualized). Lastly, Kaga had some notes about how he imagined Part 3 of Genealogy would go. I think DLC would be a great way to include some of those things.**** *To make it more like a story, have an older Chrom reading the Saga of Jugdral to a younger Lucina (left ambiguous to which timeline) so we can have a nice subtle shoutout to Matt Mercer's narration skills in Critical Role. **More in terms of the show than the books. Sanderson sort of fills the Song of Ice and Fire book void by sheer speed and length with The Stormlight Archive and the Cosmere as a whole. In terms of shows, Wheel of Time and the Lord of the Rings shows are looking to be strong competitors, but I do think for the first time a game could compete on that level too. ***In Kaga's original notes, apparently Lachesis and Eldigan, WHO ARE BROTHER AND SISTER, were going to be Ares' parents instead of Eldigan and an NPC. A remake would be a good time to add that back in. Not because the game is missing anything without it, but because the audience can handle that after dealing with Jaimie and Cersei Lannister. It would be a cool way to explore that relationship and deconstruct the "Big Brother Worship" trope that Fire Emblem loves so much. What does it mean to love ones' brother in a non-romantic setting? What does that do to one's family? Friends? How one views all other men? How others view that one? The game is already pretty dark and deconstructs so many themes, why not add one more to the pile? **** [SPOILERS FOR A 20 YEAR OLD GAME] It mostly involved:
  2. I know it used to be on Amazon Prime, but it's been a couple of years since I checked. Other than Netflix, I'd say getting the Blu-Ray is your next best bet. ...or signing up for a trial period of Netflix - do they still do those? - and binging the entire show in a week or so.
  3. I did! I honestly forgot it was a thing until you reminded me lol! Thanks!
  4. No problem! (Sorry I was off-line most of this past weekend.) That and the ever-evolving theme of the Chromatic Chicken Scouts!
  5. Adam wrote in the chat that the plan is to make the stream public, but there wasn't any time frame mentioned for that. However your recording could be really helpful in transcribing the questions (my notes were pretty inconsistent).
  6. Ask me again after I read Volume's 2 & 3! ...I'll probably end up waiting for the Omnibus... But overall, yeah, I'm excited too. White Sand had some steep learning curves, and Dark One clearly benefited from that. I'm sure future White Sand volumes will benefit form what Dark One has taught Sanderson about graphic novels.
  7. So I took some notes during the Q&A. I ended up paraphrasing a lot due to the speed of the questions, and I DEFINITELY missed some stuff. Feel free to enjoy these or fine-tune them for other articles or speculation. I'll put the Dark One spoilers in the spoiler section (27-38) I'm currently editing this post, so please bear with me! 1. Television show will still be an adaptation of the graphic novel, if Brandon gets his way. 2. Pattern’s origins are in Dark One (when it was written as a YA sort of Harry Potter book). 3. Graphic novel takes outlines from the TV show and putting in graphic novel form. The TV started to drift from the original property. Still in talks about how much it will look like the graphic novel. Sanderson is not sure how much it’ll look like the graphic novel. There’s a chance the property will be renamed and worked into something else. 4. Outline has more with Lin; graphic novel more focused on Mirandus. 5. If there is a novel, that would be the prequel. “Epic fantasy sort of novel form.” 6. Novel Outline vs Comic Outline Comic Outline: Dialogue Heavy Focused on a large number of characters . Quick moving plots . Episodes vs Parts Serialized 7. Sanderson’s five soul stamps: Recast self as a visual artist Recast as a computer programmer Very different version of self “to see what I could have been” 8. Softer magic system vs we don’t have the rules yet. We don’t have the rules, but it’s softer than Cosmere. Paul’s powers are scary to HIM and aren’t wanted. Sanderson leaned in the horror of this as opposed to the Classic Brandon System, and the story started to work better. 9. Three Seasons outlined! So expect two more graphic novels. 10. Is there a significant difference between time passing in Mirandus and Earth? Sanderson has given leeway, so unknown for now. How it works in the outline – it wouldn’t be required. When the Narrative needs a Dark One and a Destined One, one is provided. Isaac says no. Check the climax of the first volume. 11. There’s a reason Mirandus speaks English 12. There are other incantations like the Mirandus & Earth travel one. 13. Too terrible circumstances for a character? Yes, but no examples given. 14. Isaac did the map stuff. I sorta zoned out on this part. 15. Emily Sanderson did one of the maps for A Memory of Light. Mellior (sp.) Battle map? 16. White Sand Omnibus Isaac is working on this when he’s working around Rhythm of War and the Kickstarter. Adding 38 new pages of artwork at the beginning. 17. Chicken Scouts The Chromatic Chicken Scouts. Cosmere-wide organization and get Chicken Scout badges by going to Roshar. “Brave Like Chickens.” 18. Isaac LIKES the ALTA comics! He has a soft spot for the Hellboy comics. Others include Nameless City, Amulet, Five Worlds Sanderson LOVES Watchmen. Other favorites: Dr. McNinja, old school TMNT, Bone, Amulet (both he and his kids) 19. No Graphic Audio for Dark One at the moment. Separate audio adaptation, but it’d be different from the graphic novel. It’d be like a radio drama. 20. ASMR jokes abound. Isaac then noted that when Sanderson signs things, it sounds sort of like the guitar riff in Pacific Rim. 21. There will probably be a livestream on Tuesday to talk about the book. 22. Leatherbound is the furthest along for the Kickstarter. 23. Isaac’s writing time has been taken up by most other things. Worldbuilding for Darkside (Taldain). Thinking about calling it The Arcanist. Prologue to White Sand. Probably for the Omnibus. Monsters Don’t Wear Underpants Board/Lift-the-flap book. He will read it on a stream sometime. We’ll hear more about it in the next few months. 24. Cosmere storybook is an idea for the future. Kickstarter and Stormlight have sucked the air out of other projects. 25. Isaac is already working on The Alloy of Law leatherbound. 