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  1. Truth is he actually is part of Uncle Andy. Uncle Andy is the Cosmere. Everything that makes up the Cosmere, energy, investiture, matter is Uncle Andy. Even Stick. .... Side note: Sean Bean should play Uncle Andy on screen
  2. Dalinar is a soldier and general. In war he would win, while standing beside his soldiers. Szeth is a warrior and assasin. He needs nobody to help him. I pick Szeth 9/10 times. Probably more.
  3. What if the Nightwatcher is an example of this? Storm Father was around in the days of Uncle Andy as were the Unmade. Do we know the Nightwatcher was as well? She seems to be different
  4. This is interesting, how do you know Uli Da is of Fainlife?
  5. What if this ani investiture is related to Fainlife? Brandon has said there is no anti Uncle Andy. But if Uncle Andy is a shard of a larger God then there could be many Uncle Andy's. One per galaxy. Given the Cosmere is a dwarf galaxy Uncle Andy would be a minor god within the universe. But Brandons not going to write about these concepts and is sticking to the Cosmere.
  6. Frustration, Your not understanding my posts. Future sight branches are... Understand the Beyond wont be explained. Doesnt mean we cant theories it.
  7. Returned, Agree, thats why i think there is no free will. The SR is past present and future all in one all at the same time. Its set in stone so to speak. My interpretation of differing futures are merely Uncle Andy's Cosmere architect plans he rejected. Because Uncle Andy thought it, it still exists as a, say watermark underlying the Cosmere he chose to be. Aka this Cosmere that we and the characters experience. If that makes sense. ... Edit. And remember Uncle Andy IS the Cosmere, he chose how he wanted to be/evolve. And if Uncle Andy is a Shard of the universal God, It chose how Uncle Andy would be. And if the universal God exists, i believe its The Beyond, who shattered to become many, to experience. As per the coppermind... As all who die is 'pulled' into The Beyond. Mic drop.
  8. Its easier than saying Adonalsium in a verbal conversation. Cause ive said it so much it transfers to written conversations.
  9. Intentionally made or not, the Aethers insist they are not of Uncle Andy. aka not of his investiture. The Fainlife could have assimilated. Like Honor and Cultivation's investiture or the Dor, or Preservation/Ruin and Scadrial. Harmony. How do we know Uncle Andy is not the only God. The Cosmere is a dwarf galaxy. We also know stars exist outside the Cosmere. Who owns these stars? Who owns the other galaxies? A shattering of a true universal God, whos Shards further shatter. Creating Uncle Andy as a minor Shard, who creates a dwarf galaxe called the Cosmere. Who then is shattered. Its Shards (aka turtles) all the way down.
  10. So the Aethers insist they are not of Uncle Andy. Which is weird cause all of the Cosmere is Uncle Andy. However... we don't know the origin of... the Fainlife. What if the Aethers are a product or evolutionary line of Fainlife? Another thought, what if Fainlife is the investiture of another Uncle Andy. Aunty Andy trying to "breed" him out. So to speak. Bit by bit.
  11. The Shards exist in the SR. I see the PR as Uncle Andy pulling investiture from the SR to create the PR and CR. The living thinking beings further shape the CR. All of the Cosmere is Uncle Andy, the SR, PR and CR. Even biological life is Uncle Andy. With regards to freewill not existing, atium and future sight shows people potential futures Uncle Andy rejected and/or the actual future. Depending on how good their future sight is. If that makes sense.
  12. If the spirit realm is past, present and future all in one, then there is no freewill. There just playing the part of the story uncle Andy set down when creating the Cosmere. What was, is and going to be is already set in stone. Could Uncle Andy have created a Cosmere where events played out differently, yes. So he chose this Cosmere thereby everyones fate is already written. Hence, no freewill.
  13. Wonder if Brandon is a Sean Bean fan. Sounds like something Sean would do.
  14. For fun, what could KoW be? Kings of War? Kamerad of Wanhope. Lol. The Kin of Worlds. (Roshar wise). The Knowledge of Whimsy. Lol. The Killer of Worlds. enter Autonomy, what did you do with Ryse!!!