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  1. This is an interesting thought. Would love to see a deep analysis on how Syl has affected Kaladin's relationships so far. I expect you could make arguments either way. After all, it was Syl who snapped Kaladin out of being totally shut down and disconnected early in TWoK. Where's the line between her being a crutch that Kaladin becomes dependent on versus a crutch that helps him heal so he can walk on his own? Particularly with regard to Kaladin opening up to others.
  2. That's a really good thought. I guess I tend to imagine him working through his problems with Syl. I don't want to see a romance come along to uplift him, but an intimate friendship? That would be fantastic. I'm on board with this. If we're assuming that this proposed intimate relationship will happen with somebody who Kaladin already has an budding intimate relationship with then, yeah, our pool of candidates isn't very large. But I tend to suspect that we'd see this relationship develop in book 4, and so from that point of view it could practically be... almost anybody. I think you're a bit too quick to dismiss Tarah on that basis. She could definitely show back up and build an intimate relationship with Kaladin. I'm skeptical that their failure to do this in the past implies they are incapable of having that. Kaladin's in a different place now. Maybe he's ready for it in a way that he simply wasn't then. That said, I don't like Tarah for this role because I simply think it would be hard to separate things from their romantic past. I'd much rather see this relationship provided by... a member of Bridge Four? Adolin? But I don't mean to turn the conversation in that direction. Ultimately the thread is about Kaladin's love life.
  3. Hmmm, well... I agree that he doesn't have to become "perfect" before moving on to romance. Didn't mean to imply that. Well said. But I disagree very much that Tarah just wasn't the one. Maybe, sure. But the whole point of the flashback in Oathbringer was to show that he hadn't found a balance. It was to point out that Kaladin's inability to let go of certain things was holding back his development. You don't just magically find a balance when the "right one" comes along. His inability to find a balance with Tarah at that particular time doesn't mean she wasn't the right one. It means Kaladin wasn't ready. And I think Tarah made the wise decision not to chase after a guy who wasn't ready for romance on the off chance that he came around one day. There was love, and it wasn't strong enough, yes. That doesn't mean it couldn't become stronger after they (particularly Kaladin) have had some time to grow a bit. "Because men make mistakes when they’re young and angry." Ultimately, my point about him overcoming certain things before finding romance is about how I really do NOT want a girl to come along and "fix" Kaladin. If he gets into some romantic relationship BEFORE certain aspects of his character development milestones have been reached and THEN he reaches those milestones, I'm afraid it's going to feel like she came along and fixed him. I just want to avoid that, basically. Yeah, I was a bit lazy in describing Kaladin's issues perhaps. Depression is largely what's going on with Kaladin. I stand by the mention of "obsessions" though. The point is simply that those obsessions are rooted in his depression. I focus on that behavior rather than the depression itself because I don't at all want to say that Kaladin needs to heal from his depression before he's able to have a romantic relationship. Back to the whole first point here. I'm not saying he has to "get better" first. I'm saying I don't think he has shown that he's ready to balance a romantic relationship yet, and that he needs to reach a place where he can let some things go before he is. The depression is behind all of it, absolutely. I just don't think we can expect THAT whole issue to be whisked away before he's ready. I could be wrong, but the way I read it, that's the joke.
  4. He certainly doesn't need one. And I'd much prefer that, if he does get one, it comes after he has developed a bit more. Specifically, I think he needs to learn to let go of his obsession with keeping his men safe before he's ready for that. I hope that he gets one because it seems like something he has interest in. And because it would be a symbol of healing, given what happened with Tarah. (inability to balance romantic relationship with his obsessions)
  5. Lots of very good ideas. So far we've had Szeth, Eshonai, and Venli. In other words, Brandon keeps using these to develop future flashback/main characters who aren't interacting with the main narrative(s). That makes me lean towards assuming he will go with Lift, Taln, or Ash. Taravangian and Moash also make a lot of sense to me for similar reasons. Important characters that we're perhaps not going to see much of otherwise. I can also see Navani or Renarin taking the spot. Azure is a really fun idea. I can't decide if Brandon thinks we're ready for a strong Worldhopper PoV or not... A one-off Zahel interlude was one thing. A whole series of them is another level. My money is on Lift or Moash.
  6. Oh, I see now. Just misunderstood. Sorry.
  7. I assume he will probably have at least some of Bridge Four with him. Just didn't really mention them since the conversation is more focused on the main, PoV characters involved. I think you're misinterpreting that slightly. It's the arc itself that he labels "primary"--not the characters who take part in that story arc.
