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  1. Stoked to read it!
  2. Found this WoB today: Welp, it was fun while it lasted.
  3. "Why does physical space exist?" is definitely a question I am 100% unqualified to answer.
  4. Ah. I don't think you can split it like that. It's a package deal. Just like... a gravitational field is the natural consequence of having energy there. It doesn't make sense to say you have enough energy to make an atom but not enough energy to also let it produce a gravitational field.
  5. @Frustration Obviously I don't know what's going on in Brandon's head, but I don't think that implies what you seem to be saying. For one thing, mass IS Investiture in the cosmere. We have a mass-energy-Investiture equivalence principle thing going on. So a one-atom cosmere has Investiture in it. Second, I think it's pretty clear the intent behind the question is more about whether something as small as an atom has a Cognitive aspect, or perhaps whether an atom needs somebody thinking about it in order to have a presence in the Cognitive Realm. I think it's a mistake to interpret this WoB to mean the Realms and Investiture are completely divorced. That's a big leap of interpretation and assumption.
  6. EDIT: Death by WoB. RIP. It was fun while it lasted. The Cognitive Realm is round. You heard me right. The "flat Shadesmar theory" was good enough for the worldhoppers of ancient times, but we know better. I'm here to prove it. Okay, okay. Hyperbole aside, I'm actually not completely joking here. Apparently @Quantumplation made a "#RoundShadesmarSociety" joke in the livestream on YouTube tonight. After a brief chucke, I had to pause and say, "hol up a minute." Turns out I think the Cognitive Realm is round. Some of you are probably actively opening up your books or loading up Arcanum in the next tab, looking for some reference amid the mountains of evidence that the Cognitive Realm is very much flat. For example: But I think Dirigible's sister was on to something here and Brandon just wasn't quite following... If you look at some of the other WoBs like this, what you see is Brandon explaining that each planet's subastral doesn't map to a globe like it does in the Physical Realm. The POINT is that you can just walk off the edge of the planet in the Cognitive Realm, which we've seen happen in the books. And of course we've seen the implications of that all over the place. Shadesmar is how worldhoppers get around, and they very well aren't climbing ladders from one planet to the next. But we're talking about the scale of the ENTIRE Cognitive Realm here, not just local observations at the subastral scale. Earth seems flat when you're standing in an empty field. Shadesmar seems flat when you're a person sailing the bead oceans. One of the interesting questions about the cosmere and Adonalsium is how they fit into the larger universe. I THINK we can assume that a larger universe exists. I think when you look up on the sky of Darkside on Taldain you can see a whole universe out there, galaxies and all. We know that "the cosmere" is actually just a star cluster (not even a full dwarf galaxy as Brandon previously figured) What lies beyond it? Does magic exist outside "the cosmere"? This is purely my own speculation... I don't think it does. Note these two exchanges: I think these SUGGEST that leaving the cosmere is difficult, if possible at all. Why would that be? It seems rather similar, in my opinion, to the way Invested things in the cosmere have a hard time escaping places that they are Invested in. We know that spren have an incredibly difficult time leaving Roshar, for example. And I think the exact same thing would happen with the cosmere as a whole... While the power of the Shards may be infinite, I think it is bounded, and I think Invested matter has a hard time pulling away from ALL of the other Investiture. I think there's a boundary to the cosmere, whether it be a hard cutoff or a gradual shift, where the "magical cosmere" shifts to a more mundane, magic-less universe. This belief is reinforced when I consider the nature of Adonalsium and the Realms. I do not think the being called Adonalsium was a capital-G God. Some creator of the entire universe. Adonalsium existed inside of the universe, just as the power does even now--though it's divided into smaller chunks than it once was. With the Shards so concentrated in a relatively small area, I don't think it makes much sense for their power to reach out into the entire universe. And the existence of the Cognitive Realm is, in my opinion, a direct consequence of Investiture. It exists because of Investiture. I think you can only have a Cognitive Realm where Investiture exists. So I think the Cognitive Realm is finite in size. This means it cannot be an infinite plane. If the Cognitive Realm is finite, we have to ask whether it has an edge or not. A globe is a finite area with no edges while a disc is a finite area with edges. In other words... Is the Cognitive Realm round, or can you sail off the edge of it? Personally, I think a "boundary" of some kind to the "edge" of the Cognitive Realm is a rather bizarre concept. What's "beyond" the edge of it? What would that even mean? It's not impossible, but I think the idea is problematic. Much simpler if the Cognitive Realm is round, wouldn't you say? There's a bit of poetry to the idea as well. Take a look at this description of the Realms in Secret History: Here Leras explains the Realms to Kelsier and he claims the ground below is the Physical Realm and the sun above is the Spiritual Realm. Personally, I like the idea that some finite space in the Physical Realm (the ground below) maps some finite space in the Cognitive Realm (the space directly above that surface) while the infinite heavens above corresponds to the Spiritual. What would it MEAN for the Cognitive Realm to be round? Not much. Am I super committed to this idea? Okay, maybe not. But it's fun to suppose, if nothing else!
