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  1. So I was talking with my little bro and came up with an idea. What if Nightblood was more within the Spiritual Realm (SR) than any other. Like when Nightblood cannot remember killing Shashara and other events. Kinda like when he was created he experienced everything he has ever lived from creation to ending, yet because he is constantly stuck in the present yet wholly resides in the SR he forgets where his at timewise. Its like the article i read earlier today which most likely lead to this theory... Teenager’s memory resets every two hours after traumatic kick to the head This is how i think of Nightblood within this current theory, mostly in the SP yet residing in the Physical Realm by force of Awakening.
  2. Brandon does seem to imply you can use it but nobody has figured it out yet
  3. John203, Thats how i see it. Although the shard can chose where the perp is. Aka Sazed/Harmony or even TLR. ... Just to clarify i agree with... This part i agree with
  4. I would say nothing. Aluminium nullifies the fuel not the source. Aka it would nullify metals, stormlight, etc etc. But not larasium or the spren. If something did happen, i think it would be a massive cyclone of investiture being nullified and then reinvested over and over until the aluminum is gone
  5. Hasn't Brandon confirmed Odium will survive Stormlight Archives, but Rafo'd if Rayce would survive.
  6. RShara, I see investiture as having 16 sides or dimensions. Shard holder's have access to 1 side or dimension. Sazed two. Shard holder's not being aware of there institute I see as outside there mental awareness, which extends to the solar system.
  7. From my understanding when Nightblood consumes investiture, he converts it into investiture that cannot be used by Shards or others. Like investiture is positive and Nightblood consumes it and turns it negative. That's how I took the two contradicting WoB. Dont ask me to search them, I'm crap at that. Lol
  8. If Ruins power is to steal other shards powers, then could Sazed absorb alittle of each shard and have all Uncle Andy's powers?
  9. The Dor for sure. Love me, or I will enslave you. Lol That's Odium on crack.
  10. What if future sight comes from one of the unnamed shards? He does not want tell us what shard this ability draws from but does say some shards have the ability. What if all shards share the same abilities, just that one shard is the owner of ability a-d and shard two owns abilities e-h and so on. And it matters not which shards investiture is used to access say future sight as it is mearly a conduit to the shard who owns future sight
  11. Do we know if possession is possible? Excluding Parsman. Kelsier cannot leave Scadrial at this time. But could he use a device similar to the Ancients communication device in SG1, where the minds (cognitive shadows) are body swapped. Could Kelsier be Mraize or another Ghost blood at times? ... Same thought different direction: What if Kel possessing Preservation somehow gave him the potential to be fully Cosmere conscious like an invested Shard. He cant leave the Scadrial system but his awareness can project to specific areas of the Cosmere. Even possibly something like demon possession, whether through a spike or other means. At the very least possessing Preservation!!!
  12. No Hoid?? Yup cause his in the Super Bowl adds, advertising Yolish Noodles which can be purchased from your local worldhopper. Think Peter Dinklage and his rap add for I think it was spicy doritos, but Hoid and his noodles. Lol
  13. Sorry drunken comment. Was funny at the time
  14. Vin wins every time with duralumin emotional allomancy. The second Kal gets plate, he wins every time.
  15. ZenBossanova, I think he means... within context of what we know about Hoid is; 1. He would allow Roahar and co to burn to kill Rayce. Or 2. He would allow Roahar and co to burn to reach unknown goals. Cause we don't know what he wants. Either of the two does he does not directly causes harm. Like Batman Begins. He didn't kill Ra's al Ghul, he just didn't save him.