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  1. RoW ch 112, Dalinar and Odium setting terms: This phrasing seems off. They're having a conversation, not writing anything down on paper. Dalinar didn't say anything "above". He said it previously perhaps it should say.
  2. That's possible. This is what I was referring to with using the word in a relative sense. But as far as I could find in a quick search, this is the ONLY time that "desert" has been used in Stormlight Archive.
  3. Oathbringer chapter 68 Do they have deserts on Roshar? I would think highstorms mean they don't have true deserts. Is it a word in their vocabulary? This is a Shallan PoV. Though maybe they would just use the term in a relative sense, kind of like the seasons are used. And she is getting a trippy visions looking into Wit's eyes here so maybe some weirdness is reasonable.
  4. These look great! As far as themes, to be honest I'd personally prefer a transparent background. XD
  5. Most of them aren't very conducive to this sort of thing unfortunately. Other than the Mistborn series, most books take place predominantly within a single city. (and of those the only one with a halfway useable map would be Elantris) I would like to do something with Mistborn eventually, but there's a few challenges... First is that we don't have a timeline of the series put together. I started work on collecting references, but that's going to be a lot of work. And from there we'll need to figure out how to handle multiple series... Do we make separate apps for each Era? Do we see if Paleo can figure some way to transition between maps from one era to the next? I think we can make something work, but it's hard to say at this point. (and it will take work )
  6. The trick is to knock out the vowels early so that you can use discover possible double-vowels and get a sense for the shape of the word with the ones you have to work with. I usually get it in 4, though intend to get 5 if I'm too impatient to try combinations or if the word tricks me. Sometimes I catch a break and get it in three. You definitely don't need to know the words to be good. It's honestly easier than regular Wordle because the list of possible answers is so much smaller. I usually guess adeiu first. From there I try to geuss a word that puts yellow vowels in new places and includes the o. Preferably the y, though that rarely happens.
  7. theory

    We know Honor did die AFTER the Recreance, but I think this still works if you imagine he was less restrictive in his final days. Whether through lack of control, a failing mental state, or whatever. There's been so much talk of how dangerous the Surges are, how they led to the destruction of Ashyn, etc. And meanwhile, very little indication to us of how that is true. I mean, maybe with infinite sources of Stormlight they would be scary, but it's hard to imagine how a couple of Surgebinders could wreck a whole planet without really going out of their way to do so. It would be very interesting to find out they are somehow a lot more powerful than we've been led to believe. Like maybe right now we're seeing them capped out at the power level they had through most of history.... And Honor's death busted open the door to much more dangerous things, and the characters along with us just don't even realize how yet.
  8. Brandon had some important news to share with us today, as he alluded to in yesterday's Weekly Update. If you haven't seen the news directly from him, we encourage you to watch this video first, and then we'll break it down: Did you watch it? No really, did you? Last warning... I'm guessing your face looked something like this too? So... Sanderson started to feel a bit bogged down, overbooked, and overwhelmed in 2019, mostly on account of the amount of traveling he was doing. When Covid forced Brandon to skip the traveling in 2020, all of that freed up time created an opening for unscheduled writing. And he seems to have loved it! He wrote a book in secret that year, and as the reduced traveling continued in 2021 he wrote four more. One is a middle-grade story that will probably be a graphic novel (but it's still a bit of a work in progress). The other four of them are full-length, adult sci-fi/fantasy novels with three of them being Cosmere books. And here they are, with tentative covers and titles hidden: Sanderson also announced a Kickstarter campaign that is open NOW. This will essentially be a monthly subscription box program for 2023, including one of the four books every three months and swag boxes on the months in-between. The different tiers give you some options on what formats you'd like the books in and whether or not you want to pay for the swag boxes or just stick to the books. The themed swag boxes will contain one featured item and two supporting items. It sounds like t-shirts are likely to be included, though we don't have any other details on what they might contain at this time. They currently have no plans for stretch goals. In any case, here's the schedule for this "Year of Sanderson": Please note that these books WILL ultimately be available for those who did not participate in the Kickstarter! So if it's not something you can afford at this time, or if you've missed the Kickstarter altogether (and somehow found your way here), you will certainly have a chance to get your hands on them. The ebooks and audiobooks should be released shortly after the Kickstarter deliveries, and print editions will eventually be available as well! So what do we know about the books so far? Brandon had a few things to say during his video, mentioned a few more on the Kickstarter page, and just finished a surprise livestream in which they gave us some more crumbs. Here's what we know: General One of them is written in first person. (we don't know which) They are all around 100,000 words in length. (roughly the size of Alloy of Law) The worldbuilding/setting of all the Cosmere books is crazy -- more like Roshar than the other published Cosmere worlds. Secret Project #1 Set on a new world in the Cosmere, and has references to other things in the Cosmere. Works as an entry point for new readers. It has the craziest worldbuilding of the four novels. Secret Project #2 The only non-cosmere book of the bunch It contains excerpts of something else Brandon wrote. Works as an entry point for new readers. Secret Project #3 Set on a new world in the Cosmere, and has references to other things in the Cosmere. Works as an entry point for new readers. This one is Brandon, Emily, and Peter's favorite. Secret Project #4 Set on a new world in the Cosmere, and has references to other things in the Cosmere. This one is NOT a good entry point to the Cosmere. It's focused on a character we've seen before, who hasn't had their own story and whose backstory is relevant to this book. The plotting of this one leans hard on a specific style and that makes it a bit polarizing. That's all we know so far, but there's more to come! Starting on Thursday, Brandon will be posting weekly readings from each book. It sounds like we can expect the first 5-6 chapters of Secret Project #1 on this Thursday, with readings from the others coming on subsequent Thursdays. Brandon will also be doing weekly livestreams on Tuesdays for the duration of the campaign (which is for the next 30 days). The first segment of these livestreams will be no spoilers, but the second half will get into some more details about the books and for questions that address the readings released on Thursdays. So stay tuned! WOW! It's a lot to take in. What do you guys think? Let us know what your reaction was in the comments! And if you've got any theories for what these books might be about, we'd love to hear them!
  9. 1. I think just showing him surviving will be enough for general readers. You don't need to know all the foreshadowing to enjoy a twist. If they want to know about foreshadowing it's there, but I don't think it's hard to find in retrospect. 2. Dalinar could beat Gavilar in a physical fight, as we knew him... But he's not going to be EXACTLY the same person we knew. At the very least he will be a Cognitive Shadow. He will probably be souped up with Odium's Investiture. There's no telling what kind of magical powers he might have, or how he has grown in strength (physical or spiritual). Heck, maybe it will be our first display of true Voidbinding. 3. The theory isn't meant to suggest the story will go that direction. I fully agree with you. I think all the ideas that Dalinar will lose "because he just can't bear to fight his opponent" are really dumb.
  10. Yeah, and I've helped with those to some extent. This is trying to do something a BIT different. The Coppermind summaries have full spoilers for the book they are about, and are (generally) more detailed. They're really aimed at people who have read the book and need a refresher. You could probably use this for that, but it's really meant to be an aid to first-time readers. So each chapter's slide will have no spoilers beyond that point in the book. And they're meant to be less about recapping what happened and (at least a bit) more about emphasizing important things (especially things that are easy to miss). That said, one issue is that I think some of the chapter page drift a bit too much into recap mode.
  11. There's a fantastic companion guide for Malazan out there, and over the years of occasionally seen people request something similar for Stormlight Archive. Sanderson's writing isn't nearly as opaque as Erikson's so I'm not really sure how useful something like this would be.... But if it helps people get into the series, that excites me! I've put together what I think is a decent draft covering TWoK Part 1, as well as some rough opening pages: Please let me know what you think! Even better, give it to a friend who's reading for the first time and let me know what they think! Does it seem helpful? Is it too much? Too little? At this point I'm mostly interested in the big picture. It isn't time to bother with images or font that need some adjusting.