  7. Found it It was just a casual mention tucked in a writing advice question.
  8. It was a livestream back on February 29, according to Coppermind. Unfortunately I'm not seeing anything in the event, so I'm not sure if it was a missed snippet/transcription or if the wrong livestream is referenced. I DO have a vague memory of it, but not enough to remember where it might be hiding...
  9. I think there's certainly a thematic parallel. Brandon has even said that "fabrial" will come to be a general cosmere term for magical devices in general. We're seeing both worlds on the cusp of shifting from magic as a thing that a select few can control to technology which makes magic available to the general public. Laying the ground work for the magical technology they'll need to enter the cosmere space age. And obviously what we're seeing right now is that there's a direct parallel with what the metals do. Supposedly there's a reason they behave the way they do. I can't really think of any parallels beyond that though.
  10. And, to circle back around to fabrial metals... If repeller fabrials use steel then that's a direct parallel!
  11. Brandon has said they're hoping to make it available for general purchase before RoW releases, but not until after they've sent it out to Kickstarter backers. So hopefully it will be up for purchase very late October or early November for anyone.
  12. That's right folks, more book news! Brandon took to Reddit this evening to bring us the FIRST in a series of updates on Skyward 3! You can read the update in the r/BrandonSanderson subreddit. Let's break it down. Though the Skyward series was originally announced as a trilogy, he reported a few years back that it would require an extra novel. Brandon explains in his update that he didn't really sit down to thoroughly outline the entire series until he was writing book 2, Starsight. Through that process, he decided the story was best told through four books rather than three: a standalone starter book with a follow-up trilogy. Sound familiar? Yep, the same thing happened with Mistborn Era 2. Though hopefully we can expect this particular series to wrap up in under a decade. Sanderson reports that he'll be taking the next week to update his outline for novel, which is in pretty good shape. After a quick break to finalize Dawnshard, he plans to begin the writing the book on October 1st. With the book targeting 100k words, Brandon plans to be finished with the first draft by the end of the year! So, after the revision process over the first half of 2021 he hopes that we'll have the book in hand next November--two years after Starsight. The novel doesn't have a title yet. Though he previously mentioned the tentative title "Nowhere", Brandon later reported that the publisher wasn't very fond of it. He has also mentioned that the book will have a second PoV character alongside Spensa's, but we don't know much more than that. We can expect the next status update in November, so perhaps we'll come up from the depths of new Stormlight content for a breather and find out more then! As always, Brandon made sure to profusely thank us, his readers, and to apologize for the long delay since Starsight was published. If you've got a Reddit account, go show this man some love because we don't deserve him! For those still crying ever since my joke about the looong road that Wax & Wayne book 4 has been on, rest assured that Brandon has previously expressed that it should be the NEXT thing on his list after Skyward 3 (yes, before Skyward 4). If everything goes according to plan, it sounds like we can finally expect it sometime in 2022. Though we've got a lot on our plate until then, so let's take it one book at a time! A few other minor items of note... The Original, the audiobook novella co-authored by Sanderson and Kowal was released just two days ago. Make sure you tune in to Brandon's livestream tomorrow at 6 pm MDT for a guest appearance with his award winning co-author and friend, Mary Robinette Kowal. You can submit questions for the pair to answer on Twitter. Dawnshard, the new Stormlight novella, is on track to be released in October. It will be going out to Kickstarter backers first, but there should be an opportunity for others to purchase the ebook before Rhythm of War is out. It looks like Brandon plans to spend one more week on the final draft of Dawnshard so that his part is over by the end of September. As we wait for Rhythm of War, the weekly chapter previews continue to sustain us until its November 17th release date. But progress toward the release continues. Some may be interested to know that the audiobook recording wraps up tomorrow! And that's it for the time being. Now don't you have a book or preview chapter to be reading?
