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  1. I'm pretty sure Petar said on Discord that they had the same brief as the UK cover artist. And it sounds like the brief was fairly, uh, brief. So I wouldn't put too much stock in the fine details. The artists definitely haven't read the whole book. The exact thing they're wearing, carrying, etc. could be 100% artist's interpretation. Heck, just look at how different that 4th artist's cover is. Not that speculation isn't fun and worthwhile. I'm honestly kind of expecting the US cover to be the same "scene", so that will be interesting. I SUSPECT Dragonsteel's thought process is: We don't have Shallan on a cover yet, and we NEED Shallan on a cover in the first 5 books. Can we assume she will work on the book 5 cover? Or should we include her now? Now seems wise. Shadesmar is a cool setting that'd be perfect for a cover. Shallan goes to Shadesmar in this book. Let's give the artists a vague description of a Shadesmar scene. (or maybe not even a specific scene)
  2. Bulgarian cover(s): More details:
  3. Not geostationary/geosynchronous, that would mean they'd always be in the sky for one particular location and never move on. But you're thinking along the right lines. Problem is to make this aspect work requires other contradictions. It's all explained here:
  4. You're asking about the basis that they rise and set the same time everywhere? I don't think it's ever explicit, but it definitely seems to be Brandon's intent if you consider it as you read. It's mostly just in the way they are spoken of, as if their schedules are familiar regardless of whether you're on the Shattered Plains, Alethkar, Jah Keved, or even Shinovar. Szeth mentions, for example, that the time between Salas and Nomon is the same in Shinovar as it is in Jah Keved (and as what we observe on the Shattered Plains). If the moons followed realistic movement on the orbit they are suggested to have, they would be rising and setting during the daytime in Shinovar.
  5. Didn't see a forum post for this yet... TLDR: New minimalist design for Stormlight logo Created upon request by Tor for something simper for marketing purposes Marketing will make use of both symbols (old one isn't dead) This is a Space Era symbol for Roshar (other space age planetary symbols will come in time) I made an SVG for anyone who may have need of it. Attached below. Love it? Hate it? Biggest complaint I've seen is the loss of the numerology of the number 10. It kind of makes me wonder if there's a reason for that, considering the symbol is meant to represent Roshar long after the final book. Probably a long shot, but maybe the number 10 won't be quite so meaningful on Roshar when the series concludes? Or maybe there's no deeper meaning on why. I think my biggest personal complaint is the hilt. Feels kind of blocky and plain. In general, I'm totally on board with a more minimal logo for some purposes. I can definitely see how it will be useful. And I'm psyched that they came up with an in-world rationalization for it. Stormlight_Archive_Space.svg
  6. Codex Alera (it has some romance subplots but isn't the main focus, at least for the most part) Robin Hobb maybe? The Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix
  7. I've been a really big fan of the idea of using an H for one of the words. Making all the acronyms perfectly symmetrical is a nice nod to the in-world love of symmetry. I feel like using an H for one of the words is an even deeper nod though. Plus it gives Brandon more flexibility. And it makes the easter egg a bit harder to spot, which makes it cooler and more fun when people catch it. I'm also a big fan of keeping the T on the end. Brandon originally referred to book 4 as "The Rhythm of War" and then later dropped the "The". I'm fully on board with saying "articles don't count". Sure. But he dropped the extra article so that RoW would be symmetrical with WoR without needing an arbitrary "articles don't count" rule. Don't stop now! Also, with the book being Szeth's and a potential T-word in the title... I really love the idea of that final word being "Truth". That said, my favorite acronyms are HoWT or KoHT I suppose. What words should those be aside from that "T" for Truth? I haven't been able to come up with anything I love. I toyed with the idea of making the "H" be hallowed as a nod to Stones Unhallowed, but I can't come up with anything I love.
  8. Spanreeds are a relatively recent invention, so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for this to be "an old general's trick".
