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  1. HoA Chapter 19 epigraph: Black ash wouldn't have accomplished the goal of cooling the planet as far as I know. Would have blocked sunlight from reaching the ground, but only because the ash particles are absorbing the energy themselves rather than reflecting it away. Meaning the energy goes into the atmosphere and spreads to the rest of the planet from there. So yeah, I think we can assume it was Ruin's influence.
  2. I remembered to pull this up on my desktop and try it out. Built-in graphics on laptop aren't up to snuff. I'm a little confused by the way it dumps me into a room right off the bat with no tutorial on controls. It would be nice if there was at least some kind of keybinding graphic included with the download? It took me several times of running around the room and getting killed by the guard who comes in before I figured I just needed to run away. I'm also really struggling with launching myself up with a coin. It usually takes me several tries to get it in the first place. You have to pull out the coin, jump, then drop it, and then Push? The tutorial wasn't helping me figure this out, and even after I thought I had it, it seemed like it wasn't working every time. For a type of movement that would surely happen a lot in the game, I kind of wish it were more streamlined? Like hold the button to drop the coin and then hold down the steelpush mouse button and it automatically knows you want to drop the coin and start Pushing. Standing still while doing this sends you straight up while moving in a direction gives some forward movement? I'm sure I'll have more thoughts if I can ever get on top of the wall tower. Did I see there was controller support planned at some point? That would be nice.
  3. It seems the Cryptics were willing to keep throwing spren at her until one stuck in order to counter this influence... Which ultimately leaves us with the same question, just instead of wondering why the Cryptics wanted to bond her in particular so badly, we have to wonder what about this minor household attracted an Unmade's attention to the degree the Cryptics felt they needed to step in and stop it as their first action (that we know of) in preparation for the coming Desolation. Really good thoughts here. Shallan's mother seems to have been involved with the Skybreakers. Then in RoW Shallan has the weird memory of seeing the Seon box somewhere before, which has me wondering if her father was involved with the Ghostbloods deeper than we may have previously thought as well. Between these mysterious activities, it doesn't particularly surprise me that an Unmade would have been around. Also possible that it's just dumb luck. Maybe the Unmade just happened to be there, and all the mysterious stuff going on was caused by its influence. Anyways, I really like this idea about them bonding Shallan to help her deal with it. This all makes me wonder if they saw Shallan resisting the Unmade's influence (with "lies", so particularly attractive to them) and that was the indicator to them that she was a good option. A human strong enough to put up resistance to the influence of an Unmade at a young age surely must seem like a good candidate? This is highly speculative of course, but it's an interesting idea that works well for why they might have chosen her.
  4. I'm deeply skeptical of that. I doubt a Shardblade can kill a Herald, for one. And she really can't be dead regardless. Jezrien's death was the first of the ten to DIE. I guess you could mean a more mundane sort of death, that would "normally" send her off to Braize... Or she just faked it. All that seems weird though. Nale didn't personally come after Shallan, but the Skybreakers in general seem to have. Her mother was apparently working with them. The other guy who was there, trying to kill Shallan alongside her mother, was a confirmed Skybreaker. Not a terrible theory, but it's pretty tin-foil-hat-y to me.
