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  1. RoW chapter 49 (1st print hardback page 626)... I spotted at least two uses of "basic gravitational Lashing". I think maybe this should be "basic Gravitational Lashing"? There are definitely uses of "Gravitational Lashing". There's also the "Basic Lashing". Perhaps there's an argument that these uses should be "Basic Gravitational Lashing"? But either way I don't lowercase is right.
  2. I'll tag @Frustration in case he's curious, or either of you see something I'm missing... I don't think this is a continuity error. I don't think that "I have discovered the secret of stormform" in WoR-I-1 implies she has captured a stormspren. This is something I would have argued even prior to RoW, because of how many highstorms pass (i.e. opportunities for Eshonai to go try stormform) between WoR interludes 1 and 5. It suggests to me that interlude 4 (where Venli presents the captured stormspren) was a few days/weeks after interlude 1. If you look at RoW chapter 86 I would say that Venli explains "the secret of stormform" to Ulim there. There's two ideas that she shares with Ulim, either or both of which could be considered the secret: If you are able to capture a few spren of one type, it's easier to draw others of that type The way to get a stormspren is to go hunting for one in the highstorm (I think this is probably the "secret" she's referring to) And at the end of RoW chapter 86 Venli goes out into the storm hunting stormspren for the first time. So I think she clearly knows the secret at this point. It's not clear whether RoW-86 is before or after WoR-I-1. Feels like maybe it would make more sense for RoW-86 to be before the interlude, and then Venli can tell Eshonai with more confidence that she has figured it out. Or maybe she felt confident enough to make this claim to Eshonai before going out in the storm. Either seems reasonable. Whatever the case may be, RoW chapter 88 would be a few highstorms later. It says in this chapter that she has gone out in a few storms at this point with no luck. Now in chapter 88 she finally succeeds. Then we see Eshonai with the captured spren in WoR interlude I-4, where she meets with the Five and they make their decision for her to try it out. And she goes out in the next highstorm (or maybe the 2nd one), which is interludes 5 and 8.
  3. They haven't explained very much... But off the top of my head, Isaac has mentioned (1) removing all the electric lamps, (2) removing the horse in v2 ch6, (3) removing the IV bag in v3 ch6, (4) removing the "boombox" in v1 ch2... Which would make me assume they've done a lot of small fixes and clean ups. Off course he's also mentioned a prologue and other new content. Something like 40 new pages? Can't wait to see it.
  4. I enjoyed them pretty well. I read them that way long after reading the graphic novels several times, so I'm not sure how much that shaped my opinion. Because I'm able to come into it with all of the visuals in my head already. I'm not a big graphic audio fan--the music and sound effects are overdone for me, and this wasn't really an exception there. I particularly got sick of all the "walking through sand" sounds. But it probably wasn't as bad as usual, just because it's being translated from a different medium than a prose novel. There were a few things I didn't like... Some of the character voices felt odd. I remember hearing a "nighttime" scene with owl noises or something in the background that was a funny mistake. There's also some additional scenes, as well as narration that the graphic novels are lacking. For the most part this is a good thing. They add to the story well. A small part of me is not sure what to do with them since the lack of them in the graphic novel means they're not entirely canonical I guess??? But whatever. I'd choose graphic novels over graphic audio, generally speaking, but the graphic novels have so much wrong with them (until the omnibus is out at least...) and the graphic audio is a really solid alternative with a bit more fleshed out and much fewer issues.
  5. theory

    Needed to dig this up to post this WoB from earlier in the month: I'm quite pleased that it fits with my timeline theory on the previous page. Aside from just clearing up the general idea of how much time passed, I think this completely refutes the idea that the gemstone archive was mostly recorded during the Recreance. Maybe a few of them were, but there's no way they made a snap decision to abandon Urithiru, did research on what was happening with the Sibling, and.... everything else... not to mention setting up the whole gem archive thing, all over the course of "days".
  6. The special prison refers to the gem they captured her in. (but I guess you're not asking that) As for "why Melishi", my guess would be because he is the only one knowledgeable enough about the magic involved. The Honorblade gives anyone Bondsmith powers, but that doesn't mean they know how to use them. I imagine whatever they did was a little bit complicated (probably not as simple as dealing with the Thrill, if only because BAM is sapient) and I imagine Melishi had the prerequisite experience with his Surges. I definitely don't think you should toss out the idea that BAM was... Connected to all of the spren in some way? The nahel spren at least? Or something like that? The fact that they become deadeyes now isn't coincidence. I expect that the issue here is the "in the same way" bit. They definitely may have been affected. Just "not in the same way"... whatever that means exactly. Now THAT is a spicy quote to keep our eyes on. I definitely think that's key to understanding what happened with BAM. Nice.