  13. I've been wondering if there's a chance they might use repellers to make airships without all the complicated conjoined gem stuff. Like if you can just repel the entire planet from you... Not to derail the topic at hand.
  14. The confusion about all this is kind of surprising to me. I just don't think it's intended to be so complex or mysterious. Iron Pulls, and iron is needed to make attractors. Steel Pushes... steel is needed to make repellers. The whole point of these epigraphs is, in my opinion, just to indicate that there are significant parellels with the Metallic Arts. The point is "metal matter in the cosmere, and there are patterns to what different metals do." If Brandon wanted to say "but inconsistencies happen" then he could just tell us that. The exact metal needed to make repellers is totally inconsequential. I mean... I'm highly skeptical there's going to be some major plot twist revolving around the "surprise" that some other metal besides steel is needed for repellers. The point of "we haven't figured out what metal is needed" is just there for fans to say "OH OH I KNOW I KNOW!" Anything beyond that is mostly overthinking it, I think. Not to disregard the arguments that, if it's steel then why haven't they figured it out. Totally valid question. I just think the answer is a mundane one. I DO think the "reverse the polarities" usage of iron and steel implies they have the right alloy of steel for fabrials. I DON'T think they haven't figured out how to make repellers simply because they don't know the right type of steel to use. This is precisely what's going on, I think. These epigraphs are making fabrials sound simple and understandable, which is a lot of fun. But Navani's lecture is... not some PhD course. This is the basics, for non-artifabrains. Nobody is walking out of this lecture and designing the next revolutionary fabrial. This is an engineering professor giving a lecture about simple machines. (Here's a ramp. We use ramps to push things up and down easier. Here's a pulley. If you pull this end down, the other side goes up.) The actual artifabrians are serious engineers who spend their lives trying to figure these things out. It's not as simple as... stick any spren in a gem, wrap it up in metal, and push the big green button to see what it does. There's complexity here that's only being hinted at. So... Just because they've figured out one application with steel doesn't mean it translates perfectly. They very well may have assumed steel would work, and then tried it out... and couldn't get it to work. Okay. So then lots of readers are thinking this implies it must not be steel. They tried steel, it didn't work. But put yourself in-world. Consider all of the variables involved. Can you reach the conclusion that steel doesn't work so easily? Maybe you're using the wrong gemstone. Maybe the gem needs to be cut a certain way. Maybe you're using the wrong spren. Maybe the gage of your metal wires is off. Maybe the cage isn't touching the gem at the right points. Maybe the overall shape/pattern/geometry of the cage is wrong. There are literally infinite possibilities. I mean, to be fair, there are presumably some patterns to how fabrials work, right? They didn't stumble upon all of their known fabrials by randomly toying with infinite possibilities and happening to get some that work. But that doesn't imply that the other extreme is true either. I think it's a big mistake to assume discovering a new fabrial is as easy as trying a dozen obvious options with a metal you haven't tried before. And it seems logical to me that they wouldn't say "It's totally steel and we just haven't figured out how yet." Just because the polarity trick with iron/steel suggests a relationship between them, that's definitely not enough for them to assume some universal pattern from. I would think it might make them suspect steel. Perhaps. But when you've spent a few months trying different experiments with no success you don't know WHY you haven't had success. They have to assume it might not be steel just as much as they have to assume there's a thousand other variables that could be off. Sorry for the rant. I think the metal relationships we're seeing are REALLY cool... But I don't think we're going to walk out of Stormlight 10 knowing the nuts and bolts of how to design our own fabrials from scratch. When the Rosharan spaceships are running on fabrial computers, Brandon's not giving us schematics on fabrial microchips that are so detailed we could take them and, finding ourselves on Roshar, build our own. We're getting into a phase of the cosmere where we see consistent THEMES, that continue to give it a feeling of being hard magic. The usage of magic will be consistent and occaisionally predictable. Extrapolations will still feel satisfying. But I don't think we're going to be able to delve into the finest detail of the realmatics of every aspect surrounding fabrials. (same for mechanical applications of the Metallic Arts) There's going to be A LOT of handwaving like we're seeing here. I think it's steel at work for repellers. The artifabrians just haven't figured out the details to make it work yet. What details? *handwavy* Details too complicated to explain to someone without a master's degree in fabrial magic. *handwavy*