  9. @Honorless You might feel that way regardless, which is totally fair, but when I share it with a newer reader I usually turn a lot of unnecessary things off:
  10. horror

    Thanks for the heads up! Here's the current version: Updated the referenced post in case that happens to anybody else. @Karger We kind of toyed with adding some of it. I think Weiry has a user page with some of it in there. The problem is we don't like putting things on Coppermind that's just speculation, and there's a lot of that in my timelines. (note the error columns) Words of Radiance is a special case because it lists some explicit dates. The other books unfortunately aren't as clear.
  11. A question from Brandon's team concerning JordanCon was posted on Reddit:
  12. u/Aradanftw on Reddit put together a post converting Roshar's spheres to US Dollars. So this is 99% their work and not my own! But I thought it was interesting and something that I might want to reference more often down the road. Perhaps I'll remember to add more things to it. My main "contribution" was a push to reduce the values by an order of magnitude. The diamond chip was originally set at $2, based on the price of a loaf of bread. I'm not sure Aradanftw was entirely on board with this opinion, but the prices I've posted below are 1/10th of that. I'll admit that I'm not great with economics and inflation values, so I'm happy to be corrected on this. But it seems to me like we should compare the prices to Earth prices at a similar level of technological development? So I'm thinking we should look more at 19th century (-ish) US dollars rather than 21st century US dollars? The price of bread in early/pre-industrial society is different than modern society. Even now you can go to non-Western developing countries where a bit of bread is going to be a lot less than $2. And, admittedly, part of the drive for this is that $2 as you SMALLEST denomination of currency seems off to me. Aside from that price shift, I've also reorganized everything from lowest value to highest, and reworked some of the details. So assuming 1 diamond chip = a loaf of bread = $0.20, we've got the following prices: Rosharan spheres to US Dollars: 1 diamond chip (smallest denomination) - $0.20 Apothecary bandages, per armlength (1 diamond chip) - $0.20 Candied fruit (1 diamond chip) - $0.20 Shallan's trip to the Palanaeum (2 diamond chips) - $0.40 Bridgeman slave daily wages (1 diamond mark) - $1 Bridgeman daily wages (2 diamond marks) - $2 Tozbek's sailors' daily wages (1 ruby chip) - $2 Shallan's slaves' daily wages (1 ruby chip + 5 ruby chips toward slave debt) - $2 + $10 toward slave debt Apothecary needle and thread (2 diamond marks) - $2 Soldier's daily wages (5 diamond marks) - $5 Bowl of firemoss, each (1 garnet broam for three bowls)- $6.60 per bowl Adolin's tip to Kaladin (1 emerald chip) - $10 Apothecary larmic mucus (2 ruby marks) - $20 Mraize tips Mem for getting the aether from his suit (3 ruby marks) - $30 Apothecary lister's oil (2 sapphire marks) - $50 Shallan's mistaken offer for candied fruit (1 emerald mark) - $50 Apothecary knobweed sap, per bottle (2 sapphire marks) $50 Copy of Words of Radiance, found by Gaz (2 sapphire broams) - $200 1 emerald broam (largest denomination) - $200 Palanaeum alcove rental (2 sapphire marks) - $500 Shallan's weekly stipend (3 emerald broams) - $600 Renegotiated price for Shallan's books (2 emerald broams and 3 sapphire broams) - $700 Tvlakv's trade wagon and 5 slaves (5 emerald broams) - $1,000 Artmyrn's initial offer for Shallan's books (10 emerald broams) - $2,000 Shallan's aluminum necklass (10 emerald broams) - $2,000 Gaz's debt (80 ruby broams) - $3,200 Wikim and Balat's knives, each (20 emerald broams) - $4,000 Dalanar's offered price to purchase Sadaes's bridgemen, each (60 emerald broams) - $12,000 Palanaeum chit of admittance (1,000 sapphire broams) - $100,000 Sadaes would reject even if Dalinar this much for bridgemen, each (1,000 emerald broams) - $200,000 Again, I'm not ecoomist or historian, but I think these sound somewhat reasonable? Could be shifted around a little one way or the other, but I think the order of magnitude feels right. There are people (in extreme poverty) in our world who live on $2 per day. The wages for the sailors does seem a bit low, but both they and the bridgemen also essentially have free housing and (presumably) meals. So that's more of a