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    Id go Elantris and Warbreaker as a 16 part 40 min anime. Mistborm, 16 forty min eps ending in a block buster movie per book. Stormlight, 10 one hour eps ending in a block buster movie per book. Think how much money Game of Thrones would have got if each season ended at the theatre's.
  2. If only he wouldn't give us a RafO card on this.
  3. His SR aspect. It happened when Dalinar combined the three realms. Odium does not appear to be talking to Dalinar, whoever it was got Rayse really scared. From memory.
  4. I think he was talking to Uncle Andy who was shattered and died, with the help of the other 15 plus people who were there. Thats if your talking about the part where he says "we killed you". I reckon he saw Uncle Andy from the SR, and crapped himself as he appears before his God, full of sin, being judged. If shards could soil themselves, Odium did at that time.
  5. That would be Kelsier and any shard
  6. I want to break free - Ruin WoA.
  7. Eli Monpress, great read. Also liked her space opera as well. back on track, the revives dead spren was just a drunk thought not an actual theory, more a hypothesis. like... is Nightblood really black? Or a very dark shade of red, as in corrupted investiture. or black as in his colour does not register to people so they call it black as this is what their brain sees and registers.
  8. Does Nightblood gain power from feeding? Or just get full and drowsy? What would happen if he connected with a Shard Blade/Plate? Poof? Or a Magnetic type connection with screaming for a few seconds then... poof??? Or... he... say... his feeding converts investiture into "unusable" investiture right. Said "unusable" investiture revives dead spren???? Theory: above is right and as Szeth takes out the Shin government, Nightblood consumes the Honor Blades, then resurrects the thousands of Shard Blades/Dead Spren!!! Who bond with Nightblood, not Szeth. And you get the Aragon dead/now living army.
  9. Didnt Hoid get his 'immortality' from the weapon that killed Uncle Andy? And Hoids no more immortal than say a vampire. In that a vampire can die. I also remember Hoid usess time dilation which help him with his age. As it seems Hoid ages really really slow and is very hard to kill. (Aka, like a vampire)
  10. Theres always another Secret. Or Pain before Pleasure.
  11. Taln just met the Coronavirus. Now the Coronavirus is in quarantine!!
  12. There you go then. Lol
  13. Didnt The Lord Ruler create Lasarium? Not Preservation?
  14. Taln created Uncle Andy by an accidental burp. Uncle Andy then created the Cosmere