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  1. Thats easy. Tom Brady... Tom Brady would swoop in and take the win... Tom Brady!!
  2. So far as we know it, its been roughly 7,000 - 9,000 years since the shattering. Brandon has not canonised this yet. He did confirm though that the Shards intent warps the vessel, but from the vessels view of said Shards intent. However if the vessel gives up the Shard or ends up dying and becomes a Sliver in the CR... They slowly lose the pull and history of said intent over time. Not fully eradicating the intent but becoming more the pre-vessel, aka the by-law (personality) as opposed to The Law (Shards intent).
  3. Its a fact the Cosmere doesn't have Rocky road with cherry purée, mixed with chipotle instant noodles. And sprinkled with crushed nuts. Mmmmm. ps. Dont knock it until you try it!!
  4. Just like my shard blade example. Honor has manipulated its investiture so it would be more difficult to manipulate. Harder still with Cultivation around. But it can be done. As the shard blade is twisted/manipulated by Honor, but made from Uncle Andy aka all 16 shards.
  5. The way i see investiture assignment is this, take a handful of investiture. All 16 shards own 100% of said handful of investiture equally. Each shard can manipulate the whole handful in their own way. Just cause a shard blade is of Honor, does not mean Odium cannot manipulate it. Its just harder when another shard has put their hand in its creation. But unattended investiture, free game.
  6. I dont think there will be an overall bad guy. I think the Cosmere end game is Hoids mission. Then we get the prequels Dragon Steel. I think its called. Which will show us Hoids context.
  7. Thats what i was hinting at. I dont think it had a vessel.
  8. If Uncle Andy created and is everything... then who created the vessel?
  9. Uncle Andy's CS is the corpse we call the CR. Etc etc (Not being serious, but kinda am).
  10. I picture it as something akin to quantum foam. We would see it as a blinding white light.
  11. Sand Mastery was used to create the pyramids... ohh no, ive said to much!!
  12. It may be that the other Shards know, they just dont know they know. Like investiture outside of their awareness.
  13. Ok that felt like a round with Wolverine!! Lol. ... Edit. Or old school Batman. Pow, bonk, bam!!
  14. Take into mind i am starting RoW in the next few days, so no spoilers. Nice and quick cause i dont have time and i just came to me. The black orb Galinar gave Dalinar, was that a Dawnshard? Unity? His three realm clap, was that just his connection to Honor through the Stormfather? Or does he have the Dawnshard Unity? Combined with the intent of Honor allowed him to do that?
  15. Isnt there a WoB saying theres no other God like Uncle Andy. The opposing force is highly implied to the the weapon and the group who shattered Uncle Andy. Plus determinism doesnt negate this.