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  1. spoilers for every movie

    Okay so it's been about three weeks, and I think for a movie this size the limitations on some spoilers can end. There have been talks about and fan support of a third Amazing Spider-Man movie with Andrew Garfield and Co returning. If this happens, and if they happen to introduce Mary Jane (officially - Shailene Woodley was cast as MJ Watson and had filmed scenes in ASM2, but they were all cut), should Mary Jane keep her iconic red hair? I ask because if they open the floor to NOT doing so, they may broaden the casting choices. MCU MJ doesn't have red hair, but she is also "Michelle Jones-Watson" and isn't considered the same character...despite having the same initials and playing the same role.* And they could also expand the casting choices and have the actress dye her hair or wear a wig. Anyways, I'm just curious what people think about this, and if they're comfortable with another interpretation of the iconic interest having a different hair color,and possibly being of a different ethnicity than classical and original depictions, or if the red hair matters. (Batman has done this with Catwoman, although maybe Lois Lane for Superman is a better example. Iris West is a fair example of a race change that more or less caught on, but her look is less iconic than someone like Lois or Jean Grey or Mary Jane Watson.) *Maybe this was done to introduce Mary Jane later if Michelle didn't land as a character, but since she did, they are effectively the same. Michelle being MJ was also a late-movie twist for Homecoming.
  2. A Tiktoker named Nicque Marina is doing videos of Dolores reacting to Bruno's rat telenovelas. Her videos are pretty explicit, but it's also really funny.
  3. I'm definitely a fan of the new cover! (I liked the cover on Vol 1 also, but I like this rendition too!) Not sure what to expect since I never made it past Vol 1 for a myriad of reasons, none of which are linked to the quality of the series, but I'm excited for this to release!
  4. I liked it! It's not my favorite Disney movie, Lin Manuel Miranda musical, or Stephanie Beatriz role, but I really liked it! I'd give it a solid B.
  5. The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan. I have the classic, 90s cheesy cover, but I think I lent the book to a friend and haven't seen it in, like, two years. So, I bought the updated cover paperback version! WoT Season 1 and some other ideas inspired by WoT have really made me hungry for this book again, and I'm really enjoying it so far, even though I'm only about three chapters in. This book really highlights the difference between the book and the show, but not in a bad way. Books can get into detail and spend time on things that shows don't always have the luxury or financial freedom to do. As I'm reading this, I'm curious about how the show will be different, and I'm excited to see what those differences are.
  6. I was thinking that Skyward would be enough for one season, and then Starsight could be bolstered by Defending Elysium. Then again, I'm the sort of person who would put flashbacks in nearly every television show if I could. (Stormlight Archive and Arrow really made an impact on me.)
  7. You are always welcome! I wouldn't mind if you came out with a thread every year! I like the idea of having a special place for the end-of-the-year lookbacks instead of just lumping it with the current music being listened to. It makes the songs feel more special that way. (And since last year's thread was still active in June, I wouldn't worry TOO much about necroing that one. Although I do agree, better safe than sorry) Regardless, there are a lot of songs on your lists that I haven't listened to or heard of, and I'm looking forward to hearing them this year!
  8. Top Games of 2021: Mass Effect Legendary Edition* Dark Deity *It really shouldn't count since I've played ME2 & ME3 before. ME1 is the only new one. But since I haven't played ME2 in nearly 10 years and ME3 in around 6, I'm counting it. I also didn't want Dark Deity to be lonely.
