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  1. There was a brief mention of a call sign "Broken Wind", which was the name of one of the ships in Schlock Mercenary. "Morningtide" is the name of a Magic: the Gathering set, and knowing Brandon, that's not a coincidence.
  2. What? Nobody's suggested Through the Fire and Flames for Spook yet? (Although in truth it is a pretty good theme for the entire trilogy)
  3. Well, he was afraid of water, right? I think he was going to become the Wicked Witch of the West.
  4. It's already been established that Epic powers can't be gifted to other Epics. It doesn't seem too far fetched that gifting Epic powers would make using other machine-gifted Epic powers difficult or impossible.
  5. The problem with this is that your weakness is something that you're afraid of. For Tia to be constantly drinking cola, she must of have overcome her fear of it - which would make her a good Epic. Actually, it'd be kind of funny if it turned out that Tia's been a good Epic for all of these years, but they never knew because Tia was constantly suppressing her powers. But I think that if Tia was afraid of cola and it turned out to be her weakness, then she would have figured out how weaknesses worked a long time ago.
  6. That's actually a really good point. Phaedrus would trigger Steelheart's weakness by accident. In their first fight, Prof was scared of Steelheart - scared that Steelheart would force him to go full Epic. Now that he's reached that point, he has nothing left to fear.
  7. Maybe his fear was falling in love? That seems like a believable fear for a womanizer, and would explain why attraction weakened him, but didn't neutralize him completely. Although I don't think a completely corrupted Epic is capable of falling in love, so maybe not...
  8. Remember that there's been some implication that Calamity is choosing Epics with some forethought. I don't think Epics are being chosen randomly, and I bet he skips people with overly common, omnipresent, or nonexistent weaknesses. My scariest nightmares always involve me being unable to get my bearings. (Like I'm being chased, and it's too dark/disorienting for me to figure out where anything is while I'm running. I would be able to see if I just took a moment to stop and catch my breath, but if I do that then they'll catch me...) I have no idea how that would correlate into a weakness, though. Maybe if you blindside me while I'm running? But getting me to run in the first place would be difficult if I know that I'm safe while walking.
  9. I agree about listening to David, but to be fair it wouldn't have saved Prof. Regalia had him checkmated - he could either go Epic and save the city, or he could watch the city burn (and possibly go Epic while keeping himself alive w/ his powers) I don't think David's an Epic, for the reasons everyone else has said and more. I was expecting David to use the tensor that Prof granted him at the beginning (which he didn't use on the chain) to break the window so that he could escape the hideout. I was also expecting Megan to use her reality warping powers to warp Prof for a version of him who hadn't gone Epic. Although if gifting doesn't work on other Epics, reality warping probably doesn't work either.
  10. One idea I had - what if Prof is a double Epic? If he had two great fears, so Calamity made him an Epic twice? There are some problems with the theory (he just happened to be a gifter both times? Wouldn't that make him doubly prone to corruption?), but it would explain why Prof is so powerful, and would make for a nice plot twist. "Hooray! We've successfully shut off your powers - wait, why are you still healing?"
  11. I was trying to come up with clever Aon based puns, but I'd need a genius to create a pun out of The Revenge Aon. (It's even worse than usual for this thread, but I like it.)
  12. I like this theory. I don't think it's all the way there, but it's on its way. I wouldn't be at all surprised if contradictory oaths were at the core of the breaking. However, the wording of the decoded epigraph is "the secret that broke the Knights Radiant", not "the secret to breaking the Knights Radiant", that implies to me that the secret is a piece of knowledge that, if known to the Knights Radiant, will break them, not a tool for breaking them. (if that makes any sense). Also, the Lightweavers don't take any oaths other than the first, so unless the secret is that the first oath is self-contradictory (which it could be), then I don't think they could be taken out the same way. Of course, we know one order didn't fall...
  13. I got Sir Read-a-Lot as a nickname in fourth grade, due to my tendency to have a book with me at all times (a state that persisted all the way through high school, I'm proud to say). I adopted it as a username, and have used it ever since. I occasionally use Wiseman Sam instead, which is a play on my middle name (Yes, my parents gave me the most awesome middle name ever).
  14. That one wasn't from the profile glyphs - that was taken from the store's decal image.
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