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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, okay. Thanks!
  2. Hold the phone- isn’t the (Dawnshard spoilers) Arclo? The one that Lift ran into in Edgedancer?
  3. Wait wait, hold the phone- El has hemalurgic spikes? What?
  4. As much as I hate his storming guts... You’re right. He’s chillingly efficient. In fact, I think he’s really the ONLY villain besides Taravangian who has dealt any sort of lasting damage to the heroes. Killing Elhokar and Teft, destroying Jezrien, almost breaking Kaladin- he’s very good at what he does. Still, I would argue that Taravangian is at LEAST at or above his level in terms of effective villainy. ESPECIALLY in part 5 of RoW, when he (major spoilers ahead)
  5. This is incredible, I feel like you really accurately captured how Kaladin might react in this situation. Thanks for sharing!
  6. There are key differences, I feel- but the biggest is that, quite frankly, none of the Ghostbloods feel like good people. Kel chose the crew to take down the Final Empire because they were men of quality and character. He chose them because he could trust them, because they wanted to make things better. The Ghostbloods- well, they don’t seem to possess the same characteristics of the crew. However, that being said, almost everything we know about the Ghostbloods comes from Shallan’s side- and Shallan really doesn’t like them. It’s possible that in the greater Cosmere, they’re a lot less ‘evil’. Roshar’s politics are really delicate, and so I imagine it’d be a lot easier to seem a villain there. A good analogy might actually be Hoid. I would be willing to bet on some planets, Hoid is absolutely a hero. On others? Well, the definition of hero gets a little dicier. Might be the same with the Ghostbloods.
  7. Petition to call him ‘Big T’ or ‘Biggie T’
  8. I was super against this theory beforehand. Very, very much so. I didn't feel like Thaidakar and Kelsier had similar enough motivations, methodologies, and ideologies to be the same person. But evidently, I do not know my boi Kelsier as well as I thought I did. As for the WoB that said Kelsier was unlikely to show up in Stormlight, may I point out that, technically, he does not have to appear himself. His influence is enough to affect the story without him being there. And there may be ways for Kelsier to finneagle his way around his Connection to Scadrial (such as the avatar that was mentioned).
  9. I'm okay. This is all good. I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm- Guys I'm not okay. Storms... How is this going to end? Probably not well. Besides the mind-blowing reveals, the book- well, let's just say it was definitely a 'middle book'. And honestly, I was expecting it to read accordingly, so I wasn't overly disappointed. Still, there were some moments where it felt like a chore to read- almost to the level of WoK Shallan chapters- and the pacing was WACK. Still, I was pleasantly surprised at parts. I really, really ended up liking the character of Raboniel. In the end, she was fascinating. Also:
  10. Holy frick I think that Thaidakar might actually be Storms storms storms storms
  11. “You’ve got to use your awesomeness” The strange little Reshi girl standing on the crate in front of Venli said. Venli blinked slowly, attuning confusion. “My- awesomeness? Pardon but what is ‘awesomeness’, young one?” The girl- Lift, as she had called herself- slapped her palm to her head in frustration. “Storms woman, I don’t know why I try with you.” She placed her hands on her hips and tapped her foot frustratedly, scrunching her face as if in deep thought. ”Awesomeness,” the girl finally said “is like the feeling you get when you steal a nice warm Horneater soup- and then eat it. All of it. Shells and all. It makes you feel all fuzzy and excited inside, like a storm- only, not in your stomach but everywhere. In your whole body.” Venli perked up. It sounds as if she’s describing Stormlight. Could it be? ”And” Venli said cautiously, “How does one- obtain this awesomeness, wise one?” A crack resounded as the young girl smacked Venli’s head with a wooden spoon. Venli stumbled away, cursing and massaging the spot the girl had struck her with the cooking implement. What in Damnation was wrong with this strange vagrant of a child? ”Were you even listening!?!?” Lift yelled, gesticulating wildly. “It’s like I said- you’ve got to eat the soup! Storms, you’re almost as bad as the creepy bald guy- the only difference is he had the talking sword to help him out.” Lift gave a long, melodramatic sigh before plopping herself down on the edge of the crate. “Here, let’s start from the beginning...” ————————————————————— Storms... now I really really want this...
  12. Wait- who does Venli need to kidnap, Lift or Navani? Either one has a lot of possibility... hmm...