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  1. Great job and thanks for asking about Dark One (I sent out a tweet to the writers of the graphic novel last week, but not response...) Also, the title The Dust Brigade sounds super gritty and dark to me. Reminds me of Malazan...although maybe because it makes me think of the title Dust of Dreams.
  2. So I'll admit I was wrong. When the leaks came out, I only saw a part of them to save myself the surprise as to how the story will end. This created an inaccurate picture of the series and the finale, and I was wrong to take such partialities as truths. THAT BEING SAID, I think where the show ended was about as perfect as it could get for the show it is. Or rather, I think the ending is great for the books. There's so much more I could say, but I need to eat and go to bed. So I'll save this for another time. Overall, Game of Thrones shows what happens when a show outpaces a series and takes shortcuts when streamlining characters. But the ending fit.
  3. And now I feel like I'm about to defend the opposite side lol! IW states that Thanos' motivation is from overpopulation. That's where he thinks poverty and starvation come from. In some ways he's not wrong there. You're right he's ignoring the smaller nuances, but so does most superhero stuff (which is one of the giant gripes I have with my favorite MCU film, Cap 2: Winter Soldier). You're right that his plan is bogus (as pretty much every character who hears it in IW points out), but it doesn't mean the fear rooted there is. Overpopulation and depleting resources are real world problems we'll have to face, most likely in our lifetime. Then again, this is par for the course for the writers and directors (security vs freedom in Winter Soldier; regulation and accountability in Civil War; and overpopulation, sacrifice, and parenthood in Infinity War). Or another way of looking at it is as others have said - Thanos has had this idea and has been working towards it for so long that he can't see another way to address this specific problem. IW's narrative presents him as understandable. Relatable, hopefully not! And I'd not sure I'd say sympathetically, since every scene that is seen as "sympathetic" with Thanos is marred by his cruelty, insanity, and narcissism to me. Understandable, almost respectable, but far too crazy and ultimately wrong and selfish. Films&Stuff on YouTube has a great video essay about a type of villain rising up called the New Order Villain. It's a type of villain who comes about through the failing of the good guys and wants to erase or fix the broken system that created them. But they end up going too far and crossing moral thresholds into the realm of villainy. Films&Stuff cites Kylo Ren and Killmonger as examples. The latter I agree with, the former...well...I don't like Kylo Ren at all, but that's another story. Thanos almost fits here. His self-proclaimed reasons would be enough to put him here. But as Infinity War hinted at and Endgame shows, Thanos is a megalomaniac with a god-complex. He wants to solve the problem and be thanked for it. I was hurt by it, but it fit. Thanos needed an emotional attachment and Gamora was the logical fit. Her death added some real stakes and my jaw was...dropping...during the whole section at Vormir. I'm not sure I like the 2014 Gamora taking her place, but I can live with it. I'd like to say that Gamora's sacrifice might have set up the story for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, since the post-credit (mid-credit? I don't remember. I saw it once I think) scene set up Adam Warlock, who's whole Thing is about the Soul Stone. But given how Thanos treated the stones at the beginning of Endgame...
  4. "You have my respect, Sharders. When I'm done...I hope they remember you." - 2019 Sanderson, probably. Jokes aside thanks for the hard work!
  5. Is live action the only choice here? Because if we're doing animated... Dalinar - Christopher Sabat (Vegeta, Piccolo, All Might from My Hero Academia) or Kevin Conroy (Batman) Young Dalinar - Matt Latner (Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Clone Wars) Jasnah - Jennifer Hale (Fem. Commander Shepard in Mass Effect, Bastila Shan in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Sheena in Tales of Symphonia, Avatar Kyoshi and June in Avatar: The Last Airbender) Shallan - Cherami Leigh (Makoto from Pesona 5, Lucy from Fairy Tail, Asuna from SAO) or Willa Holland (Aqua from Kingdom Hearts, Thea Queen from Arrow) or Christina Vee (see below) Evi - Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka in Star Wars: The Clone Wars) Lift - Christina Vee (Marionette from Miraculous Ladybug, Elsa in Re:Zero, Edelgard in Fire Emblem: Three Houses) or Sasha Rojen (Ezran from The Dragon Prince) Mr. T - Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker, Joker, Dictatious in Trollhunters, Darth Bane in Star Wars: The Clone Wars) Szeth - Keith Silverstein (Shido in Persona 5, Saber in Fire Emblem Echoes, Hawk Moth in Miraculous Ladybug, Lex Luthor in Batman: Arkham Knight) Kaladin - Michael B Jordan* (Adonis Creed, Killmonger, Cyborg in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox), Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen in Arrow), or Matt Mercer (GM of Critical Role, Chrom, Ryoma/Shigure, and Yusuke in Fire Emblem Awakening, Fates, and Persona 5 respectively) Tien - Justin Brinner (Deku in My Hero Academia) or Tom Holland (Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the MCU)? Teft - Steve Blum (from pretty much everything but: Spike from Cowboy Bebop, Amon from The Legend of Korra, Zeb from Star Wars Rebels, Grunt in Mass Effect 2 & 3, Ares in God of War) Rock - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson The Lopen - Michael Pena Amaram - Henry Cavill (Superman in the DCEU, The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) or Mark Meer (Male Commander Shepard) Sadeas - James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan from Star Wars: The Clone Wars) Wit - Brandon Sanderson himself?? Matt Mercer?? Adolin - Jack De Sena (Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Callum from The Dragon Prince) Renarin - Justin Brinner (Deku in My Hero Academia) if he's not Tien. Nohadon - ??? Shalash - ??? Jezrien - ??? Taln - Idris Elba (?) Elhokar - ??? Gavilar - Christopher Sabat (if he's not Dalinar) or Sean Bean (Boromir, Ned Stark)
  6. I should note that in my mind, Stormlight is an anime (I even have the intros and outros!) so I'm viewing the question through that lens. In my mind it's told how they are in the books, with one or two chapters per episode (the pilot can be extra long to cover most of the characters and get a feel for what's going on). Think of it like The Dragon Prince. There are three main groups in the show (the Dragaang, the Brodigies, and Viren), each getting more or less time depending on what the story needs. Game of Thrones was similar at first, with 4 main branches: Ned in King's Landing, Jon at the wall, Catelyn making her way down to King's Landing, and Dany on the other side of the world. Certain characters pop in and out of the groups dependent on the story, but following the groups in different settings keeps the story pretty straightforward. In terms of flashbacks...maybe link those to when the Kaladin section of the story isn't normally needed. Like, you usually have a Shallan/Kaladin or Shallan/Kaladin/Dalinar episode, but Kaladin's stuff needs a time-skip, maybe use a flashback instead to get an idea as to what his past would be? But in all honesty, all that's needed for the flashbacks is a slightly different style than the present and people will catch on quick. In terms of the interludes chapter, I'd make them all one episode per set. So when you finish Part 1, the next episode would all be interludes and marked as such. Like the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "Tales of Ba Sing Se." Episodes would come out in Parts like the book, with the whole book being a "Season." So maybe in January you'd get Part 1 and maybe 2 with interludes, July you'd get Part 3 with interludes, and in December you'd finish the book. This an unlikely schedule, but it paints the picture I'm trying to set.
  7. I heard about that! Slightly off topic, but does Astral Chain look any good? Have we heard anything about it besides the Direct trailer? I'm interested in seeing it and hearing about it although I'll probably pass on it myself (I have enough games as it is lol!)
  8. "And then what?" "I finally rest, and watch the sun rise on a grateful universe." It was always there, even in Infinity War. If he cared for life he might have thought about protecting it in a different way than mass murder. You have the power over life and death on that level? Maybe try changing how life works instead of murdering untold trillions. His hatred of Nebula goes against any good point he had. Remember, any time she lost to Gamora he would rip out a biological part of hers and replace it. And Gamora NEVER lost. Just because someone is a disappointment doesn't mean you should stop loving them, especially if you call them "daughter." But that's the irony of the situation, isn't it? His love is situational, and he is anything BUT a father. He does show compassion for Wanda, you're right. But he doesn't let her grieve, nor does he help her situation, like a kind person would. I'm not sure I'm picking up what you're putting down when you say not bringing Vision back to life is Thano's version of humility. Like, the dude LITERALLY reversed time in order to rip the Mind Stone out of Vision's head. I'm saying that instead of brutally ripping it out, he could have used the other Stones' powers to get it out or at least try to. But he doesn't care about other people, not really. Gamora in a twisted way, yes, but outside of that they're just tools for the job. Remember, Thanos doesn't kill most of the Avengers in Infinity War because they're not a threat to him. The three he did (try to) kill were: Thor (left for dead, thought the job was done), Tony (made a deal to let him live but probably didn't think he'd live long anyways), and Vision (had something he wanted, he took it and left). Scarlet, he probably should have...but then she died in the snap and he had won at that point anyways. Oh absolutely! Gamora all but states it as such. It's abusive at best (which isn't to say abusive parents can't and don't love their children, but it's NOT a healthy way of doing so. I don't condone abuse in any way, shape, or form). Nebula exemplifies it in Endgame when she says "he won't let me." Also, on a slightly separate note but still connected, the same music plays when Thanos is torturing Nebula to find the Soul Stone in Infinity War plays again in Endgame when - in the exact same room - Nebula is tied up and Thanos finds out about the Avengers plan to undo his snap.