  5. I've been meaning to come check back up on this topic... Going to do a few replies below, after saying something of my own that I wanted to add... Inspired by this new WoB: This is pretty intriguing... I take it to mean that "I killed my spren" IS a truth in some sense. At the very least it is... some kind of step toward restoration, right? It's not just words that have no meaningful relation to her advancement as a Radiant. I'm struggling to make much of it beyond that though. When we thought Shallan originally killed Pattern, the general assumption was that she had to swear new truths to restore their bond, right? This whole thing about "reconstructing old oaths" is weird though. At face value, I'd think it means that she needs to basically re-accept truths that she had already accepted in the past. But "killed my father," "killed my mother," and "killed my spren" (that third being explicitly noted here as a "reconstruction step") are all things she couldn't really have expressed in the past. They all happened at the end of her bond with Testament. Best I can guess is... maybe in the past she spoke truths that were simply related to her father, mother, and/or spren? So now she's just saying updated truths involving those relationships? I dunno, that's weird. I will say that I could EASILY see "I'm terrified" as a truth she spoke as a child and then re-swore in TWoK. This WoB feels somewhat problematic to my theory, the way I think about it, simply for the way it suggests all of her advancement in the books boils down to restoring something she lost. This doesn't really make sense to me with Pattern being a totally new bond. Some people have argued she killed Testament AND regressed with Pattern at a young age, and that would kind of work well with what Brandon's saying here. But that doesn't make sense to me for WAY too many reasons in the book. So I guess I'm just overthinking the stuff here about what "reconstructing" means. Yeah! I should have included that in my post. I think most of us have generally taken that WoB to imply that she needed to acknowledge her bond (such as by starting to summon her Shardblade) before she could use a Surge like she did. Everything indicates that Testament is the Blade she intended to summon here, so this suggests it's her Testament bond involved with Soulcasting there. I think it's more likely the bond with Pattern began in TWoK, but I don't think we have undeniable evidence for any particular timeline on this. I DO think he was present at the time Testament was broken, and I think it's entirely possible he was interested in bonding her at that point. But forming a Radiant bond is a two-way street. Shallan shut down her bond with Testament pretty hard. I'm extremely skeptical Pattern could have essentially forced a bond on her during that time. It wasn't until TWoK that Shallan became open to that (again). These have all been questions for many years now. Only difference now is that we know the bond was with Testament rather than Pattern. To address them though... 1) Brandon has confirmed that you needn't be "broken" for a Radaint bond. It helps, but it isn't required. Also, the timing given in RoW suggests that Shallan formed her bond with Testament when she was 9 years old, not 4-5. (She killed her mother at 11.) As for whether Shallan was "broken" at the time, we'll have to RAFO. I could see her being legitimately broken at a young age though. Heck, for all we know her parents were both abusive. 2) I don't think we can really answer the question of "Why would Cryptics do X." They're WEIRD. 3) Again, can't answer this without know more about BOTH Shallan's past AND why Cryptics think the way they do. That said, I don't think we have to assume all Lightweaver truths have to be Deep Dark Terrible Secrets. I imagine most Lightweavers have rather mundane truths about self-awareness. We've simply seen some dramatic truths from Shallan during the books because ever since she killed her mother her lift has been particularly dramatic.
  6. Happy New Year everybody! We're officially on the other side of 2020, which I think we're all thankful for in one way or another. But it wasn't all bad, especially for us Stormlight Archive fans. We have a lot to be thankful for over the last year! One of the largest fantasy/sci-fi communities on Reddit, r/Fantasy, takes an opportunity at the beginning of each year to celebrate some of the best fantasy content and creators. We're honored to say that 17th Shard has been nominated for a few of their 2020 Stabby Awards! Our community as a whole was nominated for "Best Fantasy Site of 2020". For that, we need to give thanks for all of you for helping to make this an awesome community. Our Interactive Map of Roshar has also been nominated for "Best Related Work of 2020"! We're really proud of it, and we're glad that people have found it so useful. We love making content for the Brandon Sanderson fandom, whether it's new tools like the map, Coppermind wiki articles, or in-depth discussions on Shardcast. Again, we want to thank you all for your support, Patreon patrons in particular, which makes all of this possible. (and a delight) Brandon himself is disqualified from several categories, on account of winning too much.... Go figure, right? But there are several Sanderson-related creations and artists that have been nominated for various awards as well! And that's to say nothing of all the other amazing fantasy content produced over the last year! If you've got a Reddit account, we recommend checking out r/Fantasy and casting your own votes! (The account has to be at least one month old. Voting ends on January 4th.) We can guarantee you'll find some good ideas for your 2021 TBR list while you're at it! If you enjoy fantasy as much as we do, r/Fantasy is a fantastic place to discover and discuss great books, shows, games, and more!