  12. I don't think that quite fits, because I'd say the whole point of the Everstorm was to sort of short circuit the Oathpact. They punched a hole through, so to speak, since Taln was starting to seem unbreakable. So I tend to think Taln's return was just naturally triggered at some point along that process. Though I guess it's not impossible that Gavilar somehow sent him back, if he wouldn't have otherwise because the Oathpact mechanics weren't working right? In any case, the point about Taln's blade is simply that we know it's missing and they think it would be cool for Gavilar to have it. When Taln returned at the end of TWoK he had his Honorblade, but then at the end of Words of Radiance we see Dalinar bond the sword he had and we realize that it's just a regular deadeye Shardblade. Meaning somebody stole his Honorblade at some point, and we don't know who or when. It's been a mystery ever since. Currently, Taln doesn't have his Honorblade.
  13. Yeah, I've seen that latter argument. I don't think it would be an issue honestly. That was a promise made a long time ago under very different circumstances. It's *similar* to what happened with Kaladin, but also very different. I feel like there were some implicit qualifications to that oath which are no longer valid. And I'm not sure Stormfather would hold him to it.
  14. I've been slipping this into conversations on Discord for a while now, but I don't think I've seen anyone sit down and write out a theory for it. (or just a proper prediction) Sometime in the wake of the RoW release I saw somebody on Reddit make a "what if Gavilar is still alive" post. I opened it up, and got about halfway through a reply about how that would be pretty dumb, but then the thought came to me that it made Gavilar a potential candidate for Odium's champion. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea--especially as someone who doesn't particularly care for the other champion candidates. The main thing I want to do here is break that thought process down. I'll start with some evidence on why it's possible, address some common criticisms, explain why I think it's a cool idea, and then speculate a bit. "Evidence" Yeah, "evidence" needs to be in quotes here because we don't have any hard evidence that Gavilar is still around or that he will be Odium's champion. Though I can hardly blame Brandon for giving us nearly nothing to work with here... I mean, think about it. If we had a tangible clue that Gavilar is alive, we would be all over it. If you want a secret to last for 5 books, you need to play it pretty close to your chest. Anyways, there's two steps here. First, Gavilar has to still be "alive" somehow. Second, there has to be a reason why he would be chosen as Odium's champion. How can Gavilar still be alive? So how is it possible that Gavilar is still alive? The only real possibility here is that he would need to become a Cognitive Shadow. His body was found to be very dead, and then Soulcast. He didn't slip into Shadesmar when nobody was looking. And how does one become a Cognitive Shadow? We won't get into full cosmere spoilers, but the general idea is that you need to be highly Invested. We know that Gavilar was a budding Bondsmith, but even a full Radiant is not Invested enough to be a Cognitive Shadow. I think it's probable that Gavilar's soul would stick around longer than the average dead Rosharan, as we've seen something like that for users of a different type of magic. The only real example we've seen in Stormlight Archive is Eshonai, though she was caught in the middle of a highstorm so it's possible the Stormfather sustained her longer than would be normally possible. We can only make wild guesses on all of this however. BUT we do know that Gavilar was involved into some highly suspicious activities, including but not limited to: Fraternizing with Heralds Competing with Thaidakar Experimenting with Light, even to the point of producing anti-Light Experimenting with Connection magic to send things to/from Braize Research into Ba-Ado-Mishram, and perhaps other Unamde We also know that he had a worldhopper working for him, Gereh, who was a Feruchemist with an Aviar. We don't know who close or aligned they were, but at the very least we can say that Gavilar was in close proximity to worldhoppers with knowledge and access to other forms of magic. When you list all of these things out... It seems to me that the story would have no trouble whatsoever in making a case for the possibility that Gavilar had become deeply Invested somehow. (or at least that he was