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  1. The future sight (atium) vs Jedi ability is wrong. Jedi allow the force to guide their movements, both offensively and defensively. Once atium has burnt out the Jedi win. This also works for pewter strength. Metal projectiles can be force pushed or manipulated. Riot would turn them darkside and give the Jedi a power boost. Soothing would make them more in tune with the force to guide their movements. Etc etc. Jedi would win almost every time.
  2. Vasher might use his divine breath on the Storm Father with Dalinar uniting the Shards of Honor making Tanavast re-assend to who he used to be. Honor. Cultivation could give him a body during this process. A possibility. When was Vasher born and when did Honor shatter? How close were Tanavast and Edgli?
  3. Fun fact, we dont have only five senses. Scientists cant agree on an exact number of senses we have, but agree we have between 22 to 33 senses. So its a fact all humans have a 6th sense, and a 7th and a 8th etc etc etc.
  4. Agree he used allomancy with young Shallon, but... I dont agree here, this takes away Jasnahs intellectual ability and her diplomatic manipulation. She knew what she was doing and how to trigger Ruthar. It was an intentional move. What ive now learned is that BS can write a mere 14 words an run away quickly, (nothing to see here, dont know what your talking about, RAFO) Run... run far far away, didnt happen. Now im keen to reread all the Cosmere again and take real notice of small references. That would normally be passed by. Cause your reading how many words per minute? I picked this up whilst eating a bacon and egg toasted sandwich. Which is me reading slower than normal. How many times have we definitely seen Hoid use allomancy? 1. Shallon. 2. Iron pull on the coin. Any other times?
  5. Technically yes, but only to the scadrian system. A Shard can only use power in their local area. Aka Odium, Honor & Cultivation can use their Shards investiture within the Roshar solar system. Autonomy the Taldain solar system, etc etc. As Preservation's Shard is invested in the Scadrian solar system, the vessel can only use the Preservation investiture within that system. Aka, as far as the vessels mind expanded when they assended to godhood is the investiture they can use. I think Kel avoids him cause Sazed didn't give him a body when he asked at the end of HoA. Also Sazed is in conflict and slowly becoming into a sort of stasis due to Preservation and Ruin being opposites. And his holding their power in "Harmony". Which is why he calls himself Harmony. Hoid, well he is compelled to be where he is supposed to be by i believe Destiny. ... Edit. Harmony is a double Shard so Sazeds mind and investiture he can use is twice the size/distance than a single Shard, so he can use investiture outside of the Scadrian system which helps balances out the Preservation/Ruin imbalance. But its still not 50/50 which is why he is doing something with that extra Ruin investiture.
  6. Im not sure if anyone picked this up, i have not seen it mentioned here, or i just missed the post. But earliet this morning i finished my reread of RoW and noticed Hoid using allomancy. Right at the end of the book just before Hoid speaks with Odium it says... Metal coins dont bounce this way, maybe bounce an inch no more, but to bounce a coin off the ground... and catch it. Not happening. Whats the general thought here? Allomancy?
  7. I think Kal is so special because of Syl. She is some super high noble princess spren. Like the Storm Father but different cause he was made by Uncle Andy. Maybe The Almighty created Syl???
  8. If Hoid is trying to bring back Uncle Andy, then that means Uncle Andy had no vessel but was investiture that was self-aware.
  9. Brandon has said there is no anti uncle andy. Im sure someone will find the WoB, im crap at it.
  10. Its funny Atium is an OP future sight ability that seems to be better than all shards ability future sight wise. Yet Preservation saw more and out smarted Ruin. When Atium is Ruin.
  11. I dont think the shards can mix like that unless its spren that are one half shard1 investiture and the other half shard2 investiture etc etc. Dont think there are such spren. Old magic predates the Shattering, one being the high storms/stormlight.
  12. Cultivation magic Honor magic Odium magic Old World magic
  13. I look at it like... a Shard that has invested an area of space acts like a black hole. Stress the world "like". Nothing goes beyond the event horizon but stays within the realm of the invested Shard. Like the Scadrial system or Rosharian system. Given a Shards investiture is Cosmere wide and not just location, i think Hoid and others are able to move by slightly modifying investiture they have to move in any area a Shards investiture lays. Like slightly changing its base code.
  14. Wouldn't thinking about teleportation create teleportation spren?
  15. I always thought Dragon Steel was Adonalsium's God metal.
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