  9. Top Books of 2021: Thrawn Trilogy Skyward Flight novellas Top Comics and Manga First Read in 2021: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures High School Family Komi Can't Communicate Mighty Morphin' Demon Slayer Witch Watch
  10. It's a fun show!! My Top 10 Movies First Watched In 2021: Shang-Chi & the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) Ran (1985) Sword of the Beast (1965) F9: The Fast Saga (2021) Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (2002) The Magnificent Seven* (1960) Dune (2021) Zack Synder’s Justice League (2021) Jaws* (1975) Spider-Man: No Way Home Runner-ups: In the Heights (2021) Seven Days in May (1964) Dune (1984) John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum (2019) Rurouni Kenshin: The Beginning (2021) It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) Three Outlaw Samurai (1964) Top Shows First Watched in 2021: Modern Family WandaVision Falcon & the Winter Soldier Brooklyn Nine-Nine Final Season Hawkeye Superman & Lois
  11. My Top Songs First Heard In 2021: Best Sanderson Inspired Song: “Mistborn Rap” by Rustage Best New Discovered Artists: Abir Against the Current Atarashii Gakkou!! Our Last Night Best Retrospectively Recognized Artists: NF Tye Tribbett Elevation Worship Most Listened-To Songs: “Amen” by Desiigner “Giovanni” by Band-Maid (You’ll appreciate it even more if you can find an instrumental version.) “Weapon (Acoustic Version)” by Against the Current “Motley Crew” by Post Malone Best Songs: “One Last Kiss” by Utada Hikaru “Black Hole” and “About Us” by Band-Maid “Lockdown” by Koffee “LOST,” “STORY” “The Search” by NF “Follow the Signs” by Laura Brehm & Draper “Finest Hour” (Acoustic Version) by Abir “Nature Boy” by Nat King Cole Best Albums: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Original Soundtrack by Joel P West Unseen World by Band-Maid CLOUDS (the Mixtape) by NF Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings album by Various Artists Sense (Single) by Band-Maid Best Music Videos: “Finest Hour” by Cash Cash & Abir “Inferno” by Abir “STORY” by NF Best Throwbacks (Every Song here was heard before 2021): “Explosive” by Bond “You & Me” by Disclosure “Crawling In the Dark” by Hoobastank "Can't Stop" by Red Hot Chili Peppers Song I want to sing most in choir: “We Gon’ Be Alright” by Tye Tribbett Best Covers: “One Last Kiss” by Amalee “Simple & Clean” by Yvette Young “Can You Feel My Heart” by Ai Mori and Halocene (Now if we could have Kanami aka “Mincho” from Band-Maid come in with a wicked guitar solo...) “Throne” by Halocene and Ai Mori “Motley Crew” and others by Our Last Night Best Leitmotifs: “At the Speed of Force” by Junkie XL “Cyborg Becoming/All Too Human” by Junkie XL “Your Father” by Joel P West “Xu Shang-Chi” by Joel P West Most Chill Songs: “Double Bed” by Seiho “Lovers In The Night” by Seori Song I want to sing most in Karaoke: “Trust” by NF Best Carryover Song(s) From Last Year: “Blooming” by Band-Maid Most Ear-Wormy Songs: “Oop” by The Vaie “What’s Next” by Drake “Broken Heart of Gold” by One Ok Rock “Mystery Lady” by Masego ft. Don Toliver “What’s Next” Drill Beat by F8 “Motley Crew” by Our Last Night Songs that say “MOOD”: “Tommy Lee” by Tyler Yaweh ft Post Malone “Wolves” Big Sean ft Post Malone “Continuum” by Tanerelle “His & Hers” by Internet Money ft Don Toliver, Lil Uzi Vert, & Gunna Songs I Need to Add to My Workout Routine: “AP” by Pop Smoke “Wolves” by Big Sean ft Post Malone “Be11a Ciao” by Hopsin “Face Off” by Techn9ne & Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson “What a Life” by Big Sean Runner Ups: “P2” by Lil Uzi Vert “Can You Feel My Heart” remix by Bring Me the Horizon x Jeris Johnson “Anemone” and “Sense” by Band-Maid “Monster Without a Name” by Amalee “Shockwaves” by Marshmello Belated 2020 Winners: This category for something that should have had a category or belonged in a category last year, and as such is a “winner.” Best Carryover is for songs I discovered in 2020 that I still listen to in 2021. “Open Door” by Ai Mori & Mike Shinoda Ai Mori’s mix is the best of the full auditions.
  12. And!?!
  13. Toph and Spensa, Toph and Lift, Toph and probably Naruto (12 YO Naruto, not Shippuden or older Naruto). Toph would get along with a lot of people!
  14. And now I want that story! In my mind, I was thinking of how Jorgen, Kaladin, Todoroki, Zuko, and Gaara would all feel if they could have a talk. (Todoroki, Zuko, and Gaara have the most similarities, but I think Kaladin and Jorgen would fit in pretty well. Then again, maybe Adolin would be a better fit instead of Kaladin, and Kaladin would do well talking with Aang and a few others...)