  9. But we know he's not those things. I THINKS he's those things but everything we've seen points to the exact opposite (his whole relationship with Nebula in Infinity War for example, calling her a "waste of parts," killing all the dwarves and claiming Eitri's hands as his, and seeing Scarlet Witch kill the love of her life. With 5/6 stones it probably would have been incredibly easy remove the Mind Stone from Vision without killing him (Reality, Power, and Soul to make sure Vision stays, and then Space to remove it safely), but he didn't really care about that). Nearly everyone "by their own standards" is kind, generous, and sympathetic. His god complex was always in the background because we never see anything threaten it or his goals up until that point. I don't want to seem as though you can't like Thanos. I definitely appreciate him as a villain, possibly into "like" territory for that role. Heck I'd go so far and say he's this generation's Darth Vader, bad father and all. I understand his motives up to a certain point. I just don't want to praise him for something I truly don't think he is.
  10. After seeing the Famitsu article this morning I am officially hyped for this game. There were some "leaks" on Reddit and reading the non-spoilery ones (or at least most of the non-spoilery ones) I think this game has a lot of potential. I'm go all in on the gauntlets (I love Brave Weapons as well as shuriken/daggers in Fates, so yeah, I'm game). The character and class customization looks really deep and fun. It reminds me a bit of Disgaea (which reminds me I need to finish that...after Valkyria Chronicles 4...and Horizon Zero Dawn...and Witcher 3…maybe before Witcher 3, but that depends on when I get through those first two and when FE3H comes out...). It's like they took the best parts of Fates and Echoes for customization and are expanding on it. The teacher system reminds me of Persona, which isn't a bad thing overall. But this time it's from Kawakami's point of view! No. Okay, moving on. Serenesforest's breakdown mentioned Trials of Cold Steel, so I'm on my way to YouTube to check that out today. Overall, I'm super pumped for this game. Things I hope to see: Unique Supports: I LOVE supports. These are what keep me coming back to the game (that and shipping and the fun customization mechanics). Unique, varied supports that flesh out the characters is one of the main reasons I love the GBA games and Awakening. Radiant Dawn's generic supports nearly ruined the entire game for me, and Fates' supports felt the same for 90% of the characters (i.e. all supports with Nyx lead back to her curse, most supports with Laslow lead back to flirting, supports with Peri lead back to killing (although to be fair some hers actually discuss the morality of her murders and the reasons behind it, with her ending making it clear that while it does get fixed, it is NOT an instant one. Her skill with cooking also gets some good mentions, so in some ways she's actually MORE fleshed out than Nyx...she's just an immature, terrible human being). Give me this and some good gameplay and I can ignore the story entirely. I'll even ignore the whole "hot for teacher or teacher/student romance" dynamic given that both Japan and the U.S. (where I'm based) have media involving this. It's wrong and it's gross and it should be called out wherever it is seen in reality; but this is a fantasy world where blue hair is normal. We'll live. A Path With All Characters: This is more tricky. At my heart I'm a collector. I love having all the characters and I feel physically hurt when I can't have them all (...except when killed Selena in Fates my first time. I actually cheered. I HATED Severa in Awakening). I'd pay for an extra DLC path with them all, but PLEASE DEAR NAGA LET THE STORY MAKE SENSE. I mean, I can ignore a bad story, but a good one makes the game so much smoother. The problem with this is the supports. When a cast gets too big the supports become generic. So maybe be able to gain the entire cast but limit who they can support? I'll take that compromise. Things I hope not to see: Child Units: I loved them in Awakening because the story made sense for them. I tolerated them in Fates because I liked the complexity they added to customization and inheritance; but the buck stops here! Firstly, at least the first part of this game is at a school setting, and unless the creators are going to address the unfortunate realities and difficulties of teenage pregnancies and ALL that entails, the politics of pregnancies at a school that's a microcosm for the entire continent, or the dissonance of medieval pregnancies and how young the mothers were, let's leave them out this time. Now, if there's a time-skip, I guess I can deal, but it would still be a little weird to me. But the game shouldn't bend over backwards to include them. If they really want them in a game, remake Genealogy (with Thracia 776 interlude or DLC?) and/or combine FE 6&7 into one game and remake them together. PvP Only Abilities: I don't like PVP because I like all my games to be single player games. I can stand coop modes and stories, but that's as far as I go. But because of this I hate it when I can't use an ability or feature or character because they're so focused around PvP play. It's annoying.