26. RoW cover It’s coming along. The color sketch has been seen. Tor will reveal it when they get it. Sanderson won’t reveal it. DARK ONE SPOILERS TIME 39. Is it possible for a Kandra to bond a spren? Rafo. Yes good question. 40. Has Odium interacted other than any shards in a meaningful way post-Ascension? RAFO 41. Unkalaki jobs are decided by birth order. Is this cultural or for other spiritual reasons? No Rocks’s circumstances are not related to that. Horneater, name of novella between books 4 & 5 42. Showing emotional or non-physical Allomancy onscreen Blue as a signifier that Allomancy is being used. Faint blue lines and flashing items. Blue veins across arms for Pewterarms Eyes flashing blue when using emotional alomancy Non-diegetic cue, and it’s a little hard. Maybe it’ll have an extra weakness and BE diegetic. 43. How did the Knights Radiant treat their transgender members? In the past the KR were WAY more progressive than currently. They would treat them as the gender the Radiant sees them self as. 44. What is the strangest place you’ve pulled inspiration from? Chicken Scouts. Pat Rothfuss’ beard magic system for charity. 45. If you could chose three aspects to have with you, what would their specialties be? Languages, a really good continuity editor (to help Karen), and a psychologist Isaac would go with fashion consultant. 46. What form is a Listener at birth? Technically Dullform but they viewed it as Childform because it’s vibrant and alive in a way Dullform isn’t. It dulls as they age. Maturity is at seven or eight – not sure about continuity. Venli is 14 in Listener years. (10 for Listener is about 16 for humans) 47. Inspiration for the Narrative It’s a balance between the magic system and a modernist take on how narrative shapes who people are. The Pattern is a major inspiration. “Stranger Than Fiction” is an inspiration. 48. Sanderson most likely WON’T write Dark One’s novelization. Due to time allocation. 49. Could a modern human and Listener have fertile children? RAFO. 50. Sanderon is an Elsecaller/Bondsmith mix. 51. The Most Powerful Sword created idea. 780 powers Most of them are useless. Sanderson wants to write this someday. Top Quotes: “Not dropping the framerates like he used to.” “I’m one of the bestselling authors in the world! I can buy a gaming PC!”
  8. Great review! I felt the same about Dark One. It reminded me a lot of how I feel when reading a Stormlight book, in the sense that it felt almost too long at times, and while I couldn't get through it fast enough (in the best way possible - usually the faster I read something, the more I like it), I didn't want it to end. Paul was a character unlike any Sanderson has created so far, and I'm both curious and scared to see how far he'll go to change the Narrative now. I'm still not sure I trust his sister, even after everything. And the kingdom of the Light have some shady stuff going on now...pun intended. Overall this was a major win for Sanderson in terms of quality. Now if only we can get more people to read it...
  9. Cool theory! I really like it!
  10. That was exciting news (and cool to see him answer those questions more or less live)! I do wonder if he could crunch The Lost Metal to come out in 2021 with Skyward 3. ...I don't think it would be healthy, but I do wonder if it's possible.
  11. Interesting find and interesting theory! I'm in the camp that if it does happen, a Syl P.O.V. would be either an interlude or like the Bridge 4 chapters in OB. But it does create some interesting potentials...
  12. Will they consider it a god metal? Are there ramifications for it NOT being considered one in Era 1? I honestly can't remember. I just thought they considered it more like "weird and useless" rather than a god metal.
  13. I did notice this and have read many stories/played more than a few games where the premise of "Dark Is Actually Good and Light/Holy Is Evil." But the fact that the story I am a little afraid that the story is going to go in a direction we've seen and alluded to, but hey, Journey Before Destination.
  14. While not a fan of using time travel, I do like it in certain stories since it does allow for interesting character interaction (T2, Fire Emblem Awakening, Avengers Endgame) or fun alternate universe shenanigans (Flashpoint paradox). Erratic behavior of characters or the erasure of entire arcs for no reason other than "new writer, new direction" or "we need to shake things up" really bugs me (see The Rise of Skywalker, Arrow Season 4, and Marvel's Ultimatum). Superheroes are an exception to this for the most part due to how slowly they age in comicbook years and how most of them are iconic/static heroes instead of characters with character arcs, but even then there are limits and fans WILL become upset (see: Spider-Man: One More Day and One Moment In Time; Tom King's current Batman run, and the infamous Havok/Polaris issues).
  15. Just finished! Okay, that was DOOOOOPE! Of all the projects Sanderson's been attached to, this definitely a contender for the darkest one (pun intended). There's optimism in the story, but given the perspective, it feels almost like anti-nihilism in a way. For a while I've said that Mistborn was Sanderson's response to the Wheel of Time, but after reading this, I think I might have spoken too soon (or maybe this is the Game of Thrones to The Wheel of Time's The Lord of the Rings...if that makes sense...). All of the talk of the Narrative was straight up Jordan, and how it's finished at the end is so fascinating. Paul was a cool character, although I do worry that his ascension to power, while terribly long for a graphic novel, would be too short for a television show (depending on the length of the first season). Nikka was a ride. I thought she was going to be but it turns out she was telling the truth about a lot of things. Paul and Nikki's father is hiding a lot of secrets as well (although I think they pretty much state the largest one). The princess (Feodora?) was an interesting character, but it's clear her journey is just beginning. The ending was awesome and I CANNOT WAIT for more books in this series. I have more to say, but it's too fresh right now. I'll come back after reading it a couple of times. P.S. - Bring Me the Horizon's new song "Parasite Eve" goes GREAT with this story (it also goes great with the latest chapters of My Hero Academia).