  8. I agree with @Pagerunner's approach at choosing the 9 characters Brandon is referring to, though I wouldn't write off Lift... Who would be included at the expense of Renarin, Adolin, or Navani. Probably Navani in my opinion, of those three, but it's a toss up. What do these ten characters probably have in store? Kaladin - I don't think we have too many clues from Oathbringer concerning specific things Kaladin needs to do next aside from swearing the 4th Ideal, and that could happen in countless ways. But the Lirin PoV gives some big clues for what Brandon's planning I think, despite the fact that he has trashed it. With Alethkar occupied and the Coalition in control of Jah Keved, there's bound to be conflict in the region around their northern border. The Herdazian general is apparently involved with what's happening there... and so is Kaladin. It makes a lot of sense that Kaladin would have a team that's active in the area. Shallan - I think we're going to see a lot of interaction between her and Adolin, her [proto-] squires, and her brothers. She and Pattern noticed that Shadesmar is "weird" in some way around urithiru, and I'd be surprised if she weren't involved in following up on that. This points at Shallan in Urithiru. I also think she's going to have more dealings with the Ghostbloods in book 4, and they've asked her to get in contact with Sja-anat. Not sure how she can do this while stuck in Urithiru... So maybe her brothers won't matter as much and she'll be headed out into the field. Hard to predict where Sja-anat will be next though. Dalinar - Dalinar's role will apparently be downplayed in book 4, and that's not surprising. He'll be busy politicking and establishing his refounded Knights Radiant. Venli - I see Kaladin mentioned as a pairing for her, but I have a hard time seeing how that would work out. I think Venli will primarily be among the singers, which isn't really a safe space for... any of the other characters. I feel pretty strongly about this though. I think her role in the story is to lead her people in a rebellion against Odium and the Fused. It's possible that she'll run off and then return to do this later... But I think it's more likely that she will have plenty to do where she's at. It's possible we'll see some battlefield interactions, but Venli's not much of a fighter. Part of me wonders if Moash could be one of the 9 characters, because I can definitely see her interacting with him. (and we do need to keep tabs on Moash) I've seen her mother and Rlain thrown out as pairings, but neither of these would be a main character, whether they interact or not. Szeth - He swore his oath to go after the Shin, but that's certainly going to have to wait until book 5. He could be hanging around Dalinar, but if Dalinar asks him to do something he's going to go do that. He does probably need some setup for book 5, but who knows what form that takes beyond a bit of screen time. I don't see him having anything interesting to do while stuck with Dalinar in Urithiru. I think he'll be out with one of the other two groups. Lift - Not much to go on with her either. Definitely an easy argument to make that she's mostly sidelined as a PoV character. Renarin - We need to explore the nature of Renarin and Glys to some extent. On one hand, that could happen anywhere. On the other hand, who better to pair him with than the girl who's supposed to seek out Sja-anat? Shallan/Renarin road trip? Jasnah - I've seen lots of people wishing to see her go off on some awesome adventure, but she's the queen of Alethkar now. I'm not convinced she has time or freedom to go skipping across Roshar, putting her life at risk. I put her firmly in Urithiru, doing politics and figuring out how to "fix" the city. She'll definitely make some Shadesmar trips in or around the city, so it won't just be meetings for her. Adolin - Brandon has suggested that he hasn't escaped the consequences of killing Sadeas yet, so perhaps this will come back to play--and that likely means being in Urithiru. He's also a Highprince, which means he's on a short leash like Jasnah. We also need to see some Adolin-Shallan interaction, but I don't suppose Brandon will bend the story out of shape to keep them together. There's not a lot here requiring him to be a PoV character though. Navani - Another Urithiru character, I assume. Her interest in fabrials makes her a likely candidate to help out with the city/Sibling mystery, and I don't see her going far from Dalinar. I don't see any reason for her to be a PoV character for this, however. So how to put all of this together? I have to agree that Lift seems least likely to be a main character of the ten listed. Navani, Adolin, and Renarin seem next most likely to be sidelined. We've got several characters who are likely to hang out in Urithiru, so it's easy to imagine the 4-PoV primary arc will be here. Dalinar and Jasnah are definitely here in my opinion. Navani is also definitely here, though hard to feel certain about her position as a major PoV character. Shallan, Adolin, and Renarin could have things to do here. Szeth and Lift could be thrown into the pile. I've got a little bit of hesitancy to assume this is the primary arc though, because humans stuck in Urithiru doesn't sound particularly... dynamic and exciting. Great content... but the primary arc of the book? Hmmm... Two options for Venli. She's either deep in singer territory, and probably interacting just with Moash (these two forming the 2-PoV tertiary arc)... OR she's closer to the front lines and somehow interacting with humans there. Everything I've noted above under Kaladin DOES make me feel very strongly that he will be very busy in northwest Alethkar / northeast Jah Keved / Herdaz. I'm not entirely sure who will be sent with him, however. Adolin is a pretty good option. Makes plenty of sense that he'd be on the frontlines trying to take Alethkar back. And he's got a lot of chemistry with Kaladin. Szeth is another good option, given his fighting ability and the fact that he can keep up with Kaladin. Could