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  1. Great costumes all around!
  2. I do agree with OP that Roshar's history isn't as deeply explored. (well, okay, I haven't read ASoIaF yet, but I have a sense for it and I think the same could be said in comparison with other series) I DO think he has much more planned than has been revealed... But I also think Brandon is simply less interested in mundane historical detail than some other fantasy authors. He'll insert a fact or an anecdote here or there, but Brandon doesn't tend to pepper his stories full of one-off mentions that may or may not matter down the road. I feel like this is true of his worldbuilding in general. Concerning the distant past (>1500 years), this is mainly because of Desolations, the Recreance, revisionist history, etc. Much has been lost and forgotten. From a narrative perspective--he can't reveal too much because the mystery of it matters to the plot. Concerning the more recent past, I think some of it is because it matters to the plot. Some of it is surely that he just doesn't care to go into it though, if I had to guess. One thing I've noticed with WoBs is that Brandon is hesitant to canonize details when he thinks the story may come back around and deal with that topic later. I imagine this is true of the writing as well. Story and characters are king to Brandon. We already saw a few minor retcons with Dalinar's past in Oathbringer. I think Brandon likes to leave himself room to breathe when it comes to details (like history), because he doesn't want to come up with a great idea that has to be scrapped when it turns out he previously threw a few lines in that prevent it from working. So he has more of the history worked out than he has shown, but he's not showering us with the details in case they need to change. (And he isn't super interested in getting into the weeds in the books anyways.) Just my opinion/interpretation.
  3. @Ark1002 Ah! Sorry, I forgot about updating those. I'll take care of that for you when I get a chance.
  4. Bravo
  5. theory

    And that's absolutely valid. I'm just being picky about [what I perceived as] the implication that Adolin planning to back off indicates that he merely has "affection." The statement felt more... conclusive? than what @insert_anagram_here obviously intended. ————— I don't want to derail the discussion being had in this thread, but I feel like this needs to be addressed. I'm speaking to everyone here, in case that needs to be said. I'm reading through this thread and seeing lots of different opinions being shared. I don't see anyone being "jumped on or beaten to death" with one opinion or the other. There's obviously two overarching opinions, right? ("will not last" vs. "will last"). There are several people arguing in favor of each. Both opinions are effectively welcome, as far as I can see. There's a lot of debate paired with those opinions. That doesn't mean the opposing opinions aren't welcome. Just because someone shows up to argue doesn't mean they're trying to suppress an alternate perspective. Just because their argument isn't exhaustive and flawless doesn't mean they're unwilling to consider the points that they skipped over. It kind of feels like each "side" believes the other is trying to push opposing views away. This isn't a fight. There's no winning. I think everyone here understands that we're largely dealing with a mix of theory and opinion, and I think everyone here has given their opinions a lot of thought. Let's please assume the best in others and be patient when tempers flare. (It's happened all around, I can assure you.) Please report cases where that happens. (and "thank you" to those who do) It's not always easy to keep a level head when discussing something we're passionate about.
  6. theory

    Re: @Alderant's point, I agree that @Calderis's response was missing the point. But I do very much disagree with this. Anagram, it sounds like you're casually dismissing the entire "love someone enough to let them go" trope. I absolutely disagree that real love is incapable of letting someone go for the sake of their own happiness. If I understand the context of this argument, Calderis was arguing that Adolin "letting go of Shallan" is a sign of love. That doesn't have to be the case. You could read it as if he doesn't love her enough to fight for her. But I don't think you can definitively say it means he doesn't love her [enough] either.
  7. @binh0k04 you don't even need to make an account. Just click the "Edit" button/tab at the top right. (though there are some benefits to making an account) In any case... I've done my best to add this missing text in. It's tricky though... I think everything in there was based on the order of the epigraphs. But this passage that Kelsier reads had a few chunks from later epigraphs mixed in, proving that the epigraphs aren't necessarily in the "correct" order. I've moved those portions to match what Kelsier reads, and I've added a note at the beginning of the article that the ordering of provided passages is uncertain. I've also made it clear that we only have excerpts not the actual FULL text of the journal. If there are other portions of the text not revealed in the epigraphs, it would be helpful if someone could report that. (or even better, just go in and add it) I've only added this one portion Kelsier reads from the beginning of chapter 21.
  8. Fabrials! Tell me exactly how fabrials work, Brandon! Shadesmar. I want to see more of it. A different place. A new major city perhaps.