  7. Spanreeds are a relatively recent invention, so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for this to be "an old general's trick"? --- I think there may be an issue with Dalinar's timeline visiting Cultivation, but it involves some minor RoW details so I'm going to put all this in a spoiler block:
  8. Absolutely! Not sure when I'll get around to it, but I'll definitely share detailed thoughts when I get into it.
  9. There were only 15 responses in the last 24 hours the survey was up, which is less than 3% of responses. Leaving it for another day would have yielded less. I don't think any additional data would have any significance. The investment question really just proves the expectation that the data is skewed I think. Only 2% marked less than 4 on investment. If we're interested in feedback from people who put 3 or less, the survey is pretty useless because two dozen answers isn't much more helpful than a dozen. If we're interested in feedback from people who put 4 or less, another dozen isn't going to change the results any meaningful amount. For example, 1-3's put 8 votes towards Mistborn as best starter, with 1 vote for all the others. Too few responses to have much statistical significance I think, and another day wouldn't have done anything to really help that. It IS really interesting to filter out the level 5 investment responses. Need to add filters for that on all the charts... For example, if you cut out the level 5 investment responses, "importance of minor connections" shifts from a peak at 4 to a peak at 3. "Importance of cosmere reading order" shifts lower as well, though not quite as strongly.
  10. Not the Elantrians themselves--I think the Seons are the better comparison. The Seons bonded to a "broken" Elantrian (how do we not have a term for them??) all exhibit the following: Their minds aren't entirely there. Same for deadeyes. They're sapient beings that seem to have lost their intelligence. The Aon symbols at their center appear broken up. Similarly, the deadeyes show visible signs of not looking right. They loosely follow around the human they are bonded to. Just as deadeyes follow the human they are bonded to in Shadesmar. Might be some other things not coming to mind? My general suspicion is that it's a Connection issue. Elantrians were "broken" because the chasm disrupted their Connection to the Dor. And those effects seem to extend to the Seon they are deeply Connected to with a bond. So how does that relate to the spren? BAM was Connected to the singers and we saw that her capture damaged their Connection. The mechanics behind that are a bit of a mystery though... In any case, perhaps this Unmade was Connected to all spren on Roshar as well, (maybe dating back to before she was even Unmade) so her imprisonment broken their Connection too? But then why did it only affect them after Radiants broke oaths? Could guess that their bond with a stable human served as a lifeline for them, but it's still kind of weird. And what about the spren who weren't bonded? Is it possible that they were ALL (every last one of them??) bonded at the time of the Recreance? I feel like there's a lot of mysteries to be unraveled here, but I'm trying to work through my reread before getting in the weeds of this theorizing. XD
  11. Happy Koloss Head-Munching Eve! Or... eve of the eve? We're getting State of the Sanderson a day early this year! Look for it on Friday the 18th, around 9 or 10 am Mountain Time! Yep, it's that time of year again folks. The Christmas trees are decorated, the menorahs are polished, the koloss are looking for some heads to munch... And with birthday cake in one hand, Brandon Sanderson is using the other to type out his annual State of the Sanderson address! Stay tuned for more on that... Oh, and sorry of this post title got your heart thumping. No, nobody knows exactly when the Sander Claus will come to leave his update in our inboxes. But you can bet that when he does it will be all the buzz in every corner of the fandom. In the meantime, I've got something for you to do before begin your furious CTRL+F5 mashing... STATE OF THE SANDERSON 2020 BINGO! Why just read State of the Sanderson 2020 when you can compete to be the 2020 State [of the Sanderson] Bingo Champ!? That's right folks. We've got bingo boards. If you want to play along, you can get your own board here. There are two options: Click the link under "Play Online" and then choose "Generate Card". It will open up a unique, interactive Bingo board for you to play with. Alternatively, use the "Print" button to print out a PDF copy of a unique board to play with. The center square is a free spot. As you're reading SotS and encounter one of the items in a box, cross it out. Get five in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) and you win! Well, okay, many of the squares on these cards are likely to happen so you probably won't be the only one getting Bingo tomorrow. If you're a competitive type, maybe keep track of how many Bingos you can get! There's not any awards for winning, but we'd love to see how you did! If you play, send us a screenshot/picture of your completed board, along with how far in to the blog post you were when you got Bingo! Have fun!
  12. Alright. Survey responses were slowing to a trickle so I've closed up the survey and cleaned up the results. See the "Charts" tab to view results. Haven't had time to really process the results myself. If anyone makes a interesting observation feel free to share.
  13. Now that's a crazy idea that I like.
  14. Adding a link to the results at the top of the post. Results: Some of it will need to be sorted out after I close the survey, but I've set up as much as I can.
  15. Hey people, I'm interested in your Cosmere reading order opinions! Got a minute for a quick survey? Results: