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  1. I dont think Nighblood gets more powerful when he feeds. Thats just him in release mode. I also think i may have found a way through Brandons Nightblood/Investiture contradiction. Nightblood absorbs investiture and say changes it from a positive charge to a negative. Its back in the sysyem but cannot be used, effectively 'destroyed'.
  2. I think we are seeing Harmony's full power. Its everywhere in the Cosmere, but the mind of Harmony is anchored at Scadrial. And the power is Scadrial and more. I dont think a fully manifestation in the PR is possible. Only avatars.
  3. Or its Endowments trap like Honor and Cultivation had for The Greater Roshar system. She must know Odiums coming for her sooner or later.
  4. Honorless, The fain life comment was more of a side thought i had when writing the post. Fain life in my opinion is of Uncle Andy. The gods are in my opinion is of context. Like the Heralds and Returned are gods type thing.
  5. Although im wrong alot, with regards to Uncle Andy creating the Cosmere, i see it as Uncle Andy is the Cosmere. And his body sculpting. His/her/its mind, body and soul is the whole area of the Cosmere on three realms. With the SR being funky with its properties. Im also of the opinion that Uncle Andy is a Shard of something else, and other galaxies have there own Uncle Andy. Most stronger some weaker. Maybe the fain life is from one of these 'G'od Shards. Their magic system. But im 99.9% sure Brandon will leave it up to the reader.
  6. I Want To Ride My Chocobo All Day. Lol
  7. Im still going with my theory i posted here years ago. Honor sacrifices himself so he and Cultivation finds out how to shatter a Shard. Tanavast when Honor shatters flees into the Stormfather and hides... knowing if Odium attacks he leaves himself open to Cultivation. Cultivation and Honors plans proceed, Cultivation plans away prior to and after Tanavasts death to kill Rayse or shatter Odium... then Cultivation pulls Tanavast from the Stormfather... then creates a physical body for him like a Returned.... Then Cultivation reforms Honor into one single Shard... And Tanavast takes up Honor. Cultivation's and Honor's long plan. Honor lives... .... ok pizza time, night
  8. So I was talking with my little bro and came up with an idea. What if Nightblood was more within the Spiritual Realm (SR) than any other. Like when Nightblood cannot remember killing Shashara and other events. Kinda like when he was created he experienced everything he has ever lived from creation to ending, yet because he is constantly stuck in the present yet wholly resides in the SR he forgets where his at timewise. Its like the article i read earlier today which most likely lead to this theory... Teenager’s memory resets every two hours after traumatic kick to the head This is how i think of Nightblood within this current theory, mostly in the SP yet residing in the Physical Realm by force of Awakening.
  9. Brandon does seem to imply you can use it but nobody has figured it out yet
  10. John203, Thats how i see it. Although the shard can chose where the perp is. Aka Sazed/Harmony or even TLR. ... Just to clarify i agree with... This part i agree with
  11. I would say nothing. Aluminium nullifies the fuel not the source. Aka it would nullify metals, stormlight, etc etc. But not larasium or the spren. If something did happen, i think it would be a massive cyclone of investiture being nullified and then reinvested over and over until the aluminum is gone
  12. Hasn't Brandon confirmed Odium will survive Stormlight Archives, but Rafo'd if Rayce would survive.
  13. RShara, I see investiture as having 16 sides or dimensions. Shard holder's have access to 1 side or dimension. Sazed two. Shard holder's not being aware of there institute I see as outside there mental awareness, which extends to the solar system.
  14. From my understanding when Nightblood consumes investiture, he converts it into investiture that cannot be used by Shards or others. Like investiture is positive and Nightblood consumes it and turns it negative. That's how I took the two contradicting WoB. Dont ask me to search them, I'm crap at that. Lol
  15. If Ruins power is to steal other shards powers, then could Sazed absorb alittle of each shard and have all Uncle Andy's powers?