  7. Yeah, so... here's my somewhat detailed thoughts... I was definitely thinking the other spren might have been affected in a very similar way. I'm really intrigued by a line from Jasnah and Ivory in Oathbringer chapter 47: I'm trying to puzzle out exactly what Ivory means there. The simple interpretation is that they're just saying "the Recreance was the end of the Radiants" and "Well, for all of them but the Skybreakers." But what the heck does it mean that the Skybreakers and/or their spren "lived in death"? Sounds like deadeyes, but then that applies to ALL of them Actually, highspren were the only ones that didn't have any of their number turned into deadeyes. Furthermore, it's interesting word choice to say that Ivory "agreed" when it sounds like he's disagreeing (if only partially). It had me wondering if the spren who were around during the Recreance were wounded. It made me think that perhaps what they're saying is Jasnah: "they all got turned into deadeyes" followed by Ivory: "Well, all but one order got turned into deadeyes.... but they were still affected (in a way that could be called "living in death") so you're not technically wrong." Does that make sense? Anyways. To step back from this particular quote... When Navani and the Sibling are talking about BAM's imprisonment Navani asks about other spren and the Sibling isn't able to clarify why none of them have mentioned it: And of course you have Kalak's journal saying that BAM needs to be released "for the good of all spren". So it certainly feels like BAM's imprisonment is affecting other spren. It's not entirely clear whether it directly affected ALL spren or if it just has a big enough effect that all spren are affected by the collateral damage? Like, maybe only some spren are affected, but the impact on them is effectively an issue for all spren? I tend to think ALL of them are affected, and they just aren't necessarily aware. Doesn't fit as well with the Jasnah/Ivory quote earlier, but there's one major point to make: the existence of deadeyes. As long as BAM is bound, spren can get turned into deadeyes. It affects all of them and was clearly some consequence of BAM's imprisonment. Why? Hard to say. Why don't the spren seem to know they have been affected? Hard to say. Maybe they've just always lived under these effects (most of them) and just don't know any better? It's weird. But I'm rambling.... I DID suspect that other spren were affected in a way similar to the Sibling. It's rather strange that they weren't. Maybe the honorspren are wrong and Melishi WAS bonded to the Sibling when it happened? Maybe the Sibling is just wrong about the cause, but I doubt that. Maybe the Sibling and BAM had a unique relationship? It's quite a puzzle. I will say I regret not thinking through the question more clearly before sending it to Pagerunner. Because "in the same way" is rather vague. Brandon's answer doesn't say they weren't affected at all. Just that they weren't affected "in the same way". So... what "way" was the Sibling wounded exactly? Is he saying that only the Sibling was wounded such that they can't hear Honor's tone (but all the other spren still can)? Or is the Sibling's ability to hear Honor's tone something unique to the Sibling and thus not an affect they would experience regardless? At least the second half is somewhat clear? Not all spren were affected by BAM--at least not directly. I'm curious for that to be clarified. Which ones were affected and which ones weren't?
  8. I agree with your main point here. I DO think that the Odium quote suggests the Everstorm is what makes it defunct, because the paragraph is all about how the Everstorm has changed things. It could be some final thought that takes the paragraph in a new direction, but I think the cleaner interpretation is that the defunct state of the Oathpact is another thing he's attributing to the Everstorm. I don't think anyone is saying it is gone. Seems like Odium is just saying that it's irrelevant now. It used to be a wall and now it's a wall with a hole punched through it. Dalinar himself calls it "impotent" in RoW 47. It's not gone. It's simply broken to the point of being powerless. I guess others have made this point--started typing before reading all the way through the thread. XD As always, there's the "Ishar is crazy" factor to consider. That said, we got his comment on this during an apparent moment of lucidity, one in which I thin the narrative suggests we can trust what he's saying there. Ah, I see. I think there's an argument that Rlain is just reassuring her and doesn't fully know what he's talking about. (because I'm not sure where Rlain would get that knowledge from in an entirely certain way) And I don't really see why this implies Rlain thinks it was more than one thing? You can read it as "well, it could have happened multiple ways and one of them was bound to happen" but you can just as easily read it as "well, this one particular thing was bound to happen sooner or later--if you didn't trigger it, someone else would have done it instead."
  9. What are you referring to here?
  10. (this image is a lie, I lose sunglasses more often than Adolin changes clothes)
  11. My guess would be that they'll ask people to only take one signing slot. But I could be wrong.
  12. Hey everyone, we're planning to have a 17th Shard meet-up on Saturday at 2:30 in the afternoon. I'm going to tentatively say we will meet in the Game Room, but location is TBD and might be a last minute decision. We picked this time so that it doesn't overlap with any of the other Sanderson Track panels or the Dragonsteel signing times, so hopefully people are relatively free. Everyone is welcome to stop by! We will probably be hanging out until it's time to make our way to the Cosmere Speculation panel at 4:00. I'm sure some of us will meet up and interact before this, but we wanted to make sure to have at least one "official" 17th Shard hangout time so that people can schedule around it if needed! Keep an eye on the #events channel in our Discord server to stay in the loop on location, or in case we need to change times. And note that #events will be temporarily renamed #jordancon for the duration of JordanCon. Feel free to use that channel for meeting up (for this or other times), asking questions, or anything else related to JordanCon.
