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  1. Okay, okay, at first, I was really on the edge, because it's a lot more- contemporary than what I normally listen to (think Stravinsky, Vaughan Williams, etc...) But the more I listened, the more I was like "Dang! They UNDERSTAND Stormlight Archive so much. It just- fits!" Bascially, I'm really impressed. Favorite tracks? Tien, The King's Wit (Jazz flute! The day has finally come!), Wandersail, Warrior, and Oathpact Abandoned.
  2. Y'know, it's kinda funny, Moiraine (later in the series) mentions she saw a future where she and Rand DID become lovers. The results were so disastrous she refuses to talk to anyone about what might've happened.
  3. Ho boy, here we go. The Wheel of Time books were NOT that bad, and the closing action of the series (the final three books) was wonderfully carried out and written (thanks Sanderson) Add-on to that- Nynaeve is awesome, Rand (post-redemption) is phenomenal, Perrin stayed awesome, Aviendha irked me, Galad is pretty great, the best characters were Androl and Pevara Tale of Two Cities? Terribly boring. TERRIBLY boring The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is NOT a racist book, nor should it be treated as such (i.e., censored); it does make use of highly offensive and, quite frankly, evil slurs, but they are used to add that all-important context and historical relativity to the story. I LOVED the Lord of the Rings books- but mostly because of all the DEPTH that Tolkien put into the world. Similarly, I find the Silmarillion fascinating. I refuse to read or watch anything connected to A Song of Ice and Fire. Ebooks are THE BEST The Hunger Games? Good! Maybe even excellent, despite being- difficult, to read. Divergent? I'll pass. I didn't enjoy Black Panther all that much, but it's 99% because of those terrible CGI rhinos. Elhokar was one of my favorite characters in Words of Radiance, despite (or maybe because of) his mistakes. Moash can go die in a hole. Star Wars: The Last Jedi was AWESOME, Solo was actually pretty good, The Force Awakens was fun, and Rogue One was a good action flick
  4. Art thou a cephalopod at the instance of thine posting-eth this? Or a juvenile human? Or, if thou preferest
  5. This guy's death is epic because of how he is killed, but And also
  6. Flippin' Gawyn Trakand from The Wheel of Time. What a dork...
  7. Well mate, luckily for you, I don't own a storage room, and I consider it a violation of the squatter-landowener contract to use a storage room without permission... So I'm stuck here
  8. There's Orcrist, Glamdring the Foehammer, and Anglachel/Gurthang from the Tolkien Mythos- all awesome names. Not a book, nor from a fantasy series, but Prophet's Bane from Halo is the Arbiter's energy sword.
  9. Could you remind me where this is? I've been looking for this for a while and I can't find it... It's when they're in Shadesmar, right?
  11. DOh boy! I love this post already. PEOPLE Adolin Kholin- I'm not certain why, but the name Adolin speaks to me for some reason Susebron- Warbreaker is full of interesting names, but this one stands out in particular... it evokes a kind of majesty, which I find peculiar because there are no apellations (is that the right word?) attached Kaladin- Definitely brings to mind a feeling of nobility and honor Steris- The name fits her personality quite well Tanavast- Man I don't even know, there's just SOMETHING about it... Hrathen- I love the Nordic sound of the name Mraize- DEFINITELY agree with Toaster Retribution, it's a pretty epic name- sounds dangerous TITLES The Blackthorn- Mmmmmmmm... as Apollyon said, very evocative of ruthlessness and fear The Survivor of Hathsin- To be fair here, anything with the name 'Hathsin' is gonna sound stormin' cool Steel Inquisitor- Even the name terrifies me Child of Tanavast- Especially in the context of its' first appearance Warbreaker the Peaceful- Really cool sounding? It seems to me to evoke vast power, but simplicity at the same time The Final Empire- The PERFECT name for a fantasy civilization, fight me if you disagree PLACES T'Telir- I'm a sucker for apostrophes Luthadel- Sounds similar to citadel, and citadels are cool Kredik Shaw- Dark, ominous, imposing The Pits of Hathsin- This place SOUNDS like pain... which in this case, is a Very Good Thing(TM) Urithiru- Pal-in-drome! Pal-in-drome! Pal-in-drome! Rall Elorim- City of Shadows, and sounds like it Alethkar- It sounds cool? Nalthis- ??? Where is he pulling these names from they're beautiful ??? INVESTITURE/INVESTED THINGS Hemalurgy- Hema is a Greek(?) word connected to blood, and given the nature of the magic... chilling Surgebinding- It FEELS like power incarnate, and I love it Nightblood- He's a talking sword, that is kind-of evil, made to destroy evil, is not really all that bad, and is both adorkable and- chilling Dustbringer- Really, every Knight Radiant order, but this one especially EDIT: HOLY CARP I FORGOT THE UNMADE I AM A SANDER-SINNER Re-Shephir Moelach Yelig-Nar Neraghoul Ashertmarn Ba-Ado-Mishram Sja-Anat Dai-Gonarthis Chemoarish Few things sound as evil as all of these fearful chaps... I love it
  12. This is beautiful. Thank you.
  13. Go for it mate!
  14. Nice! Always good to see Kelsier fanart.
  15. As the title infers- what would your ideal 'Cosmere Avengers' team look like? The general team layout looks like this: 1- The 'Captain America'- leader and strategist, strong but not particularly flashy 2- The 'Iron Man'- arrogant, but intelligent with a good heart; showboater, very mobile 3- The 'Thor'- front-line, heavy hitting warrior, with odd mannerisms 4- The 'Hulk'- brute strength, limited intellect 5- The 'Hawkeye'- weak but skilled, emphasis on weaponry/equipment, level-headed 6- The 'Black Widow'- weak but skilled, emphasis on acrobatics/hand-to-hand, seductive You can adjust the parameters as you like; for example, the Hulk character doesn't have to be an idiot, but just very strong, nor does the Iron Man need to be flashy or mobile. However, it may make more sense if you choose one side of the classification (personality or team role) to organize the team around. Mine would go something like this: Captain America- Kaladin Iron Man- Kelsier Thor- Susebron Hulk- Probably someone from Aether of Night (what's Raeth's brother's name?) Hawkeye- Marasi or Vivenna Black Widow- I have almost NO idea... Galldaon (for the lulz) or maybe Shuden EDIT: Decided to throw in some others Bucky Barnes- Moash Ant-Man- Wayne Spider-Man- Spook Doctor Strange- Raoden maybe Nick Fury- Hoid