  9. Welcome @Alicila! Thanks for all your Coppermind work! Which of Brandon's books have you read? The Expanse has been my favorite science fiction lately, but I enjoyed Three Body Problem quite a bit! How are the sequels?
  10. Just put your name in the "Claimed By" column on this spreadsheet. Thanks @Ark1002! Edit: Oh, I noticed you did this, but had to add the thing you wanted. That sheet actually has a few tabs in it. It opens to the Stormlight tab, but you wanted the Mistborn tab. I moved your name to the right spot. Sorry for the confusion.
  11. A little late, but we're finally back with another set of Coppermind objectives! What better way to spend a cold winter day than snuggled up with a blanket, hot cocoa, and an article to write? We had some awesome editors chugging away over the holidays, and got a lot done. We got a good start on Skyward while continuing to chip away at some Cosmere articles that have long needed attention. We'll be continuing that through March! Before getting into the new objectives, let's give a big hand to Rebeca, Big Smooth, and Rasarr, who helped knock out some of our major objectives over the last two months, such as Ialai Sadeas, the Horneater Peaks, and Jorgen. Others who contributed a lot are credited below. Thanks for the hard work, folks! As always, we're happy for any help we can get, so don't be shy. If you're new to editing the Coppermind, don't worry; we'll help you out with guides and plenty of assistance. You don't need experience, just the will to help out! We'll also provide awards, because everyone loves fake internet points. Without further ado, here are our objectives for February and March. If you find something you'd like to help with, claim it here, and let us know if you have any questions! If nothing in the list below catches your eye, there are leftover objectives from previous months up for grabs in the claim spreadsheet. If you sign up for something, please say hi on Discord so that we can offer support and touch base with you! Larger Projects Let's start with some larger projects. These objectives will definitely require some research and a good bit of writing. Anyone is welcome to take them--we just don't want you to feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew. 1. Cobb's History Captain Cobb is one of the most important figures in Brandon's latest book, but his article is still a stub. Let's flesh out Mongrel's history this month--both his backstory and his role during the events of Skyward. 2. Coup of Urteau The Coup of Urteau was a major focus of Hero of Ages, and yet the page currently consists of a single paragraph. Our coverage of Mistborn Era 1 is spotty, but this one is a particularly sad oversight. Anything you can do to help fill out what happened in Urteau would be a big help! 3. Eventeo Sarene's father, King Eventeo, is another article that's much shorter than it ought to be. He made a limited number of appearances in Elantris, which should make the research on this one relatively straightforward. 4. Terris History and Culture The Terris people played a significant role in the story of Mistborn before and after the Ascension of the Lord Ruler. Their history and culture in particular are very rich, but the article is far too brief. Let's try to at least cover the history and culture sections of these interesting people. 5. Natanatan Details on Natanatan are sparse, but we definitely know a lot more about these people than the article currently reveals. We could use your help updating this article for Oathbringer, as well as making sure it has captured everything we know from the previous Stormlight Archive books. 6. Palona And here's another important article that still hasn't even been updated for Oathbringer. It's clearly missing some info from Words of Radiance as well. Let's at least get that Appearance and Personality section filled out, along with a more thorough and updated History. Smaller Tasks These are tasks that are much shorter and involve characters or topics that are minor. But, hey, minor things are important to have done too! Many of these articles are so short that they will not require separate sections. Research should be fairly straight forward. For short articles, include as much as you can possibly find about them. 1. Gemmel Aside from a few mentions here or there, this will mainly take you into Eleventh Metal. As important as Kelsier is to the Mistborn story, his teacher deserves a bit more attention than he's received so far! 2. Khlennium Home of Alendi, this classical Scadrian nation was incredibly influential. Let's dig all of the details up and get this article completed! 3. Order of Talenelat No, there's not an 11th order of Knights Radiant. This is one of the Vorin devotaries--Dalinar's own, in fact. This one should be relatively easy to mark complete. 4. Sela Tales And here's another ancient kingdom--this time on Roshar. The Purelake may not seem like much these days, but it was once ruled by a Silver Kingdom if you can believe it. We could use your help getting this article updated for Oathbringer. 