  13. Word on the street is that Brandon will do... a few signings? from the Dragonsteel booth. Not sure when that will be, but I'm sure it will be made clear enough sooner or later. Outside of those opportunities... If I saw him just casually hanging out then I wouldn't hesitate to walk up and ask... But I think it's likely that he'll be busy every moment that he's in public. So... might be able to spot him in a moment that doesn't feel rude, but otherwise I'd just ask when those signings will be when you get there! (if they aren't announced ahead of time)
  14. We've got a fun update on some upcoming books today from an unusual source: the latest annual rights catalog from JABberwocky, Brandon's agent. Most of Brandon's listings are nothing new to us, but page 57 has a few interesting tidbits... First is a title for the third Skyward novella: Evershore. Sanderson, in collaboration with Janci Patterson, has three Cytoverse novellas in the works to be released later this year, each from the PoV of a different character. The titles of the first two were revealed in the progress bars of Brandon's website a few weeks back: Sunreach and ReDawn. We know that Sunreach is written from FM's PoV and we know that ReDawn is the name of Alanik's homeworld. Evershore is a complete mystery for the time being. The final draft of Sunreach is complete, and Brandon announced today in his weekly update that he has reviewed the first draft of ReDawn. Perhaps we'll see a status update soon on the progress of Evershore's first draft! Then again, with the website status bar so full maybe there's just no room for it.... Brandon's goal was to release these in the months leading up to Cytonic. We'll have to wait and see what the actual publication schedule looks like. That's not the only title reveal however. We're also told that Lux will be the title for a new Reckoners novel. This probably shouldn't be confused with Apocalypse Guard, separate trilogy in the same multiverse which Brandon has been collaborating with Dan Wells on. News from recent YouTube livestreams suggests that they're making good progress on Apocalypse Guard. But that title has been set from the book's conception, so Lux appears to be something different. Brandon did announce a trilogy of Reckoners novellas in State of the Sanderson 2020. The idea for these books was to follow a different group of Reckoners, picking up around the end of the original trilogy. They were to be coauthored with Steve Bohls, author of Jed and the Junkyard War. These were to be published under the umbrella of Sanderson's audiobook production company, Mainframe, which is also the case for Lux. It's unclear whether these novellas grew into novels, whether they have been merged into a single novel, or whether this is a separate project. (or, hey, maybe JABberwocky's newsletter is mistaken) The publication date is still a mystery as well. One minor thing to note is that Mainframe LLC is an audiobook production company. Recall that its first publication was The Original , which we still haven't seen a print or ebook version for. Brandon has said that the Skyward novellas are planned to be released simultaneously as ebook and audiobook, with print coming a subsequent year. It's not clear if the same is planned for Lux or not. There's also a thing or two to be said about Dark One and Stephen Leeds. While we don't see any spicy new title reveals on this front, we did get a few crumbs about these. One year ago this month, a sleuth on Reddit was able to dig up the titles that we see here. But at the time we had the release order for Dark One: Forgotten and Dark One: Prophetic Histories swapped. It looks like Forgotten is now the first of the two. In any case, these are a prequel audio series for Dark One, taking the form of a podcast. They will follow the investigations of Caligo's crimes, referred to here as "a serial killer whom no one can remember." The catalog lists a few comparable true crime audio series: West Cork, Evil Has a Name, Welcome to Nightvale, Serial, and Limetown. So if you're curious what these might be like, you now know where to look! As for Stephen Leeds: Death and Faxes, we learn here that the premise of the story is Stephen Leeds tracking down a "dangerous hacker." In other news--if you haven't seen Brandon's latest weekly update, make sure you do! Aside from the update on ReDawn we got a minor progress update on The Lost Metal (just under 50%), a reminder about the inaugural episode of Brandon and Dan's new podcast (tentatively titled Intentionally Blank, with a title poll open on r/Sanderson), as well as a new poll question on signed versus unsigned leatherbounds. If you've been itching for a leatherbound book and don't care to wait for a signature, make sure you let Dragonsteel know in their latest survey! Let us know what you think in the comments.
  15. The fight to save Notum was right after, so I'm not sure if they had time or not But they certainly had a lot of time between then and the end of the book. I was talking about this question with my wife and she proposed this as a way for her to have a child between books even if Adolin dies. It's a bit cliche, but it could certainly work.