Invested enough to hang on until he found other means, like a certain someone on another planet did) One other notable thing from the RoW prolgoue is the strange way he seems to sense her presence outside the room. The text specifically notes that it was kind of creepy, in the sort of way that would be classic "hindsight is 20/20" Brandon-style writing. That kind of awareness is specifically associated with Breath, or at least Investiture in general. What if he has a bunch of Breath? What if he is a Dawnshard? Lots of juicy possibilities wrapped up in this subtle line. Lastly, I want to mention this claim he makes to Navani: Maybe it's a bunch of big talk from somebody who's about to die, but given everything I've just gone over it seems pretty difficult for me to not take this seriously. Gavilar planned to become something like a Herald and literally never end. The bigger question to me isn't whether he's being serious here, but whether he was able to pull it off. When Gavilar tells Szeth to tell Thaidar he's "too late" in the TWoK prologue, I have to admit that part of me is wondering if that's what Gavilar might be talking about. Gavilar is REALLY egotistical if you haven't noticed. With that in mind, the level of composure he has while bleeding out in TWoK is... rather strange. This is a guy who was claiming a few hours earlier that he would live forever, a guy who spent his whole life fighting to be on top. And how he's just chatting with his killer while he dies? He's not trying to still fight or live with the kind of animal desperation I would have expected. On the contrary, he's fishing for information from Szeth, and making bold claims like "he's too late." It feels to me like the words and actions of a man who hoped to have more time... but who is not particularly phased by the speedbump of death. How can Gavilar be Odium's champion? Why? I don't think this one is terribly hard to see HOW, if he is still alive. Odium can pick whoever he wants, if they are willing. The real questions are "why would Odium pick Gavilar?" and " why would Gavilar be willing?" Recall that Taravangian and Gavilar were working together in some capacity prior to Gavilar's assassination. We still don't fully know the extent of their involvement. But there's room there for an established, important relationship that was never explored. Sure, it's possible that the SA5 prologue will briefly explain it and be done with the whole fact, but I think it's fertile ground for possibilities. Certainly enough for Taravangian to consider Gavilar. (Also, this also presents a reason for why Rayse never tapped Gavilar. They didn't have a relationship) Why would Gavilar be willing? This is hard to say considering we still don't fully know what Gavilar's ultimate plans were. And even harder to say without knowing what Taravangian's ultimate plans are, now. We DO know that Taravangian wants to "save them all" and that some "greater war of the cosmere" appears to be inevitable. We know that Gavilar was super into empire building and having some notable legacy. He wanted to live forever and... do what? Maybe conquer the rest of the Cosmere? Is it possible that Roshar was looking too small? I think it's pretty easy to see how their goals might be aligned, even if we don't have enough info to make arguments either way. Common Criticism The most common complaint I hear with this idea is that it isn't sufficiently foreshadowed, and this was the argument that I started to make as well. My response two this is twofold. First, as I said before, I think foreshadowing on such a twist would have been nearly impossible. That's why there's not much of it. Second, is that I would actually disagree... He TOLD Navani that he would persist. He TOLD Thaidakar that he was too late. And he was working with Heralds and all kinds of wild magic. It's not evidence... But it's the sort of thing that, if read AFTER a hypothetical explanation for all this, will have people saying "OMG, he said it right here in the prologue and we missed it." The second most common complaint that I hear is with Brandon going overboard on resurrections. But guys. We haven't had a real death fakeout in Stormlight Archive since Words of Radiance. When Stormlight 5 comes out, that will have been 3 books and nearly 10 years ago. We didn't have any death fakeouts in Oathbringer or Rhythm of War, though we did get some pretty hard-hitting true deaths. (Eshonai, Elhokar, Evi, Jezrien, Teft & Phendorana...) If you ask me, Brandon has earned another opportunity for a resurrection. Particularly if it's a