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Progress on Mistborn Movie, plus other things

Congratulations to Writing Excuses for being nominated for Best Related Work category for the second year in a row. If you want to watch the announcements, you can do so here, and if you want to see the other contestants, look here. If you want to vote on the Hugos, buy at least a supporting membership to Worldcon here.

But what this post is about is progress on the Mistborn Movie front! Since Brandon announced the movie deal a number of years ago, there has been very little mention of this, or of the studio, Paloppa Pictures. Brandon said today that they have been sending him drafts of the screenplay as it comes along. The most recent draft has Brandon "extremely excited." He says that it has a nice balance of staying true to the spirit of the book, while being able to be made into a movie.

Now that they're more or less satisfied with the screenplay, they are now working on finding a studio that would like to produce it. So if you know someone in the business, go ahead and give Brandon an email.

But something that has me way excited is the trailor that they released for the movie. It's not a "trailer" trailer, it's just a clip of a bunch of different movies that helps capture the spirit of the film. But man, it's awesome.


In other news, Peter has given a recent update on Big Books (as in not YA or novellas):

"Next book should come out October/November 2013. Then probably another one a year later. Then in 2015, an Elantris sequel. Then two more Stormlight Archive books. Then the second Mistborn trilogy. Then five more Stormlight Archive books. Assuming Brandon doesn't change his mind. "

Brandon is also having a Q&A of sorts on Google+. Submit a question, and upvote ones that you want asked here. It'll be on Hangout at about 11:00pm EST on April 17th.

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Am I the only one terrified of this movie? I hope they give Brandon plenty of say in it, and I hope they take their time and do it right.
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The 17th? I thought it was the 18th. That's the date the G+ post gave. Plus, I don't know if this was the case for anyone else, but I had to log in to Google before I could upvote any of the questions (including mine).

BTW, the sample trailor is awesome!
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The 18th is when it happens in Australia, but it happens late on the 17th for us in the 'States. Massive time zone change :P I've edited the post to make it clear it's 11pm Eastern.
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Wasn't this clip somewhere on 17th shard already? I'm pretty sure I saw it in the creative corner or something...
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It's been posted a couple places.
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@Teegs: You're not the only one. I think the Mistborn trilogy is the best complete series I've read. I also think it would be terrible as movies. If it were broken up into a few films per book, it could be better, but never good. Brandon's viewpoint writing (which is wonderful) can't come across in a film without a lot of voiceovers (far more than would be practical), and the elegance of Allomancy (and Feruchemy) could not be conveyed in that medium.
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I disagree. The elegance of Allomancy would translate to the screen very well. It would take a lot of CGI and wire work, but it would look fantastic!
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@dhalagirl: I think they could make a pretty legit conversion to screen as well, provided they have adequate funding. I'm more worried about them forgetting how the powers work, or not utilizing the powers properly.

A basic example would be Vin wandering through some dark corridor unable to see because the screenwriters forgot to turn on her tin. :lol:

Bit I would like to see atium shadows, I imagine it would look something like Mr. Smith from the Matrix when he's dodging bullets.

I also hope they cast awesome people, and don't cut out characters. I thought the crew had a ton of personality and I'd hate to see some of the more "minor" ones cut out.

Also forgive my ignorance, but would this movie cover all 3 books, or just TFE? If it spans 3 books then it will fail, period. There's just too much there to fit into 2-3 hours. Now, 3 movies and I think there may be enough screen time to cover most of the books.
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@Teegs I think the fore-shadow from Riddik would be better for atium effects.
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Ah yes, I had forgotten what that looked like. I actually couldn't watch the trailer because I visit here while I'm at work - but now that I'm remembering it, that would be supremely suitable.
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