toss Lift or Renarin here, I suppose. I think it would also be good to step back from the characters for a moment and take in the bigger picture. I haven't mentioned anything concerning the western half of Roshar, which perhaps feels like a big oversight. Then again, as much as I want to see more of these nations, I wouldn't be surprised if our time there is limited yet again. The Dalinar (or others) could make a few minor field trips away from Urithiru if necessary. I can see a lot of information about the Makabak region coming second hand. (i.e., conversations and reports from the Azish) Everything more towards the northwest has largely been a mystery all along, so not surprising if we continue to get little from there for now. We've also got interludes to help keep us on top of these areas. So I don't see a big problem here. However, I DO think we need to see the Horneater Peaks. These are very important to the defense of Jah Keved, and Oathbringer made it abundantly clear that something is happening there. It's been a whole year since the Battle of Thaylen Field. Our characters HAVE to handle... whatever's going on there, in the next book. With all of this in mind, I've got two propositions: OPTION 1 Primary Arc Who: Venli, Kaladin, Adolin, and Szeth Where: frontlines the northern Jah Keved / Alethkar / Herdaz Lots of direct human-singer conflict. Venli gets to see her people thrust in the middle of a somewhat reluctant war, and Kaladin is a good, empathetic person for her to run into here and there. Adolin-Kaladin chemistry will be on point. Szeth is maybe a bit out of place... I'm looking forward to the Kaladin-Moash confrontation(s). Secondary Arc Who: Dalinar, Jasnah, Navani Where: Urithiru Politics, Knights Radiant rebuilding, and the Urithiru restoration project. Tertiary Arc Who: Shallan and Renarin Where: Horneater Peaks Wild speculation here, but I like it so I'm sticking with it! Word is that that strange spren are starting to pop up around the Horneater Peaks, on top of the other weirdness going on there. Shallan and Renarin, escorted by Rock and some of Bridge Four, are sent to investigate. OPTION 2 Primary Arc Who: Dalinar, Jasnah, Shallan (and someone else... Adolin, Navani, Renarin, Szeth, Lift?) Where: Urithiru Politics, Knights Radiant rebuilding, and the Urithiru restoration project. Not entirely sure how to connect Shallan with her Ghostblood activities while she's here, but presumably some of that. Secondary Arc Who: Kaladin (and... others. Szeth, Adolin, Renarin, Lift?) Where: frontlines between Jah Keved and Alethkar, including Horneater Peaks Area is maybe too broad to be reasonable, but it might work. The "who" here is a big toss up. In fact, it's possible that this is even swapped with the primary arc. Tertiary Arc Who: Venli, Moash Where: singer territory We're deep in singer territory, dealing with mostly internal singer issues.
  9. It should increase the force/acceleration--not the mass of the object. Increasing the mass wouldn't [directly] make things accelerate faster and isn't really in line with what gravity... does. You're mixing up mass and weight at the end though. A given mass will weigh twice as much if you apply twice as much force/acceleration to it. A double lashing makes something twice as heavy AND makes it fall faster. What it doesn't do is increase the mass of the thing.
  10. Tarah! I know this isn't everyone's first choice, and we know so little about her... But I don't think Brandon has been planting the Tarah seeds for no reason. It's totally possible that she's just a throwaway character who serves to flesh out Kaladin's back story and love life. My gut tells me that Brandon has plans for her. I'm absolutely convinced that she's in Urithiru, which suggests she has a role to play in the future. Meanwhile, Oathbringer directly connected her to Kaladin's 4th Ideal struggles. My prediction is that Brandon will have them meet up in book 4 and rekindle their friendship. He will develop her character a bit for our benefit while he uses her (and her past with Kaladin) to explore some of Kaladin's issues. MAYBE things will turn romantic by the end of the book, but I tend to think we won't see romance come back into their relationship until book 5. If I can be even MORE bold with wild speculation... I believe Tarah moved to Mourn's Vault after leaving Kaladin, which is on the border of Alethkar and Herdaz, and that means she has connections up there. The [now scrapped] Lirin PoV that Brandon read, along with his commentary on the rest of the chapter, suggests that this region, particularly the Herdazian miilitary, will be important in the book 4 story. So, wild speculation: Kaladin will spend most of book 4 helping shore up defenses in this region. Tarah will be sent with his team because of some connection(s) that she has. (e.g. maybe she knows this Herdazian general personally)
  11. I think the burden of leadership is going to be a heavy theme. Definitely agree that Venli is going to have to step up as a leader among her people. I think it's notable that Eshonai was in a really difficult position. She wanted to protect her people, but she DIDN'T want to be at war. This will surely play into Venli's themes as well.
  12. Brandon corroborated Amazon's June release date for Volume 3 in the SA4 update yesterday.
  13. I don't get the sense they can Push/Pull ALL of an object's mass out of alignment with the center of that mass, however. In other words, if you want to Push only at one edge of the object, you can only Push the mass located at the edge of the object. If you can manipulate the strength of a Push/Pull freely then this isn't TOO big of a problem. But the books suggest they don't have that level of control, and that the strength is a function of how much mass you're Pushing/Pulling.
  14. I added a comment from Ben recently about the Urithiru artwork, and there's the bridge schematics that he's done. Just to say that I wouldn't be surprised if he's got something else notable buried in there somewhere.
  15. Mr. Vorinirov