pointed one that does something interesting in the story.... Of course people often bring up the issue of how he could still be alive, but I've addressed that rather thoroughly. The only other big hole in the idea is the question of... what has Gavilar been up to all of this time? But I'll speculate on this more below. I don't think this is an issue with the idea of Gavilar still being alive and becoming Odium's champion. It's just a gap that we don't know enough to make a good guess about. Why this is a fantastic idea! Okay, here's the fun part. Because, yeah, this is absolutely all more a bunch of wild supposition than a theory built on firm points of evidence. To me, all of the possible explanations of "how" and "why" were driven by the fact that the end result is amazing. Gavilar surviving I mean, the first thing is that we simply have to acknowledge how CRAZY it will be when we're reading Gavilar's prologue, and get to the part where he dies... and it keeps going. Now, to be fair, we can still sort of get this without Gavilar sticking around long term. We can have a few moments of Gavilar in Shadesmar before he dies all the way. But I just love the idea of reading that prologue thinking that we know how it ends (with Gavilar's death) and then SURPRISE, he's not dead and the story is not done with him. I mean, this alone is nearly worth the death fakeout! Other champion candidates Before I get into why Gavilar would make an awesome champion, let's talk about why all of the other champion candidates just... mostly aren't that exciting, in my humble opinion. I'm going to go through MOST of the possibilities I've seen mentioned before, in no particular order. "Child Champion" / Gavinor - Please nooooooo. Moash - Moash is Kaladin's business. There's no way Moash and Dalinar will face off in the contest. Moash only works as a chapmion if things go way off the rails and Dalinar can no longer be his own champion. It's possible, but I think it's pretty unlikely considering the effort RoW made to tell us that Dalinar would be his own champion. Weird reversal. Szeth - Szeth is basically the only other champion candidate that I don't dislike to be honest. I'll admit that Taravangian using Szeth once again to accomplish his goals (more specifically, tasking him with killing Dalinar) has a twisted poetry to it. So I won't make weak arguments against a decent idea. My only major issue with Szeth is that I think the contest of champions is going to be a very Spiritual affair. Remember how Ishar tried to steal the Stormfather's bond from Dalinar? (Or how Re-Shephir tried to tear Pattern from Shallan for that matter?) Remember how Dalinar memory-bombed Nale in RoW part 3? THAT's what I'm expecting to see in this contest. And I have a hard time seeing how Szeth is the right kind of person for such a battle. He's cool for the physical combat, and that would be mostly wasted here. El - He gets thrown around as a possible champion, but... I just don't see how that's supposed to work with so little setup. The climactic confrontation of this 5-book story arc is going to come down to a character that we basically didn't even know before opening the 5th book? Nah... a Herald - The Heralds aren't... terrible options here. Some of them. Jezrien is gone obviously. Taln and Ash seem pretty darn unlikely, just seeing how they fit into the story. All the rest of the women fall into the same issue as El, more or less. We already saw Dalinar face off against Nale and come out on top, so I don't think that's happening. Kalak is just a pushover at this point, so that's not happening. So... Okay, I take it back all of the Heralds except for Ishar are pretty terrible options. Ishar - Ishar is... possible. We've seen that he's threatening. He's not entirely underdeveloped. He works well for my image of the contest of champions. But he's just... not super compelling I guess? We know him better than El, but that's not saying much. And while Ishar IS totally off his rocker, he hasn't turned over to Odium's side yet. He's just kind of on his own weird, delusional side. Gavilar as Odium's champion But if we're looking for the PERFECT character for Dalinar to face off with... Look no further than Gavilar. In some ways, Gavilar started all this--or at least, the story started with Gavilar--so he's a great person for it to circle back to. We've spent 4 prologues slowly peeling back what he was up to, with one more to go. Will the fifth prologue simply give us an answer and then move on? How will that answer MATTER though? If he gets pulled back into the