  11. I want Eggman to win. That is all.
  12. As I watched the movie a second time, I realized something about most of Thor's scenes. While they usually begin and end very funny, the middle is actually not that funny and takes Thor really seriously. Take his first scene for example. When we see him we're shocked (as are Bruce and Rocket), but as soon as Thanos is mentioned, Thor nearly breaks and the scene treats Thor's PTSD with extreme respect and care. Banner reaches out to Thor and tries to appeal to the man he once knew. It doesn't work because Thor is too far in despair; the scene then ends with Rocket appealing to Thor's addiction in a humorous manner. When Thor's explaining the Reality Stone, the scene starts with him asleep, but as he goes to explain what it is and all he's lost, it becomes more serious. The comedic undertone is simply because of the public setting, but paying attention to the music and the attitude. When Thor is having a panic attack, Rocket, like Banner, is trying to bring out the best he knows Thor can be. Insensitive to the point of crude humor, absolutely, so hate this moment if you will. But it was done to remind Thor that while he can't regain his loses, he can fix his mistake. As for fat-shaming, only two instances of it come up that I can remember. First being Rocket, who last saw Thor as the pinnacle of fitness, and this is his first reaction. Second would be Freya, who slyly advises her son to eat a salad. I'm not NEARLY as large as Thor, but I'm not in the same shape as I was in high school. My parents do the same. They want to see the best they know their child can be, and in the best shape. So this doesn't bother me nearly as much as it does others. Tony's Lebowski comment could act as a third, but he's snarky and calls EVERYONE names, so that's more on Tony's character than Thor. And in the end, the magic lightning armor thing didn't make Thor fit again, as I and others assumed. This is who Thor is at the moment, and he's going to own it. Lastly, about Thor and being a king, THOR NEVER WANTED TO BE A KING. His first two movies were ALL about this. Thor wasn't worthy of it and would have been a TERRIBLE king, which is what his first journey to earth was all about. In Thor 2, he actually gives up the throne in order to be a good man. "I would rather be a good man than a great king." It's not until Ragnarok that the mantle of king is forced upon him, and even then he's more of a protector than a leader. Thor's journey has always been about letting go of who he was supposed to be to find out who he is. Endgame didn't state it perfectly, but it's completely in-line with previous movies. Hello Future Me on YouTube has a great video about Endgame with some guests who bring up this point. In their mind, Thanos was still consistent. First and foremost, Thanos is a narcissist and a megalomaniac. In Infinity War Thanos had a mission and an idea of how the world would be after his mission was completely. He died thinking that way. 2014 Thanos was fine with the death so long as he accomplished his mission and he thought the world was GRATEFUL. But as soon as he learned that no, the world really wasn't that grateful he decides that he'll make one that IS. It's a god-complex. He wants to be the savior and be worshipped for it. The thing is that Infinity War's Thanos had time to be reflective and share his views because by the time most of the Avengers fought him, he either had too many stones to see them as a threat (was more or less a god), knew where the stones were so it was a matter of time, or he respected the enemies he was fighting (Stark, Strange, Scarlet). 2014 Thanos was still the same Thanos. Kill half a planet, never lie, send your "children" to do most of the dirty work, but don't be afraid to do some either. But it's not like Thanos always stopped at killing "half" a species. If he did the Asgardians and other planets he already massacred should have been safe from The Decimation. If he did, he wouldn't have killed all of the giants except Eitri. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that while Infinity War showed Thanos at his "best" while Endgame showed us how Thanos reacts to pressure and fear, and it's not pretty. Or another way of looking at it. Thanos saw his life work about to be undone by people he knew and already thought were annoying. No wonder he was so peeved!
  13. The change has been made. Thank you!
  14. Order: Foodmaker Nahel Bond: Flamespren Surges: Division, Progression Shardblades: A kitchen knife (as suggested by Lunamor) Resonance: Knowing exactly how off something is seasoned...I'm hungry...
  15. @Herowannabe Now I can't unsee it! Ironically enough, if Stormlight was animated I'd actually prefer Jack De Sena (Callum's VA, Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender) to voice Adolin, since he's clearly already mastered the role of cheesy older brother. Hm...I'd say Soren I guess. I should clarify that when you say "redemption arc," I see as "joining the Dragaang proper by the end of the show," and I think that'd work best for Soren. much as I love her and want to see her redeemed, I feel like her road is far more complicated, and she's bound to become a darker more complex character first. I definitely don't, but I think I understand why some people do. I just find her...not flat, sot to say; I can't nail down a really good arc for her in the future. For most other characters, I have an idea/theory of where they could go in future seasons. Rayla is FAR harder to predict, with the best things I can come up with are her dealing with the fact that not all elves are innocent in this war and want it to end (an arc I'm almost certain we'll see in Season 3 or 4), and maybe something to do with her parents (maybe Viren turned them into coins; maybe the elves actually covered up whatever happened by saying her parents were cowards; maybe something else happened). Overall I really like the show (it's one of my favorite shows out there right now) and I can't wait for Season 3.