stipend than a wage. Seems like a very reasonable wage for what is essentially a pre-industrial indentured servant? The minimum pricepoint of $0.20 STILL seems weirdly high, but I don't think we can go much lower. The bread doesn't seem bad, though it's odd to me candied fruit costs the same. What do you charge for a non-candied piece of fruit? Do people just not do that? They'd buy more than one piece? Perhaps the people at the bottom of society tend to just barter goods directly instead of using spheres. Books costing a few hundred dollars apiece seems somewhat reasonable? I expect books cost even more, prior to the printing press. But then Roshar is a bit more culturally developed despite that technology, so demand is probably bringing that price down. Dalinar's offer to buy the bridgemen is crazy. There were about 1,000 bridgemen I believe, which puts the total cost (if Sadeas had agreed) at $12 million. Apparently Dalinar could afford that (if only barely) while Sadeas's counter-offer of $200 million was going too far. So that's interesting.
  13. Updated my Stormlight Archive timeline again this weekend. Not an exciting update, but figured I'd write a post anyways. The main changes on this version involved reconciling my timeline with (what I understand to be) Karen's timeline from the Oathbringer beta read, which Alice and Lyndsey have been referencing on their Tor Oathbringer Reread. They're almost through the entire book now, so I had quite a bit to work through. I shifted around a few of my dates to match Karen's where possible... Unfortunately, there are several things that I strongly disagree with, and so I have stuck with my own dates in these cases. At some point I want to write up my issues in a concise way and send it to Karen. Some are relatively meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but others could potentially matter in one way or another, I think. Of course, it's worth mentioning that this is just supposedly the beta timeline--entirely possible the final/official timeline has many things corrected. In any case, my main issues include: I may have mentioned this previously, (I pointed it out to Peter loooong ago) but Shallan's OB Part 1 chapters are off by a couple of days, relative to when the Everstorms and the first highstorm are referenced. Several of Dalinar's flashbacks seem to be a little off. For most it's maybe within reasonable rounding error, but there was at least 1 or 2 that's clearly off by a few years. Maybe a typo? I finally worked through all of the Moash stuff, and I think some of her dates there are a little odd. The biggest and most complicated problem is Oathbringer Part 4... I was concerned that the Shadesmar sequence didn't line up right, and it seems I was entirely correct. There are references clearly linking the Shadesmar group from the day they enter to the day they reach Celebrant. The time spent on Honor's Path is a little vague. And then there are clear references linking the group from Honor's Path to Thaylen City. There's not any contradictions. The problem is that the travel times on the two Shadesmar ships is HIGHLY inconsistent. They spend something like 2 or 3 days traveling from Riino's lighthouse to Celebrant... And then they spend several weeks traveling from Celebrant to... somewhere nearly Thaylenah. The exact locations of the lighthouse and the place where the group abandons ship are not entirely clear. But honestly, if you look at a map and pick a borderline-unreasonable, best case scenario for each... It doesn't make sense at all. Especially considering there's an explicit mention that Honor's Path is significantly faster than Ico's ship. Oh well... Maybe I can convince them to make an edit for the 10th anniversary edition. That's all the negative stuff. I was pleased to find that I was fairly close (or dead on) with most of my dates--particularly for the Part 3 finale. Peter also answered some questions I had about a few minor things, so those are worked out. I've added Kaladin's Oathbringer memories/flashbacks, so with the Moash stuff done that should be everything from OB! The reread hasn't quite covered the end of the book, and it LOOKS like Karen shifted the Battle of Thaylen City back an extra day from where I have it. But I'm going to say we're good enough for now. Unless there's some major WoB or new revelation, the next stop will probably be a Stormlight 4 update!