story, the answer to that is easy. Gavilar is a RICH character with so much potential... And all we're going to get is one more prologue about how he's mostly not relevant any more? Making him Odium's champion means all of that setup has a payoff. More than that, Gavilar is the beginning of Dalinar's story, and in some ways he's at the heart of it as well. Most of Dalinar's life was about supporting his brother. Even after Gavilar's death it was about supporting Gavilar's legacy in Elhokar, until something bigger came along. Gavilar was there in the start walking with Dalinar in his darkest moments. He was a bit of a rival before Dalinar had to shove that hunger for power down. He was the one who stole Navani. He was the one or had Dalinar marry Evi, and the one who sent Dalinar on the mission that ended in Evi's death. They went to the Shattered Plains together. And Dalinar's failure to save Gavilar from Szeth, plus Gavilar's words for Dalinar that night, is what drove Dalinar to the Nightwatcher. We can go on and on. I mean, they're brothers. Obviously they are important to one another. Sure. That's the point! Szeth as the champion had some cool poetry to it... But so does Gavilar and Dalinar. Remember how Odium's Unmade nearly drove Dalinar to kill his brother, and he had to promise himself NEVER to challenge his brother's position again? Remember how that served as a major point of conflict for Dalinar as he struggled to work with Sadeas to support Elhokar before ultimately taking over as "high king", or how he was uncomfortable with Navani before eventually marrying her? How fantastic would it be to have Dalinar come back around to that "promise" he made himself, but now in wildly different circumstances. In fact, I'd say this has much of the same sort of energy as the Gavinor theory... while also making more sense. And Gavilar is just a fantastic person for Dalinar to have to duel. The Connectedness should allow for some fantastic Spiritual struggles: Gavilar knowing who Dalinar was at his darkest, and wanting Dalinar to join him in some grand plan to conquer the cosmere; Dalinar who has rejected all that he once stood for, now wanting to call his brother to join him in a better way. I really just think that, of ALL the potential candidates for Odium's champion, Gavilar serves as the best foil for Dalinar by a longshot. He's also got some physical combat prowess, in case they need to trade a few blows, and he is uniquely positioned to make for an interesting confrontation when it comes to the Spiritual side of things. Allow me to speculate... So there's a lot of ways that this COULD all fit together. Here's my wild guess. We see in the RoW prologue that Gavilar and some Heralds were experimenting with a fabrial that allowed for transportation of... something... between Braize and Roshar. Voidlight perhaps? I'm going to propose that, in the moments after his death, Gavilar used that fabrial to transport himself to Braize. There, he becomes suffused with Odium's Investiture and he's able to stick around long term. He is, for all practical purposes, a human Fused. But the Fused are bound to Braize by the Oathpact. Maybe Gavilar thought he could get back. Maybe getting there in the first place wasn't quite what he intended. Regardless, he's there, and now he's stuck. The Fused probably liked having a human around that they could chase or torture or whatever. Rayse probably just didn't care about him. We don't have a clear idea of how the Fused travel from Braize to Roshar, but we know that some of them were STILL slowly filtering back at the time of RoW, over a year since the Everstorm was summoned. So it's not unreasonable that Gavilar wasn't able to get back to Roshar sometime soon after Words of Radiance. So when Taravangian Ascends, and takes a quick survey, he sees his old buddy Gavilar... The PERFECT person to defeat Dalinar and recruit him into their cosmere war plans... Thoughts? You can direct all your hate mail to the person on Reddit who planted the seed of this idea in my head. (Good luck finding the post, I had no luck.) [Edit: found it!] Anybody have any specific favorite reasons why Gavilar would make such a good champion for Dalinar to face off with?
  15. (And I'll tag @Oltux72 because I'm not sure if they were asking something similar?) It's from the HoA annotations: I don't recall any evidence suggesting that the axial tilt was affected by Rashek, but nothing to say he didn't I guess. *shrug* (If he did, I'm sure Sazed restored it to what it was before. If he didn't, I'm sure Sazed didn't.)