5. Sheler This nominee for "Most Random Oathbringer Interlude" could use a bit of fleshing out. After his encounter with the hog, it seems unlikely that we'll be seeing him again. It always feels good to mark an article complete knowing that it will probably stay that way! 6. Tenasi Agreement Got an itch to help with something non-cosmere? Couldn't get enough Skyward? Take a moment to read Defending Elysium and help us elaborate on the Tenasi Agreement! I'll be honest--I have no clue what it is... And the article is only slightly more helpful than the title itself! Let's change that. What's in it for me? We want to motivate people to help, so we will be giving out Coppermind awards for the users in the coming months with the most edits, and we'll also give out awards if you contributed to one of these items. They'll be on your user page for all to see. Here's a look at our top editors from the last month! Most Contributions 1. Norlick27 - 50,727 bytes 2. Big Smooth - 45,779 bytes 3. Reinhartmax - 34,023 bytes 4. Rasarr - 32,463 bytes 5. Ammcclain15 - 18,128 bytes Objective Completions 1. Rebeca - 1 Major, 1 Minor 2. Big Smooth & Rasarr - 1 Major, 0 Minor 3. Messydesk, Ladymxdnight , and MountainKing- 0 Major, 1 Minor How do I to start? The most important thing is to be bold! Content is hard to write, but we can always format your stuff if it doesn't quite match conventions. MediaWiki notation may appear scary at first, but the best way to learn is through experience. If you're interested, we have lots of guides to help: Help:Contents. It does very much help to have ebooks so you can find instances of a specific word or person. (This is extremely helpful for minor characters). If you have physical books, ask us and we can help you determine this so you don't need to reread the whole text. We can also direct you towards some good articles to use as a go-by. Come join us on the dedicated Coppermind Discord, or come chat in the #coppermind channel on the 17th Shard Discord. We are really happy to help!
  12. theory

    This discussion is really interesting. I think it's clear that the oath(s) can mean different things to different people (even within an order), but that does make the oaths seem a little of wishy-washy at first. I think it's important to remember that the Ideals are (or at least were not) CORE to the nahel bond. Nahel bond Surgebinders existed prior to the Ideals. We see Surgebinders in a vision before Nohadon has even written the text that would inspire the oaths. Best we can tell, Ishar somehow bound the spren to require these oaths in some way. I'm really interested in how deep that goes... In any case, we're not dealing with a magic system instituted from the ground up by Honor, who declared, "Thou shalt speak these specific words and understand their meaning as I do." Rather, we've got a magic system that developed naturally... And then in the process of getting organized they all had a Way of Kings book club, where they sat around a table, sipping their wine and talking about how much Nohadon's latest book means to them personally... And someone says, "Guys, we have all these different opinions, but we can all agree that Nohadon was a fantastic author."... Next moment they've got a Nohadon fanclub going, sharing their favorite quotes with squires and basing their personal philosophies on this book... And then Ishar comes along and says, "Hey, this seems to be working out a lot better. I like binding things, so let's do some spirtual mumbo jumbo and make this stick." Or something like that. The point being, I can absolutely see WHY this subjectivity exists. It's not that the Ideals are "meaningless." They mean something to the individuals involved, and that matters to the story. The subjectivity is just an artifact of how the system developed.
  13. My thoughts as well. I wouldn't HATE another contemporary text, but I DO have a hard time seeing how it wouldn't feel overdone.
  14. He has said that each will be a book title, so I don't see any reason to doubt that's changing. People seem to assume that it's merely an out-of-world reference to some in-world "Rhythm of War". And of course, being a singer rhythm there's no words to it. But I don't see how that has to be the case at all. The title almost certainly refers to an in-world text which itself is named after in in-world Rhythm of War. Who wrote the book and what it is about is still a big mystery of course. But I mean, for all we know it could be an in-world Dawnsinger text about the First Desolation. I highly doubt we'll get that information at this point, but you get the idea. Personally, I really love the idea that it IS an ancient document of some kind that can now be translated from Dawnchant. No basis for this, but I think it would be cool if it was something written by the ancestors of the listeners before they took on dullform. Something that gets rediscovered over the course of the book. Could play along really well, Eshonai's flashbacks, Venli, Rlain, and the missing listeners--all adding up to this idea of rejecting the Fused and Odium.
  15. From the Stormlight Book Four Update #2: The previous working title mentioned (which was explicitly "unlikely" when he shared it) was "The Song of Changes". Thoughts on the new potential title? Thoughts on how it fits the book's theme? Thoughts on what the in-world text will be about?